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Frigiliana is characterized by a unique blend of Moorish and Christian cultures. Architecture and art of Moorish origins is still evident in the village. However, ever since the Moors were defeated at the Fuerte de Frigiliana in 1569 and remaining Moors driven out, practices, events and entertainment in the town have been totally Christian.

Holy Week
The most important events understandably take place during the Semana Santa or Holy Week, which includes the most strictly celebrated traditions in all of Christendom: Palm Sunday, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday.
On Palm Sunday, palm leaves and olive branches are blessed by the priest during the Holy Mass at the San Antonio de Padua Church. A procession also takes place wherein the leaves are paraded across the winding streets of the village.

Good Friday, which marks the death of Jesus, is the most solemn celebration of all. All throughout Frigiliana, the people put on a mournful mood and this lasts through Saturday evening.
When Easter Sunday comes, the town erupts in joyful celebration to mark the Resurrection of Jesus. Balconies are adorned with the finest quilts and rose petals are tossed to the ground below. In stark contrast to the mood of the previous Friday, Easter Sunday is full of joy.

Cruces de Mayo
On the month of May, the biggest celebration is the Cruces de Mayo, a tribute to the season of flowers. As the streets and plazas of Frigiliana are adourned with vibrant flowers (some fashioned into crosses), visitors are invited to take part in a feast of pork, marchochas, tortillas, arropias, and other local specialties. Young and old returning visitors never miss a treat of the delectable honey-coated cane candies.

Dances and song, which usually begin in late afternoon, continue through the night until daybreak the following day.

Feria de San Antonio
Every June 13 of each year, Frigiliana celebrates the feast of their patron saint, San Antonio de Padua. On that day, a figure of San Antonio de Pada is taken on a parade through the streets. The festivities, which typically last for 5 days, are highlighted by concerts, contests, and the selection of the homecoming queen. It culminates with a magnificent display of fireworks.

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