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Estepona Museums and Monuments

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Estepona Museums and Monuments

Estepona has a rich history. You’ll find throughout this exciting town bits and pieces that were left by all civilizations that landed there namely Phoenicians, Romans, Muslims and the Christians. Every day, new excavations are found that decipher new elements of the History of Estepona. Here are some of the exceptional monuments and museums that are worth visiting while in Estepona.


Remains of Castillejos
Muslims reconstructed these remains that date back to the prehistoric era.

Guadalmansa Roman Ruins
The Ruins of Guadalmansa Estuary belonged to the Roman town of Salduba.

The Town Clock Tower

Back in the Arab era, the tower clock was the minaret of a mosque. When the Castillians took control of the town, they built a church on the site of the mosque and the minaret became a bell tower. This church is the oldest throughout Costa del Sol.

El Nicio Castle
Numerous towers and walls still exist from this 9th Century fortress that played a vital role during Ben Hafsun’s revolt against the Cordoba emirs. In the end, it was dominated by the emirate troupes in 923 DC.

The Watchtowers
7 Watchtowers of Muslim and Castillian origin are spread along Estepona’s 22 km coast. These were used to defend the town from any adversaries attack and were used up till the 19th Century.

The Ruins of the Castle of Saint Louis
In the dawn of the 16th Century, the Catholic Kings ordered the construction of the Castle to strengthen and support the walls of the town.

Lighthouse of Punta Doncella
A 21 meters high lighthouse with a range of 18 sea miles. It was constructed in 1861.

The Church of Our Lady of Redemption
The legend states that around 1400 when this spot was full of pines, someone found a crucifix that was supposed to be a wood from the True Cross.  It was the Tertiary Franciscans who built this church in 1766. However, unfortunately the church experienced great damage in 1936 during the Spanish Civil War and the True Cross was destroyed. The whole church was reconstructed in 1943 and the ashes of the True Cross were saved in a reliquary in this church.

The House of the Marquees of Mondéjar
This House was constructed in the 18th Century. Its aristocratic architecture is fascinating.

The Bullring
The architect Juan Mora Urbano designed this bullring in an outstanding asymmetric design. It was first opened in 1972.


You can visit 4 exceptional museums in Estepona.

The Museum of Palaeontology
It is situated in the Plaza de los Misioneros near the Church of Our Lady of Redemption. When you go through the exhibition halls of this museum, you'll be able to make an entire tour of Estepona's ancient history and get to know what Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs and the Christians left from their occupation of Estepona. You'll also be more familiar with the rich history of Estepona and all cities located in the Costa del Sol region.

The Museum of Archaeology
Found in Estepona's bullring, this museum exhibits information related to bullfighting like posters and many suits offered by renowned "toreros". It also includes twelve exhibition halls that highlight how people lived in Estepona in previous recent centuries. Themes covered are as follows: bee-keeping, harvesting cereals, the forge, livestock, fishing, and more.

The Maritime and Country Museum.
This museum has some of the most important variety of fossils some of which are more than five million years old. It is situated at Estepona's Bullring.

The Bullfighting Museum.
It contains a wide selection of exhibits associated with bullfighting in Spain.

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