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Pizarra Shopping

In the not-so-distant past, many shops in Pizarra offered very poor customer service. For instance, they closed during Saturdays, did not accept credit cards, did not offer home delivery, had very limited selection of goods, etc. This used to force potential buyers to travel all the way to Malaga just to shop.

When hipermercados started pouring into the small towns of Malaga, they introduced many services that naturally attracted customers. As a result, the local businesses were threatened.

To protect the interests of their local businessmen, Pizarra established the Centro Comercial Abierto (CCA), wherein the main commercial streets, their fixtures, and facilities, were upgraded to encourage buyers to shop in that district. The CCA encompasses the following streets: Malaga, Real, Coronados, Puerta de la Guardia, San Pedro, Union, Nueva Lealtad, Independencia, and Carretas.

Today, when you go shopping in stores located within the CCA, you'll have an entirely new and better shopping experience. However, despite the presence of the CCA, a good number of supermarkets still decided to build outlets here.

Some of the hipermercados that have found their way into Pizarra are: Coviran along Avenida de la Constitucion, Dia along Ingeniero Pablo Esteban, Reyes along Calle del Real, and Servi Ahorro also along Avenida de la Constitucion. All of them have a wide selection of fresh fruits, vegetables, grocery products, toiletries, and others.

Other stores that can be found in town are: Farmacia de la Plaza, where you can buy your medicines and vitamins; Campanillas Pizarra, where you can get fresh meat; Narvaez for fabrics; Heladeria Kiwi for ice cream; D&N for medicinal herbs; El Molinero for baked products; and Ceramica Arte - Sana for your souvenirs.

The city administrators of Pizarra continue to innovate to provide improved services to shoppers, which in turn result in better business opportunities for the locals.

Just recently opened is Pizarra's own Organic Market, one of the town's response to the call for healthy living and saving the environment. Every last Sunday of the month, farmers will bring fresh goods to the Market, which is conveniently located at the central Plaza de la Cultura.

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