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Mijas History

Much of the interest in Mijas revolves around the town's long and colorful history. And yes, it truly is one of unique interest. Mijas has seen a long succession of kingdoms and rulings. The Tartessians of the Turtedani tribe are believed to be the first settlers in the area. When they left, the Phoenicians and the Greeks took over. Some say that it was during that period that Mijas' precious ores and mines were put to waste. The Romans inherited the town, shortly after. At that time, known as Tamisa or Jamisa, the Romans considered the place as an important trading point because of its close proximity to the road that connected Malaga and Cadiz, two vital commercial centers. Mijas then went under the ruling of the Moors, then two more kings who made it a part of their respective independent kingdoms. And, after that, Catholic kings stepped in and added to the town's rich history. Archaeological findings confirm that settlements have indeed previously existed in Mijas before contemporary times. So, if there's one sure thing to be said about its history, it is that the different groups and civilizations who were once inhabitants of the town definitely contributed to Mijas' culture and traditions.

It is also a legend around the place that around 1586, two children who were tending sheep brought attention to Mijas when they told of an apparition of the Virgin Mary that they witnessed near a shrine that was hidden beneath the old, defensive walls of Mijas. When the local priest tried to check out the two youngsters' claim, the ruins of the ancient Moorish shrine was uncovered. This day's Santuario de la Virgin de la Pena was constructed to pay homage to the sacred vision that once appeared there. Word spread, people heard, many talked and tourists arrived.

Mijas was molded into the beauty that it is today because of what took place in its past. The events that transpired, the things that occurred and the situations that happened paved the way for Mijas to become the great vacation spot that everyone, especially you, needs to visit right now.

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