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Tolox is a pueblo blanco (white village) located some 52 km west of Malaga. You can reach it through either one of these two routes: the A-357, which will take you through Villalon, Cerralba, Zalea, Calcunes, and Alozaina, or the A-357 and A-354, which will take you through the outskirts of Villafranco de Guadalhorce, Urbanizacion Sierra Gorda and Benitez.

With its whitewashed walls and red-brick roofs, it’s easy to recognize the village of Tolox even from a distance. The town, which is situated at an altitude of about 285 m occupies an area of approximately 94 sq km. Like in all typical pueblo blancos of Malaga, its streets are winding and very steep at some parts. It’s normal to find flower boxes hanging or perched outside house windows.

There are over 2,300 residents here, 200 of which come from foreign lands. Since Tolox is quite small, hotels, restaurants, banks, and other commercial establishments are quite scarce. The most prevalent crops are oranges, olives, and potato.

The most popular place in town is the Fuente Amargosa Health Spa, which draws a multitude of visitors every year. The spa’s therapeutic waters are known to treat diseases/ailments like asthma, chronic bronchitis, kidney stones, allergies, emphysema, and conjunctivitis.

Based on remains found in the Cueva de la Tinaja, which sits some 4 km near the forks of the nearby river, the history of Tolox can be traced way back to the Neolithic times. However formal settlement did not come until the arrival of the Phoenicians. They were the ones who gave the village its name.

The region was also occupied by the Romans. It then fell under Moorish rule for a long time, with Omar Ben Hafsun among its most popular occupants. In the late 1500’s the place was retaken by the Christians.

Among the town’s main attractions are these annual fairs and festivals: Dia de los Polvos (Day of the Powder), Dia de la Cencerra (Day of the Cowbell), and the Feast of San Roque, the town’s patron saint. Like in all other Spanish villages, Tolox also celebrates the Holy Week with utmost reverence.

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