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What to Do in Benalmadena: Discover the Charm of Traditional Spanish Life

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Located between Torremolinos and Malaga, Benalmadena is one of the most important population centres on the Costa del Sol. During the peak summer season, its population swells to over 60,000 people. The area is made up of three distinct urban centres, each with its own unique identity.

Towns in Benalmadena

Benalmádena Pueblo: Traditional Spanish Charm

Perched on the mountainside, Benalmadena Pueblo is the town's origin and heart. Even today, it retains the peaceful and serene character of traditional Andalusian mountain towns. With a wide variety of gastronomic options in bars and restaurants, charming white-washed houses adorned with flowers, and panoramic views of the surrounding area, Benalmadena Pueblo is a must-visit for anyone seeking an authentic Spanish experience.

Arroyo de la Miel: The Vibrant Commercial Centre

Located closer to the coast, Arroyo de la Miel is the bustling commercial and business centre of Benalmadena. Its rapid growth has made it one of the most vibrant areas in the region, offering plenty of shopping, dining, and entertainment options.

The village's origins can be traced back to an old farmhouse, which has given rise to some interesting theories about its name. The area's rich history includes connections to the prominent Galvez de Macharaviaya family and the governor of Florida and Louisiana before the independence of the United States.

Benalmadena Costa: A Family-Friendly Seaside Retreat

Adjacent to the sea and centred around an extensive promenade, Benalmadena Costa is a traditional Spanish destination with cosmopolitan flair. It offers a range of family-friendly attractions, such as the Sea Life Centre, sandy beaches, and panoramic views of the coastline. Its marina, with over 1,000 berths, is a focal point for leisure and recreation.

Benalmadena's diverse and modern hotel industry, along with its endless variety of bars, pubs, discos, and cultural and entertainment centres (Cable-car, Casino Torrequebrada, Sea-Life Aquarium, Selwo Marina, Pre-Colombian Archaeological Museum, Exhibition Centre, Auditorium, Tivoli World, etc.), make this city a popular choice for tourists seeking fun and relaxation, as well as for hosting meetings and conferences.

Benalmadena is easily accessible by road (motorway A-7 or N-340), train (Renfe Cercanias line C-1), or air, with Malaga airport just 15 minutes away.

what to do in Benalmadena

History of Benalmadena

Benalmadena's history dates back to the age of the Phoenicians, who were the first people to establish a settlement here, followed by the Romans. Numerous remains, such as lookout towers along the coast, testify to its ancient origins. Some well-known estates, such as Torrequebrada, Torrebermeja, and Torrremuelle, also derive their names from these ancient towers. During the Arab domination, Benalmadena was an important location due to its valuable silver mines. The town's name has Muslim origins, with its most famous meaning being "sons of the mine" (ben-almadena or Almaden).

Not only were the mines important, but the strategic location of Benalmadena's castle during the Reconquest also played a significant role in the defense of Malaga. The Arab resistance was stronger than the Christians had anticipated, but the Castilian troops eventually succeeded in capturing the town in 1485, destroying the fortress and dispersing the villagers. In 1491, the Catholic Monarchs chose Alonso Palomero, a resident of Malaga, as the first mayor of the reconquered town, and it was repopulated with many old Christians. Benalmadena then became an essential defense against pirate boats that repeatedly attacked the Malaga coast. The town earned the nickname "lookout of the coast" due to its stunning views along the Costa del Sol and the Mediterranean Sea.

In the following centuries, the Renaissance, Baroque, and 19th-century periods passed without significant events. Finally, in the 20th century, Benalmadena and nearby Arroyo de la Miel transformed from an economy focused on agriculture and livestock farming to a prominent international tourist destination, thanks to the tourism boom of the 1960s. Known as the "little brother of big Torremolinos," Benalmadena also became an important player in the Spanish tourist market.

Museums and Monuments in Benalmadena

Next, we will show you the best museums and monuments in Benalmadena to visit:

Comares Castle

The original monument dedicated to the discoverer of America Christopher Columbus and other personalities of the heroic discovery. It was built between 1987 and 1994 by the surgeon Esteban Martin and two bricklayers of the village of Mijas spending a lot of his own fortune and making true his dream. The monument is a mixture of different artistic styles such as Bizantine, Romantique, Gothic and Mudejar (artistic style exclusive only in Spain). It is worth to admire its fantastic stained glass windows of great value and artistic richness. It is one of the largest monuments dedicated to Columbus all over the world and one of the most original.

Address: Urbanizacion el Viñazo (Carretera de el Sol) tlf: 952448821/666467987

castillo de comares

Bil-Bil Castle

It was built as a particular house at the beginning of the XXth century by a lady of Majorca loved with the village, Francisca Fernandez, who gave the name of Benazahar. Built in Arab style with reddish stone and decorated glazed ceramic tile and bas-relief of Nazari tradition. Surrounded by beautiful fountains and situated at the seaside where you can admire one of the most magical dusks. It belongs to the city council since 1981 and they use as lecture, talk or exposition place.

Address: Avda de Antonio Machado,78 tlf:952444320

castillo bil bil

Jardines del Muro

It is situated in one of the most beautiful high ground spots of Benalmadena-pueblo where you can admire an incredible and beautiful landscape and stunning views. It was designed by the famous architect Cesar Manrique. It is situated next to the Santo Domingo church.

jardines del muro

Iglesia de Santo Domingo

It was built in the XVIIth century. There are three important sculptures; one of Christ (Ecce Homo) and two of the virgin (Soledad and Inmaculada) designed around the XVIIIth century (School of Granada). The church has three naves separated by round arches. It was refurbished in 1960 and it is next to the Wall Gardens.

Address: C/Santo Domingo s/n 2013 tlf:952448274

iglesia de santo domingo benalmadena


Archaeological Museum


Museum of Precolombian art which houses around 450 pieces of great value (Mexico, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Panama, Costa Rica, and Santo Domingo) and 62 pieces of the Neolithic period most of them founded in Benalmadena. The museum was founded by the Mexican archaeologist and painter Felipe Orlando in 1970 thanks to the donation of its private collection.


museo arqueologico benalmadena


Spain Square 


It is located in the centre of Benalmadena-pueblo, in which we can admire the singular statue of the girl of Benalmadena (popularly known here as la Niña de Benalamdena) made in 1968 by Jaime Pimentel (famous sculptor of the Cenachero of Malaga). The model of the sculpture was the daughter of a fisherman of Almayate. It is important to know that the sculpture is twinned with the statue of Manneken Pis of Brussels since 1991.


Lookout Towers

All over the coast of Benalmadena, there still remain three towers, which were erected during the Reconquest by the old Christians as a defence against the Muslim invasions. These towers give the name to three famous estates and are Torre Bermeja, Torre Quebrada y Torre Muelle.


Buda’s Temple and Buddhist Stupa

It is situated in the street which surrounds the Pigeon,s Park. It was made in marble from the central provinces of China and was donated to Benalmadena by the authorities of an important city of China. The Buda is flanked by two lions a bit small, he has an unmistakable and unique smile. As a whole in an oriental atmosphere very typical.

This is the largest stupa all over the occidental world. It was built in white stone and it is ended in a gold cone which is seen from Fuengirola. The temple is 33 metres high and its sacred measures are 25 metres wide and 25 metres long. Inside there is a big meditation hall of more than 100 square metres. It was inaugurated by honourable Buddhist master Sogyal Rinpoche the 5th October 2005.


Address: Paraje el Retamar s/n Benalmadena Pueblo tlf:952569662


templo budista benalmadena


Leisure Activities in Benalmadena


Next, we will talk about the best leisure activities in Benalmadena:


Teleferico Benalmadena

Located in Arroyo de la Miel near the entrance to the Tivoli World amusement park, makes a climb up Mount Calamorro more than 700 metres above sea level during the journey trip around 10 minutes. It is worth climbing for the fun of the trip and especially the magnificent views of the coast of Malaga, Gibraltar and the African coast. 


Address: Explanada de Tivoli s/n - (952575038)


teleferico benalmadena


Selwo Marina

Located adjacent to the Parque de la Paloma, at its facilities we can admire curious and exotic birds and marine mammals from the Americas. Few stand out as the penguin and dolphin area uniques all over Andalusia. 


Address. Parque de la Paloma s/n- (902190482)


Sea-life Aquarium

Located at the entrance of Puerto Marina this space offers more than 2,000 marine species including his famous shark or fish-lines to which we can stroke or even feed. It also has interesting mini-golf and very funny. 


Address: Dársena de Levante s/n - (952560150)


Parque de la Paloma

This is a large green area around Benalmadena occupying an area of over 200,000 square feet which offers us two playgrounds, food kiosks, a large artificial lake, bicycle rental and picturesque walks freely loose animals such as peacocks, rabbits and squirrels and others which are in fenced areas such as goats and sheep. 


Address: Avda de Federico García Lorca s/n (Arroyo de la Miel)


parque de la paloma


Tivoli World

This amusement park, one of the first in Spain, was inaugurated by a Danish businessman who wanted to export this to Malaga the fabulous park of the same name that exists in Copenhaguen. It has all kinds of attractions for all tastes and all ages as well as various bars and restaurants Spanish, American, Italian or Chinese among others. In summer especially there are daily performances in its auditorium.

It is worth walking through the streets surrounded by lush vegetation, marvellous Japanese-inspired gardens or its beautiful sources which plays diverse water and light games.


Address: Avda de Tivoli s/n %u2013 Arroyo de la Miel (952577016/902114700)


Puerto Marina

Puerto Marina which was built on land reclaimed from the sea in the early 80s, in recent years hold the award for Best Marina in the World in the opinion reached by a group of internationally renowned experts gathered in Miami between those who were architects, business sector, catering and leisure well-known personalities from sports such as sailing and several presidents of the most important marinas in Europe and America.

With over 1,000 moorings, 200 shops, restaurants, bars, nightclub and a new shopping centre; Puerto Marina is a flagship of the Costa del Sol on the field of tourism and as a powerful economic engine. Inside the Puerto Marina area, it was built a penthouse and apartment complexes inspìred by an eclectic architecture that combines elements of Arabic and Andalusian-Mediterranean. Both day and night the atmosphere and the wide variety of places to shop, eat or just to have a lot of fun until the early morning is sure.


Torrequebrada Casino

This elegant casino opened in 1979 was the first of the Costa del Sol and a pioneer in Spain for its facilities and new concepts of games based on the introduced American-style casinos in Las Vegas. In an incomparable setting beside the sea and many restaurants of international and Spanish cuisine, bar and nightclub stand out the Sala Fortuna where you can enjoy live shows of magic or flamenco dance from a wide variety of performances. Besides the casino, exists the famous Torrequebrada hotel with swimming pools, sports facilities, bars and restaurants which opened 10 years later.


Address: Avda del Sol, km 220 Urbanización Torrequebrada- Benalmadena Costa (952446000/952442545)


casino torrequebrada

Benalmadena Mini-Golf

With a pleasant terrace bar and beautiful gardens overlooking the sea. Avda de Antonio Machado (opposite the hotel Riviera). Open daily from 10:30 -- Price: 5€ adults y 4€ children.


benalmadena mini-golf

Benalmadena Beaches


Arroyo de la Miel:

This 900-meter beach has medium, fine, and dark sand. Facilities include showers, a Red Cross post, and a moderate swell, but there are no toilets or anchor areas, and it does not have a blue flag.

Arroyo Hondo:

Located next to Playa Bonita hotel, this 700-meter beach has thick, medium, and dark sand. It offers showers and a moderate swell but lacks toilets, anchor areas, blue flags, and Red Cross posts.


This 400-meter beach features fine, medium, and dark sand, with showers and a Red Cross post. However, it does not have toilets, anchor areas, or blue flags, and the swell is calm.


A 700-meter beach with fine, medium, and dark sand, Carvajal is the last beach of Benalmadena and borders on Fuengirola. It has showers and a calm swell but no toilets, anchor areas, blue flags, or Red Cross posts.

Fuente de la Salud:

This 150-meter beach features fine, medium, and dark sand and is located next to Puerto Marina, bordering Torremolinos. It offers an anchor area, showers, and a Red Cross post, but no toilets or blue flags, and has a moderate swell.

La Perla o la Morera:

With 700 meters of thick, medium, and dark sand, this beach offers showers and a moderate swell. However, it does not have toilets, anchor areas, Red Cross posts, or blue flags, and is known for its calm atmosphere.

La Viborilla:

A small 500-meter beach with thick, medium, and dark sand, La Viborilla is ideal for diving. It offers showers and a good anchor area, but no toilets, Red Cross posts, or blue flags, and has a moderate swell.

Las Yucas:

This 700-meter beach has fine, medium, and dark sand, with showers and a moderate swell. It does not offer anchor areas, Red Cross posts, or blue flags, and has some coves separated by rocky areas.


The largest beach in Benalmadena, Malapesquera has 700 meters of fine, medium, and dark sand, with direct access from Puerto Marina and the Promenade. It offers an anchor area, showers, and a Red Cross post, but no toilets or blue flags, and has a moderate swell.

Santa Ana:

This 500-meter beach features fine, medium, and dark sand, with showers and a Red Cross post. It does not offer toilets, anchor areas, or blue flags, and has a moderate swell. Access is easy, located next to the promenade.

Tajo de la Soga:

One of the wildest and most irregular beaches in Benalmadena, Tajo de la Soga is 600 meters long and has thick, medium, and dark sand. It offers showers but no toilets, anchor areas, Red Cross posts, or blue flags, and has a moderate swell.


This 300-meter beach has fine, medium, and dark sand, with an anchor area, showers, a Red Cross post, and a moderate swell. It is the only beach with toilets, but it does not have a blue flag.


Consisting of various irregular coves with alternating sandy and rocky floors, this 700-meter beach has thick, medium, and dark sand. It offers an anchor area and showers but lacks toilets, Red Cross posts, and blue flags, and has a moderate swell.


Created in the early nineties, this small 350-meter beach has thick, medium, and dark sand. It offers showers and a moderate swell but does not have toilets, Red Cross posts, anchor areas, or blue flags.


Another small beach created in the early nineties, Torrevigia has 350 meters of fine, medium, and dark sand. It offers showers and a calm swell but lacks toilets, Red Cross posts, anchor areas, and blue flags.

In conclusion, all Benalmadena beaches, except for Viborilla Beach, are accessible to disabled individuals. Additionally, all beaches have Local Police posts, except for Torrevigia and Torrequebrada.


Benalmadena Restaurants 


The gastronomic offer in Fuengirola is very varied, with restaurants specializing in all kinds of foods, especially in Andalusian and Mediterranean cuisine. Typical dishes should be noted: the fried fish, the sardines, baked and salt fish, noodle casserole, gazpachuelo, rice or noodles “a banda”, garlic soup with grapes and an endless list of exquisite dishes.


Between 40€ and 60€


-Mar de Alborán: New seafood cuisine -Avda de Alay, 5 -952446427

-Grill: International cuisine -Avda del Sol s/n -952446000

-Pavillon: Mediterranean and international cuisine -Avda del Sol s/n -952446000

-Airen: Haute cuisine and fusion-mediterranean cuisine -Avda higuerón,48 (Urb Reserva del Higuerón) -952565884

-Ventorrillo de la Perra: Spanish and Andalusian cuisine. Very good -Avda de la Constitución, 87 (Arroyo de la Miel) -952441966


Between 24€ and 40€


-El Rincón Asturiano: Cuisine from Asturias. Very good - Plaza de la Iglesia (Arroyo de la Miel) -952567628

-Los Mellizos: One of the best seafood reataurant for its fresh fish and its good service. -c/Pacharán s/n (Arroyo de la Miel) -95244580

-El Mero: Mediterranean and international cuisine. A bit expensive -Dársena de Levante, 23-28 (Puerto Marina) -952440752

-Casa Emilio: Grilled cuisine especialised in meats from Burgos -Centro comercial San Juán local 36- Avda de la Constitución (Arroyo de la Miel) -952447994

-Benal Beach: International cuisine -Urb. Benal Beach (Benalmádena Costa) -952561888

-Doña Francisquita: Typical cuisine from Malaga and Mediterranean. Very good -Urb. Torrequebrada s/n -952440474

-Mamma Leone: Italian cuisine and wood-fired pizzas -Ctra Capitanía-Puerto Marina s/n -952442341

-Metro pizza&pasta: Italian cuisine -Dársena de Levante, 20-21(Puerto Marina) -952446460

-Saint-Tropez: Mediterranean and Seafood cuisine. A bit expensive -Playa Santa Ana,1(Benalmádena Costa) -952442218

-Mambo Beach Club: Dutch cuisine -Puerto Marina s/n -952576341

-La costilla de Adán: Erotic and original cuisine -Avda de Antonio Machado,30 (Benalmádena Costa) -651768368

-El Greco: Greek cuisine -Dársena de Levante s/n (Puerto Marina) -952567287

-Bodegón Pajarete: Stands out its tapas de callos and grilled quails. Cheap and very good wines -C/Extremadura, 10 (Arroyo de la Miel) 95244057


Between 12€ and 24€


-Pizzeria Pinocho: Italian cuisine ,wood-fired pizzas, good atmosphere and one of the best terraces. -Pueblo marinero s/n (Puerto Marina) -952440892

-El Kalifato: International cuisine -Playa de Carvajal, 6 (Benalmádena Costa) -952568259

-La Perla: Traditional and regional cuisine. Very good wines and cheap -c/Ibiza, 12(Benalmádena) -952568166

-Gloria Bendita: Mediterranean cuisine -Paseo marítimo s/n (Benalmádena Costa) -952561450

-El Karmen: Cuisine from Cantabria -Plaza Bonanza, 7 (Benalmádena Costa) -952561054

-La Viborilla: Mediterranean cuisine -Crta de Cádiz km,218 (Benalmádena Costa) -952560162

-Casa Manolo: Traditional cuisine and fantastic cheap tapas -c/Real, 14 (Benalmádena) -952448923

-El Malagueño: Regional cuisine from Malaga -Avda de Antonio Machado,81 (Benalmádena Costa) -952443029

-Alay: International and Spanish cuisine -Avda de Alay s/n (Hotel Alay) -952577017


Hotels in Benalmadena 


5* Hotels


-Torrequebrada - Carretera de Cadiz, km 220 95 244 60 00


4* Hotels 


-Aleysa Playa - Avda Antonio Machado 54 95 257 61 00

-Alay - Avda Alay, s/n 95 244 14 40

-Tritón - Avda Antonio Machado, 29 95 244 32 40

-Riviera - Avda Antonio Machado, 49 95 244 12 40

-Playa Bonita - Ctra de Cadiz km, 217 95 244 28 40


3* Hotels


-Palmasol - Avda del Mar s/n 95 244 35 47

-Sol Patos - Ctra de Cadiz km, 220 95 244 19 90

-Puerto Benalmadena - Avda Antonio Machado 95 244 16 40

-La Roca - Ctra de Cadiz km, 221,5 95 244 17 40

-San Fermín - Avda San Fermín 95 244 20 40

-Siroco - Carril del Siroco 95 244 30 40

-Villasol - Ctra de Cadiz km, 222 95 244 19 96

-La Fonda - Santo Domingo, 7 95 256 82 73

-Velazquez - Ctra de Cadiz km, 220 95 256 46 30

-El Greco - Ctra de Cadiz km, 220 95 244 23 88

-Goya - Ctra de Cadiz km, 220 95 244 44 43

-Las Arenas - Ctra de Cadiz km, 221 95 244 36 44


2* Hotels 

-Bali - Avda telefonica, 7 95 244 19 40

-Balmoral - Ctra de Cadiz km, 221 95 244 36 40

-Plazoleta - Avda de Juán Luis Peralta 95 244 81 97


hotels benalmadena


A very complete guide, right? You can read more information about Benalmadena Castle and other monuments in our blog.

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