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Antequera History

Archaeological discoveries of civilizations in the area are between 2000 and 2500 years b. C., from the Bronze Age we highlight the important deposits of the dolmens of Menga, the Romeral, Viera and the necropolis of Alcaide, considered the largest dolmens in Europe. Antequera is linked to the establishment by the Romans in the municipality of Antikaria, whose remains are located about 5kms. from the city.

There is also evidence of the passage of the Carthaginians by the remains found at the time of Asdrubal, in Cerro Leon. In the year 713 the Arabs, thanks to a treaty of their leader Abd al-Aziz ibn Musa Teodomiro the Visigoth king, annexed several cities of the peninsula, including Antaqira, as it was called then. In the Muslim period there have been important findings, such as the Alcazaba, Malaga doors: Water and Star, as well as part of the defensive wall. Due to the strategic importance of the city in the Christians reconquest , Fernando himself took over the conquest of it, after almost six months of siege the Arabs got to leave the city, becoming since then as Fernando "from Antequera".

Under the rule of the Spaniards, the city began to develop demographically, thanks to its location, its fertile lands, its flourishing handicrafts and agriculture, but it was between the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries, when it became one of the most important cities of Andalusia, among others because of its important textile industry. The early nineteenth century was characterized by a decline in population and the near disappearance of religious architecture, mainly caused by epidemics.

But it was after 1830 when the textile trade and the agriculture revive, to return to market their products throughout Spain. In 1978 with the creation of the autonomous community of Andalusia, Antequera was proposed to be the capital of the community, the proposal did not prosper and Seville was the chosen one.

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