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What to do in Competa


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It is a municipality in the province of Malaga, we can find it at the northeast of the region of Axarquia to which it belongs, it is about 60kms from Malaga and about 27 from Vélez Málaga. Also known as "La Cornisa de la Costa del Sol", because of its location in the foothills of Sierra Tejeda, about 640mts. over the sea level, and its well-rugged terrain. The town is bathed by rivers Chillar and Torrox, it has an approximate area of 54kms2, and it has a population of around 3,800 inhabitants.


what to do in competa


History of Competa


There is no documented history of the municipality until the XV century, although it is believed that due to its location between the provinces of Malaga and Granada, the abundance of water, wildlife refuges in the mountains and the Roman origin of its name, Compita-Orum, which is Latin for "crossroads" it was home to some human settlements, but, for the moment there are no traces which confirms this.

The first document which mentions Cómpeta dated the 29th of April, 1487 by the surrender of the villages in the area to the Catholics Monarchs. The area was populated by Muslims who were dedicated mainly to the olive, vine and raising silkworms. After the expulsion of the Moors in 1609 and the division of their lands to Christian settlers arrived mostly from La Roda, Sevilla, Puente Genil and Steppe, began to increase the population of the town and the production of the land distributed to settlers.

In the XVIII century, achieved a growing area of over 1,000 acres dedicated to vines for raisins and wine and rainfed cereal cultivation. The expansion continued until the end of XIX century, when it sank into an economic crisis due to several factors: a cholera epidemic that decimated the population the previous year, 1884, an earthquake destroyed much of the town and a plague of phylloxera wiped out most of the vineyards. By mid-century XX begins to rise again due to land development, cultivation of vineyards and the emergence of tourism, arriving to the XXI century with a rather positive view.


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Monuments and Festivals in Competa


Next, we will name the places you cannot miss during your visit to Competa:


Festivals in Competa


-Easter Week.- The most prominent of these feasts is the Via Crucis on Good Friday, also known as "the procession of men", the same day in the evening we celebrate the "Procession of women", where the image of the patron is accompanied only by women.

Summer Fair.- It is celebrated on the 23rd, 24th and July 25th.

-Wine Night.- It is celebrated on August 15th, it has two meanings, one religious, the day it is celebrated as the patron saint of the town and the other is the holding of the farmers to start harvesting.


festivals competa


Monuments in Competa


-Church of Our Lady of the Assumption.- It was ordered to be built by the Catholic Monarchs between 1505 and 1510 and restored later. The interior is divided into three aisles, in the side, there are several altars, among which are those dedicated to the Christ of Calvary and the column, in baroque style. The main altar is presided by a fresco depicting the Assumption of the Virgin, by the painter Francisco Hernandez in 1972. The 1884 earthquake destroyed part of the main facade and the old tower, both of them were restored later. The set wins in spectacular, with the magnificent tower of neo-Mudejar 35mts high, built-in brick, ocher-coloured, four bodies, the latter forming a temple that is topped by a cupola. This church is known as "La Catedral de la Axarquia".

-Ermita de San Sebastian.- There are unconfirmed indications that it was the first church built after the expulsion of the Moors, XVI century. In this chapel, people worship the image of the patron of the town, San Sebastián. It has a square floor plan and very simple in its lines, the facade with arches and topped with a niche containing an image of the saint.

-Ermita de San Antón Abad Extramuros.- Little Chapel of XVII century, with a rectangular nave, the altar inside is chaired by a wooden statue of St. Anthony and one of the most venerated images in the municipality "the Borriquita."

-Natural Park Sierras of Tejeda, Almijara and Alhama.- Declared a national hunting reserve, located between the provinces of Malaga and Granada, with more than 40,000 hectares. There are numerous hiking trails within the park, nine of them at the end of Competa.


Restaurants in Competa


Competa is known worldwide for its grapes and wines from Muscat, semi-sweet and dry. As for his famous dishes are fennel broth, fried squash, the offal to the pastoral, loin with garlic crumbs.


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restaurants competa


Hotels in Competa


-Balcón de Cómpeta.- 3 stars, c/ San Antonio 1, Tel. 952553535.

-Casa la Mina.- 2 stars, Casa de la Nina s/n, Tel. 687564525.

-El Alberdini.- Rural Hotel, c/ Lomilla 85, Tel. 952516294


Useful Telephone Numbers in Competa


Civil Guard Emergencies.....................062


Civil Guard................................................952516097

Local Police.............................................605276302

Health Centre Emergencies................902505061

Tourism Office........................................952553685

Health Centre..........................................951289791


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