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Cartama Bars and Pubs

When evening falls and it's time to unwind, Cartama pubs and bars can offer you ice cold drinks, delicious tapas or main courses and ample entertainment to wrap up your day in this scenic Mediterranean countryside.

Here are some pubs and bars for your Cartama night-out.

In Estacion, along Avenida de Andulacia, you'll find a string of bars and pubs. Since these establishments are all found in one street, you might want to start your bar-hopping here. There's Gregorio Cafe, La Roca del Mago, Taboada, Bar Nuevo, El Arder, and Piston Bar. Most of them are just alongside or fronting one another.

Some bars, like Diego Zea Naranjo along Calle de Antonio Machado and La Casa de La Cervesa along Calle de la Alozaina, although not really along Avenida de Andulacia are just a few meters from it, so you might want to have a side trip to check them out and sample their drinks as well. Beer drinkers, for instance won't want to miss the beer in La Casa de la Cervesa.

In the older part of town, known as Cartama pueblo, there are a couple of bars we suggest you include in your list. They are Bar Lorito and Whiskeria Bells, which are both found along Calle de Juan Carlos I.

Although all bars along Avenida de Andulacia are separated by walking distances from one another, you should have a ride if you want to hop to those bars situated at the pueblo since the two places - estacion and pueblo - are about 3.6 km apart. That's going to be about 8 minutes by car.

If you have a ride and are looking for one more bar to add to your list, Aguamania is highly recommended. It's got karaoke and live music and is located just outside Cartama.

Each of the Cartama pubs and bars that we mentioned has its own unique form of entertainment and atmosphere. La Roca del Mago, for instance, is a disco bar with an ethereal theme. On the other hand, Toppers Rest (in Estacion) is where Brits usually hang out. If you want to get loads of tapas, then you should stick to those operated by Spanish owners.

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