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Pizarra History

If the archaeological finds of the surrounding towns of Pizarra are any indication, this town's origins can be traced way back to prehistoric times. Let's now visit its monuments and archaeological secrets as we try to piece together what we can of Pizarra history.

There is reason to believe that Pizarra's first settlers came as early as during prehistoric times. In the place called Castillejo de Luna, a necropolis made up of ten tombs was discovered. Initial studies have shown that the tombs may have been here already since the Bronze Age.

This find is actually consistent with other archaeological finds in some of the neighboring caves in Malaga, wherein remains of prehistoric people were also found.

In other towns within the province, the first formal settlers were the Phoenicians. Interestingly, there aren't any significant traces of their presence here. What can be found though are indications of Roman settlers, who, in the other towns, came after the former. A bath site similar to the public baths in Roman villages was discovered in a place known as the "Bañaero" de la Reina.

After the Romans, came the Moors. While there are remnants of Arabic structures here, they're also not as evident as those in the other towns. Either the Catholic Monarchs were extremely thorough in obliterating them or the Moorish settlement here was really very insignificant, because all that remains is the ruins of a tower in Sierra de Gibralmora.

When the Catholic Monarchs who retook the towns of Malaga during the Reconquista moved into Pizarra, they constructed religious buildings like the precursors of today's Ermita de la Fuensanta (in the 16th Century) and the Iglesia de San Pedro Apóstol (late 15th Century).

The 18th Century saw frequent disputes between the residents of Alora and Pizarra over territorial boundaries. In most cases, the two sides couldn't agree on where the border should be drawn to indicate where their cattles could be allowed to graze or where their crops could be planted.

These disputes led to numerous litigations which reached up to the Supreme Court. It is there that, in 1847, the final decision was handed down in favor of the Pizarra folk, allowing them to proceed with their own municipality.

Perhaps one of the most important construction that had a significant impact on the economy and population growth of the town occurred in the 1800's - the construction of the bridges over the Rio Guadalhorce. The first one was completed and inaugurated in 1863.

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