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Alora Monuments and Museums

While there are very few museums in Alora, you'll certainly find many monuments and places with great historical value. Here are the most important Alora monuments and museums:

The Alora castle - This castle was originally constructed by the Phoenicians and later on expanded by the Romans. An inscription that reads %u2018Iluritanum', referring to the Roman municipium that sprouted around the castle, can still be seen there. It was dated 79 BC.
It was later inhabited by the Visigoths, then the Moors, then finally the reconquering Christians; each one improving on the fortifications of the previous occupants.

Church of Nuestra Señora de la Encarnación - This monument is best known for having been constructed in a span of approximately 100 years. Fortunately, its magnificent features have given justice to the length of time it took to be completed.

Iglesia del Convento de Nuestra Señora de Flores - Located some 2 km from the heart of town, this convent is where you can have a magnificent view of Alora's scenic landscape. One of the highlights of the convent's church is a nave leading to a baroque-styled high altar adorned with intricate plasterwork and an image of the Virgen de Flores.

Cruz del Humilladero- This is just a small building near the convento mentioned above. However, what it holds inside is very significant to the town's history. It basically commemorates the symbolic handing over of the keys from the last Arabian town leader to the Catholic Monarchs in 1484.

Museo de Alora Rafael Leria - Here you'll be able to learn more about the town's history and local arts. This museum, which houses numerous archaeological artifacts, can be found near the Church of Nuestra Señora de la Encarnación.

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