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Benalmadena History

The origins of Benalmadena comes from a distance, exactly at the age of the Fenicians who where the first people that established here, and then the Romans. In fact there are many remains as lookout-towers which exists along the coast and demonstrate such ancient origins. Besides there are some well-known estates whose name are related to that ancient towers as Torrequebrada, Torrebermeja and Torrremuelle. During the Arab domination, Benalmadena was an important place due to its fabulous silver mines. The origin of the name of the village is Muslim and in its most famous meaning means " sons of the mine" (ben-almadena o almaden).

Not only the importance of the great mines but also the situation of the castle of Benalmadena during the Reconquest make the village an estrategic site throughout the defence of Malaga. The resistence of the Arabs was more hard than the Christians had thought and after many attempts the troops of Castilla achieve the surrender in 1485, destroing the fortress ans dispersing all the villagers. In 1491 the Reyes Catolicos choose Alonso Palomero, neighbour of Malaga, the first mayor of the reconquest village and settled with many old Christians. After that, Benalmadena becomes an important defence from pirate boats which attacked repeatedly the coast of Malaga, in fact when the Reyes Catolicos arrive at the first time to the village, they gave the nickname of " lookout of the coast" because of the astonishing and privilegious views along all the Costa del Sol and the Mediterranean Sea. Nowadays from most of the streets of Benalmadena Pueblo you can also descry the sea despite the fact that they have builded in excess between the mountain and the coast.

Some centuries after, after the Renaisance, the Baroque and the XIXth century passed without relevants happenings, finally in the XXth century with an economy focussed on the agriculture and livestock farming, thanks to the touristic boom of the sixties, Benalmadena and close together Arroyo de la Miel reach one of the most important places first in the international touristic market as the "little brother of big Torremolinos" and second in the Spanish tourist market.

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