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Entertainment in Casabermeja

Due to the rugged terrain in these parts, Casabermeja entertainment typically comes in the form of outdoor sports and activities. Here are some of them:

Enduro racing - This is an off-road motorcycle sport held in circuits laden with obstacles. the motorcycles used in Enduro racing have deep suspensions and powered either by two-stroke engines ranging from 125 to 300 cc or four-stroke engines ranging from 250 to 650 cc.

Once those snarling engines start filling the air, it’ll be easy to know when and where a race is taking place. The sheer sight of riders and their bikes shooting up from a mound from time to time as they go around the circuit is an exciting way to spend a weekend afternoon.

Quad bike tours - An ATV or all terrain vehicle a.k.a. a quad bike is a four-wheeled vehicle (some have three or even 6 wheels) that uses handlebars for maneuvering. It is capable of navigating over rocky, muddy, or grassy terrain. Thus, when you hop on one, you can explore the mountains, rivers, and olive groves of the Malaga countryside.

Hiking at Parque Natural de Los Monte de Malaga - The Malaga Natural Park is a lush haven of Malaga wildlife. You can navigate through trails amidst pine trees, olive trees, and cork oak. Every now and then, you can catch a glimpse of a badger, skunk, or a fox. You may also catch a hawk, owl, or eagle soaring overhead.

If you’re not the adventurous type, then perhaps you’ll find the historical spots in and around the village more to your liking. The cave paintings at Piedras de Cabrera, the Iglesia de Nuestra Señora del Socorro, the Torre Zambra, and the Cementerio Municipal de San Sebastian are among the sites that provide interesting insights regarding this town’s historical heritage.

Casabermeja residents are deeply religious. That’s why there are many religious festivals every year. One of the most popular is the Feast of San Sebastian, wherein at the end of the procession in the town square, local restaurant owners allow visitors to savor mouth-watering native delicacies.

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