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Pizarra Entertainment

There's never a dull moment in Pizarra. What we have below are some of the events where you'll be able to witness the locals' unique brand of Pizarra entertainment.

Sporting events
The people of Pizarra love sports. Their favorite sporting events are futbol (soccer), tennis, paddle, volleyball, and swimming. Futbol, which is by far the best-loved sporting event of all in these parts, is played in at least four variations:

Futbol - this is the game of soccer that many aficionados all over the world go crazy about especially during the World Cup.

Futbol Sala or Futsal - Also known as "indoor football since it is normally played indoors, inside a much limited surface.

Futbol Femenino - This is the same soccer you know, only that it is played by women. It is only in Latin American and Spain where soccer competitions participated in by women are popular.

Futbol Veteranos - In Spain, no one is ever too old to play soccer. That's why they also have a veteran version of their favorite game.

Pizarra's most important annual event is the fiesta honoring the town's patron saint, Nuestra Señora de la Fuensanta. The first day of celebrations is greeted by the tolling of church bells and fireworks, which also marks the opening of the Real Feria de Pizarra or the Royal Pizarra Fair.

The celebrations, which start on August 14 and end on August 18, are typically made up of musical performances, sangria tasting, awarding of the fair's poster of the year, dances, sporting events, selection of the event's Queen, and of course the main event, among many others.

During the main event, the image of the Nuestra Señora de la Fuensanta is brought down from the Ermita, borne on the shoulders of the faithful in a procession, and transferred to the parish church. Basically, the image is passed on from one group of bearers to another each time "Stop!" is cried.
Other activities typically held within the duration of this 4-day celebration are the following: exhibition of horses and riders, paella tasting, a cattle fair, and concerts

Video competitions
To encourage the preservation and enhancement of local culture, the Department of Trade and Tourism partnered with the Pizarra's Tourist Board in coming up with CINEMA, a short video competition that features three categories: Spot Advertising, Documentary, and Short Fiction.

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