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Frigiliana Monuments and Museums

The entire village of Frigiliana and its environs is one big museum. Along the slanting, narrow, and winding streets, you'll find structures, shops, pots, and ceramics that present an interesting mix of Christian and Moorish culture. What we have below are some of the places where you can find Frigiliana monuments and museums.

Casa de la Cultura - You might want to start here to get hold of some general information regarding the village. Here, you'll find an archaeological museum featuring ceramic displays outlining the history of the town. The same establishment houses the local library as well as the Office of Tourism.

San Antonio de Padua Church - This place of worship serves as the main church of the village. Although the town has managed to preserve its Moorish past, the locals are mostly Christians. In fact, this church was built on exactly the same site where a mosque once stood.

El Ingenio - What is now known as the only operational molasses factory in Europe is actually an edifice of rich Frigiliana history. Specifically, El Ingenio has a special link to the town's social and economic past, and is demonstrated by the old accessories, documents, displays, structures and fixtures housed inside it.

Coat of Arms - This Frigiliana monument used to be the family coat of arms of the counts who once ruled the region.

Apero - This rectangular courtyard used to operate simultaneously with the sugar mill. It used to house a barn and a supply store.

Cueva de los Murcielagos - "The Bat Cave" is the site where some very old remains were found, proving that the area was already inhabited ever since prehistoric times..

El Castillo Arabe - Actually, what you'll find here are the remains of the Arabic castle where the Moors made their last stand. Since the castle was burned to the ground, all you'll see are some rocks. According to legend, many of the defeated Moors leaped down the walls of the castle to their death during the last battle and that bones can be found in the vicinity even to this day.

Barrio Mudejar - This place is where you'll find the most preserved Arabic structures in Malaga. Look for twelve ceramic panels depicting the Battle of the Rock, the last battle we mentioned earlier.

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