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Analysis Of Traffic Offences On Spanish Roads

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A report by Marbesol rent a car based on statistical data from the Spanish Department for Transport (DGT) on traffic road offences.

From the most experienced driver to the youngest and less confident,  everyone fears the usual road distractions, which can often lead to a traffic fine.  Throughout Spanish roads, fixed speed cameras are placed at high-risk road segments, to force drivers reduce their speed and lower the risk of accidents. However, there are also some tricky spots, where astuce and staying alert still play a fundamental role.

From January to October 2017, the Spanish Department of Transport (DGT), registered 3,805,695 traffic offences, which meant a significant decrease compared to 2016 (4.387.688 annual offences). Nonetheless, some road hostpots are still known for the high number of drivers that breach the national speed limit.  Our “Analysis Of Traffic Offences On Spanish Roads” intends to draw the map of the road segments in Spain where drivers are more likely to be fined for speeding.

You can find the full report in this section.

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