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History of Rincon de la Victoria

The history of Rincon de la Victoria can be traced back to prehistoric times. This has been proven based on the Paleolithic wall paintings in the El Tesoro cave as well as the Bronze Age relics that were found in the La Victoria cave. This is also consistent with other archaeological finds in other caves in the province of Malaga.

Also consistent with other finds in other towns in the province are traces of Phoenician and Roman settlers. The Phoenicians may have arrived first, at about 550 BC. They settled at the Loma de Benagalbon. When the Romans came, they chose to live in the same place, as evidenced by the remnants of mosaics and batthouses, which were typical Roman structures.

It is not clear whether the Romans or the Phoenicians were the first to build the original fortress, but there is reason to believe that there once existed a fortress built to protect the village from seafaring invaders. This fortress was further enhanced by the Moors, who then called the place Bezmiliana.

Ancient Bezmiliana was believed to have a fishing port, a central village, a mosque, and a defensive wall. All that remains of this ancient place is a small area called El Castellon.

At the height of the Reconquista, a long period (lasting almost 800 years) wherein Christian forces fought to drive away the Moors from the Iberian Peninsula, the advancing Christian troops found the practically deserted. In the early 1500’s, the Christians tried to repopulate the area starting with 120 people but these villagers eventually left during the plague epidemic.

It was only in the late 1700’s when a new settlement began to form. This was the one that gave birth to the town’s main source of livelihood, fishing. For a long time, Rincon de la Victoria was known as a fishing village. During those times, the locals kept the tranquil beaches all to themselves.

But when the residents of Malaga started coming for short weekend breaks, word of the alluring sandy beaches of Rincon de la Victoria started to spread. The rest, as they say, is history.

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