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Museums in Málaga

Picasso Museum Málaga- Buenavista Palace - The building, a renaissance palace from the XVI century, houses a permanent collection of over 200 works including paintings, sculptures, prints and ceramics by the painter Pablo Picasso.
Address: C/. San Agustín 8, Tel. 952127600

Fundación Picasso Casa Natal, Málaga City Council - The collection consists of acquisitions and donations, has about 4,000 works by nearly 200 artists among which are those of Picasso in the period between the 30s and 70s, works of Miro, Tapies, Chillida, Guinovart, Mata, Brossa, Ernst, Plensa and also a wide representation of contemporary artists from Málaga.
Address: Plaza de la Merced 15, Tel. 952060215

Carmen Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum - The museum is a gift from the Baroness and it will open in fall 2010 at the Villalon Palace from the XVI century, will feature 200 works of different authors, including Málaga painters from the nineteenth century, Ferrandiz, Gómez Gil, Ocon and Degrain Munoz, the main theme will be the century manners of the XIX century.
Address: C/ Compañía, Palacio Villalón.

Contemporary Art Center - Located in the former Wholesale Market has a permanent exhibition of 400 works and various arts such as sculpture, photography and painting, or any combination of expressive language. Its main objective is to present the art of XX and XXI centuries. There is also a bookstore specializing in art.
Address: C/ Alemania s/n, Tel. 952120055

Cathedral Museum - Located in the old chapter house of the Cathedral of XVIII century. The museum has two rooms in one of them will show paintings by José de Ribera and Juan Morales, also sculptures and manuscripts of the XVI century, in the other show different works and liturgical vestments from different locations, include pieces of gold and ivory.
Address: C/ Molina Larios s/n, Tel. 952215917

Cister Museum - It is situated in the Abbey of Santa Ana, there has been presented over 300 works in recent centuries and has being preserved by the Cistercian community. The collection is very varied, features paintings, sculptures, prints, pieces of religious art, embroidery, silver, documents, collections of thumbnail imagery, highlighting works by seniority, from the XVI century, and its quality, with authors such as Pedro de Mena and his daughters Andrea and Claudia de Mena.
Address: C/. Císter 1, Tel. 952216971

Museum of Arts and Traditions - Opened in 1976, is housed in XVII century, Renaissance style and facade plateresca building which has 19 rooms dedicated to show all kinds of objects used in everyday life of Malaga and its province, as well as keep the same ethnographic heritage.
Address: Pasillo de Santa Isabel 10, Tel. 952217137

Aquarium Museo Aula del Mar - Its main objective is to raise awareness of the variety of life and wealth that contains the Alboran Sea, it has five rooms and over 30 aquarium and remains of more than 1,000 species of marine animals.
Address: Avenida Miguel Agustín Heredia 35, Tel. 952229287

Bullring and Bullfighting Museum - The bullring is known by the name of "The Malagueta" for the area where it's located. Built in 1874 is neomudejar style, the hem measures 52mts in diameter with a capacity for 14,000 people and it is considered a 1st category bullring. In its dependencies is the Museo Taurino "Antonio Ordonez" which can be visited from Monday to Friday.
Address: Paseo de Reding 8, Tel. 952221727

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