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Alhaurin de la Torre Shopping

Oteros Sport - The entire province of Malaga is blessed with lots of scenic trails, which are perfect for mountain biking, biking, or hiking. If you haven't brought any sporting wear with you or if you simply need to purchase a new one, Oteros Sport has an extensive collection of sporting goods for you to choose from.

Fon Bike - As mentioned earlier, one of the outdoor activities we highly recommend is biking. In connection with this, we also would like to suggest Fon Bike as a potential source for your biking needs. You can find it along Calle de Antonio Machado. In case you can't find what you're looking for, there are also other bike shops around town.

Inma - Like all typical Mediterranean villages, Alhaurin de la Torre receives a fair share of scorching sunlight every day (unless it rains or when its winter). When you feel you need to cool your body down a bit, drop by Inma, along Avenida del Mar. This ice cream shop has ice cream flavours you'll love.

Mercadona - There are actually three branches of this chain of supermarkets here in Alhaurin de la Torre. It doesn't matter which branch you visit though, as they all have practically the same products. If you're looking for a one stop shop, then just drop by one of the three branches in town.

Opencor - For such a small town, this place certainly breeds lots of competition. That's because many people who work in Malaga live here. Where buyers dwell, businesses are sure to follow. Opencor is actually another supermarket. You can find it along Avenida de la Calera.

Plaza Mayor - Still not satisfied with the shops (or even the supermarkets) in town? Maybe what you really need is a string of adjacent shops in a place as big Plaza Mayor. Although this shopping centre is already in Malaga, it's just about 16 minutes from Alhaurin de la Torre via the A-404. Here you'll find different kinds of shops, restaurants, and even cinemas.

As you can see, the town and its neighboring communities can easily cater to your Alhaurin de la Torre shopping needs.

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