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Mijas Entertainment

Life in the town comes alive through a variety of activities that are designed to help you realize that living is one big party, after all.

Flamenco dancing exhibitions out on the patio usually characterizes entertainment in Mijas. Tourists can lounge around in pubs and watch as dancers gyrate to the lively music. These endeavors are extremely fun to witness. And they also serve as peeks into the rich cultural traditions of the people of Mijas.

The Spanish' view of nightlife is of one that starts very late. Here in Mijas, party starts at twelve. Bars rarely open before eleven o'clock. But the good part is: drinking is permitted until the wee hours of the morning, even until seven o'clock.

One such example is Biddy Mulligans. This offers an Irish bar, live bands, televised sporting events, delicious food and karaoke. Those, of course, are very instrumental in recording events and happenings in your memory that can last a lifetime.

If you're more of the home-by-two-o-clock stock, then you have to go to Tropico Bar in the Calle Reina Fabiola. A very popular beach bar, it serves snacks and light meals like hot dogs and burgers, along with drinks, to ensure that when you do get back to your hotel, you would do so with satisfaction.

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