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Benalmadena Arroyo de la miel

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Benalmadena arroyo de la miel

The origins of the little village belongs from an old farmhouse whose name coincide with the same as the village. However there are two interesting theories about the meaning of the particular name. One of them is related to a beatiful sugar and honey farm whose residual waters were so sweet that people went to the house to pick the water up. The other theory says that all over the farm there were many beehives ,owing to the fact that there were so much field planted with thyme around.

A long time later, exactly in 1784 the Zurita Zambrano family, owner of the well-known farmhouse since the XVI th century sold it to the manufacturer of Genova Felix Solecio, a protected personality of the important family Galvez de Macharaviaya whose most famous member became the governor of Florida and Lousiana before the independence of the United States.

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