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Antequera Celebrations

May Fair or Spring.-Fiesta of National Tourist Interest, its fundamental purpose is the sale of livestock and agricultural equipment, expanding over time to other recreational and competitive aspects of horses, photo exhibits and activities for tourism promotion.

August Fair.- Fiesta of National Tourist Interest, it is one of Spain's oldest fair, its beginnings are in 1748, among other activities which take place there is the Procession of the Lord of Veronica, with "rociera" Mass and procession, horse hitch competition, bullfights, musical etc. completing a series of activities aimed at entertainment.

Feast of the Vigin of Remedios.- In September 8th is celebrated the feast of the patron saint of the city. The image of the Virgin and Child, is a carving of a red pine 70cmts. from the XVI century, in Renaissance style, which parades are adorned with a large collection of jewelry.

Procession of Santa Eugenia.- It is usually performed on the second Saturday of September, in memory of the conquest of the city in 1410 by Christians, elected in that moment patron of the city.

Easter Week.- Unlike other cities in Andalusia, Antequera keep in this Week a number of key elements such as faith, art, history and tradition and a series of features unique to Andalusian Holy Week as "hermanacos" "el correr de la vega" or "el campanillero de lujo". There are nine fraternities and sororities to the processions during the week.

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