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Fuengirola Places of Interest

Castillo Sohail .- Located on a hill along the river Fuengirola. Built by Abd ar-Rahman II, X century, on the remains of a Roman fortress. The enclosure is square with towers at the ends, interior is accessed by a door- tower of the XVI century and in the center stands the majestic Tribute tower.
It was conquered by Christian troops in 1485, under the command of the Duke of Cadiz, Rodrigo Ponce de León and  major reforms were made in the fortress. Later the castle has undergone through two reconstructions, one at the time of Charles I, who built the pit and the other on the XVIII century.
Visiting hours from 10.00 to 18.00 and up to 21.00 in the summer.

Roman deposit park .- "The Secretary" - Located on the banks of the stream Pajares in Los Boliches. It is a valuable archaeological site, the complex has two distinct areas, a salting of several basins that are preserved and the other a thermal area, where you can see the details of architecture and decoration of the bathroom of a “Roman villa”. It stands out an arcaded room decorated with mosaics and two furnaces to heat the baths. The interpretive center of the spa-scale reconstructed the different rooms of the Roman baths. Among other valuable remains to be admired, there is a sculpture in marble, popularly known as the"Venus of Fuengirola".
The chronology of the remains shows the ages is between I and V a.D.
 Address.-  Avenida Padre Jesus Captive  s / n.

History Museum .- Shows an interesting journey through the history of the city through the remains found in the town. The museum is divided into two stages, the old, which presents an exhibition of Phoenicians, Romans and Arabs pieces from nearby urban sites and correspond to the first and second centuries AD. The other shown stage is the modern one, with ethnographic information and equipment exhibition of arts and labors of the city.
The Museum is located in the center of the city, c / María Josefa Larrucea s / n.

Our Lady of the Rosary Parish Church .- It is located in the center of the city, the present church was built between 1940 and 1950. It deserves a special mention its baroque doorway made with two pilasters and a pediment where there is a niche. In one sides of the facade stands a square bell tower. The Church venerates the image of the Virgen del Rosario, patron saint of the town.

Termas de Torreblanca .- In an excavation in 1991, they found the remains of a Roman times thermal building. The most important of this finding is the good state of preservation, being one of the most important of the province.

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