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Ardales Monuments and Museums

Ardales has a rich historical background that has left several sites offering a glimpse of the past. For a relaxing and informative day outdoors, we recommend you check out the following Ardales monuments & museums.

Doña Trinidad Cave - Also known as the Cueva de la Calinoria or simply the Ardales Cave, this is the site of prehistoric wall paintings. Although the cave was initially discovered in 1821, the paintings, depicting deer, goats, horses, and fish, were uncovered only in 1918. They have been dated to 20,000 years ago, pegging their origins some time in the Upper Palaeolithic age.

Casitllo de Bobastro - Literally carved out of rock, this extraordinary piece of militaristic architecture was once the fortress of Omar Ben Hafsun, the rebel leader who fought against the Emir of Cordoba, Abd-ar-Rahman. Because of its strategic location, the castle was the object of numerous battles between the Christians and Moslems during the Reconquista .

Parish Church of Nuestra Señora de los Remedios - First constructed in the 14th century, this Mudejar-inspired structure underwent major restorations and renovations in the 18th century. The church, which features a Baroque portal, two aisles and a nave, was built on the former site of a mosque.

Monastery of Los Capuchinos - Built in the 17th century, this monastery can be found near the former sanctuary of La Encarnacion and the Plaza de San Isidro. A tower, with battlements prominently positioned near the top, juts upward from the side of the monastery's church.

Museo Municipal de la Historia y las Tradiciones - This museum contains information and artifacts about the history and traditions of the village. Most of the archaeological items provide links to the town's urban past.

Other museums found in the area are the Museo Municipal del Parque de Ardales at the Conde del Guadalhorce dam and the Museo Municipal de Ardales at the Plaza de la Constitucion. The former has exhibits of life-sized reproductions of the wall paintings found in the Ardales caves. The latter, on the other hand, displays Neolithic ceramic and household items as well as information of the flora and fauna in the region.

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