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What to do in Alcaucin

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Alcaucín is a municipality in the province of Malaga, located north of the Axarquia region, on the border with the province of Granada, about 20 km from Velez and 55 km from Malaga. It is located on the slopes of Sierra Tejeda, about 510 meters high and with magnificent views of the Mediterranean coast. It has an area of 45 km2 with a population of more than 2,500 inhabitants.

Keep reading to discover what to do in Alcaucin.

what to do in alcaucin

History of Alcaucin

This town is one of the first to be inhabited by man in the province of Malaga, as evidence of the human remains were found in the "Boquete de Zafarraya" deposits, dated more than 30,000 years ago, in addition to others remains from the Neolithic period and the Bronze Age. During the colonization of the Phoenicians, the foundations of Zalia Castle were laid and later it was the Arabs who endowed this fort with the double ring of walls and the current castle. The current name of Alcaucin comes from what the Arabs called it, Al Cautin, which means Los Arcos, as it is also of the same Arab origin. The town is shaped with narrow streets with whitewashed houses and interior patios covered with flowers.

It was conquered by the Catholic Monarchs in 1485 and later the town was part of the uprising of the Moriscos in the Axarquía, which was quickly reduced by the Christian army in 1569. There is not much data of events that took place in the town until the middle of s. XIX, with the earthquake that devastated much of the northern area of the Axarquía, which had its epicentre in the Sierra Tejeda.

what to see in alcaucin

Things to see in Alcaucin

Next, we list the places you should not miss during your visit to Alcaucín:

Iglesia de Nuestra Señora del Rosario 

Built-in 1732, and restored in the middle of the s. XX consists of two spaces separated by pillars resting on three-point arches, standing out by the simplicity of its lines, which is follows the rococo-style. Its interior also includes several images of the eighteenth and nineteenth century. The main facade presents a semicircular arch with perforated pilasters. The two bells that it owns are located in a bulrush with arches of half-point.

Ermita de Jesús del Calvario

Built-in the s. XVIII in baroque style, on the facade it has a semicircular arch on pilasters. During the Civil war, the images were destroyed and some damage was caused in the chapel. Later on, the neighbours restored the whole chapel. There used as a cemetery in the chapel.

Castillo de Zalía

The initial fortification dates back to the Phoenicians era but, it was during the Arab period when the current castle and the walls were constructed. Hundreds of years after, the Christians turned the castle into prison for the moriscos.


Natural Park of the Sierra de Alcazar is located on the banks of the Alcaucin River in a place of great beauty and vegetation. There is a viewpoint from which you can see the natural canyon that flows into the swamp of Viñuela.

things to see in alcaucin

Festivals in Alcaucin

Feria de Agosto

 Fair in honour of San Sebastian, patron of the town, is celebrated on the first weekend of August and lasts three days. During this Fair, the Flamenco Festival of Cante is celebrated.

Feria Chica

 Festivities in honour of Nuestra señora del Rosario, patroness of the town, is celebrated the closest weekend to October 7, the day of the Virgin.

Semana Santa

 The processions of this town are typical for their tradition and uniqueness, as the neighbours come dressed in Roman-style masks and clothes are called "Jews", process the steps through its winding streets and encourage neighbours to invite them to "a drink in the bar".

Fiesta de la Castaña

 It is celebrated on October 31, a traditional feast where it is remembered when all the neighbours used to gather in the town square to celebrate the feast of All Saints. At present, they proceed to roast the chestnut and offer food tastings of anise and the typical cinnamon mantecados.

festivals in alcaucin

 Where to eat in Alcaucin

The traditional cuisine has been enriched with greenhouse and subtropical crops, such as cherimoyas, mangos, avocados, which are present in the current cuisine of almost the entire Axarquía region. Some of the typical dishes are the cateta salad, the porridge, the harvester pot, cod omelettes with honey and tomato soup.

  • La Era: Homemade cuisine, Pte. Don Manuel 8, Tel. 952510819
  • El Ciervo: Homemade cuisine, Pl. Salias 2, Tel. 952510031
  • Fuente la Peña: Homemade cuisine, crta. Alhama km50, Tel. 952510075

where to eat in alcaucin

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