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What to do in Casares

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Casares is a group of magnificent white postcard villages, which overwhelms visitors with a special feeling. The classic beauty of Casares motivates people to visit this charming white town again and again. It is a small village in the western region on the Costa del Sol, in the south of Spain, and it is located in the province of Malaga. Casares host approximately three thousand permanent residents and is a holiday destination for thousands of visitors who come to this place throughout the year. As an advantage of the Costa del Sol, Casares is surrounded by a fascinating landscape, beaches, and spectacular scenery of hills and valleys.

Keep reading to discover what to do in Casares.

what to do in casares

History of Casares

Casares, a small village in the province of Manilva and, its Moorish name descends from Casar which means castle or fortress. Its long history goes back a couple of thousand years b.C when the Phoenicians arrived and settled here. Centuries later, the Romans and the Arabs arrived and left traces of their own history and legacy in this land. The Roman presence is prominent in the city of Lacipo, in the Sierra de la Utrera and the Torre de la Sal. In Roman times, the spa of La Hedionda was very famous throughout Europe. According to some references, the great emperor Julius Caesar had got rid of his liver disease by taking a bath in this spa. Located next to the road to Manilva, Hedionda's alkaline-magnetic water also helped cure skin diseases.

During Roman times, Casares was one of the most important places in the Costa del Sol. The name of Casares remained after the name Julio César who maintained a special relationship with this place.

The foundation of the current city was in the 12th century when the Moors arrived and built their castle on the hill. In a few decades, the place developed as a town, which maintained fraternal relations with neighbouring towns. In 1361, Casares was under the reign of the Nasrid dynasty, as a result of the pact signed between Pedro 1 of Castile and the dethroned Moor king Muhammad V. Later, on January 2, 1492, the Nazari dynasty fell under Rodrigo Ponce de León, the Duke of Cadiz. The rebel Moors, in the coming decades, converted to Christianity. In 1795, Casares was granted with the title of Villa and the privilege of separating from Manilva.

The history of Casares was glorified on July 5, 1885, when Blas Infante Perez was born in this beautiful town. Well-known writer, labour lawyer, and politician, Blas Infante is known as the father of Andalusian nationalism. He died during the civil war in 1936. In 1978, the government of Spain officially announced that the historical monuments of Casares would be national heritage. Since then, the town attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world.

casares malaga

Things to see in Casares 

Casares is a small coastal region that extends through the three municipalities of Gaucin, Manilva and Estepona. It is located about 430 meters above sea level, and about 15 km north of Manilva. After having had several settlements and surviving different attacks through history, this small town seems to be intact and unharmed and to preserve the same tradition and striking culture. Remarkably it has retained its generic and artistic view hanging on the steep hill below. Casares is better known as the Guard of the Costa del Sol and the "Access to the mountains".

With genuine characteristics of a mountain village, Casares invites its visitors to stay longer and free themselves from the stress of everyday life. There are countless things to do and explore in this beautiful town and its surroundings. From here, you can visit places like Sotogrande, Genalguacil, Jubrique, Estepona, Benalmádena, Marbella, Tarifa, Castellar de la Frontera; and some places of cultural interest such as the Church of the Incarnation or the Baths of the Hedionda, the Castle or the house where Blas Infante was born; and you can go to the Serranía de Ronda, the Natural Park of the Alcornocales or the Natural Park of Sierra Bermeja. There are many archaeological sites and ancient monuments such as the ruins of the original doors on Arrabal Street, Villa Street and the cemetery near the castle. You can also enjoy outdoor activities such as golf, hiking or strolling along the beach and have a refreshing beer and try the delicious grilled sardines in the bars.

Some of the closest airports to Casares are Gibraltar, which is 33 km away; Jerez, which is 77 km away; Málaga, 73 km; Morón Ab (Sevilla), which is 86 km away; and others that are between 94 and 98 kilometres away are Saniat Ramel, Tetouan, Ibn Batouta, Tangier and Rota Ns, Rota.

things to see in casares

Museums and Monuments in Casares

  • Iglesia de La Encarnacion.

It is located in the upper part of the white village of Casares. This church was founded in the sixteenth century on the ruins of a mosque. It is also better known as the Del Castillo Church.

  • Iglesia de San Sebastian.

It is a small but nice church built in the seventeenth century. It is located in the Plaza de España. The statue of Nuestra Señora del Rosario del Campo, the patroness of Casares, is inside the church.

  • Ermita del Santo de la Vera Cruz.

It was founded in the sixteenth century. Located in the square, it is among the oldest churches in this town. In the first decades of the 18th century, a tower was added to the church, which was erected over its original design. It is a very beautiful church with a small bell on top, and its facade is covered by stone and lime.

  • La Casa de Blas Infante.

Blas Infante Perez de Vargas, a famous nationalist leader, was born in Casares in 1885. At the beginning of the Spanish Civil War, he was arrested and executed by the Franco regime. He is called to be the father of Andalusia, which gave Andalusia a purpose with its ideals. It became a cultural centre in 1982.

  • La Iglesia Parroquial de San Sebastián.

A large Gothic church built between the 15th and 16th centuries. It still retains original and impressive charm. Its style has the influence of the Catalan Levantine region and recalls the style of the Gothic-Mudejar churches of the Alcarria. The bell tower is erected from the base of the church. Visitors admire its charm and also the fascinating beauty of the surrounding areas.

  • Terrenos de la Iglesia de la Encarnación.

It is located behind the church of La Encarnacion and borders a gigantic wall that dominates the gorges and valleys. This place is very cosy, where peace and tranquillity reign for years.

  • Iglesia de La Encarnación en la Colina.

It was built in the sixteenth century. It is situated at the highest point of Casares and at approximately 1,400 meters above sea level. This church is known for its majestic appearance and the famous Mudejar style tower, which is visible from faraway places in the valley. It has survived all the ravages caused by the Spanish Civil War and is now under reconstruction.

  • Museo Ethno-Cultural.

It is a small but wonderful historical museum. It is located at the top of the hill, just inside the gates of the fortress and the plaque that leads to a place named in honour of Julius Caesar. There are many agricultural tools and showcases on the walls that represent different ages and contemporary societies. Several Roman artefacts, such as jewels and milestones, can be seen in this museum. This museum opens to visitors on Mondays and Saturdays.

There are also several walls and Moorish ruins in Casares to visit and explore.

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Restaurants and Bars in Casares 

Restaurants in Casares 

The gastronomy of Casares reflects the taste of food from both the Costa del Sol and the Spanish mountain. Traditional Spanish cuisine such as fish, ham, fresh vegetables, stews, soups, meat dishes and other seafood; Along with a variety of international dishes are available in dozens of restaurants. Gazpacho, a famous cold tomato soup based on raw vegetables, is popular with visitors during the summer. There are several European, Indian, Moroccan, Asian, Italian and Mexican restaurants along the coast that offer hundreds of international dishes.

  • Arroyo Hondo

Since its creation in 2002, it has been serving food lovers with a wide range of international dishes. It is well known for its European, Spanish, contemporary, continental and Mediterranean offerings.

  • Venta García

For years, Venta Garcia has been the favourite place for many visitors to enjoy suckling pig, roast lamb, various types of stewed oysters, cream with raspberry sauce and delicious salad, and Spanish stew. It is a luxurious place with a modern atmosphere and offers stunning natural views of the surroundings.

  • Venta Victoria

It is located on the road to Casares. Visitors can find this place to be very comfortable with a fireplace and impressive views of the countryside. Some special dishes offered are chicken with garlic, gazpacho, chorizo, meatballs, Casares cheese and delicious homemade fritters. It remains open almost all day in the summer, and for lunch in the winter.

  • La Paloma

La Paloma is a restaurant and bar located in the foothills of the Estepona Mountains. Normally, it takes 5 minutes to arrive coming from Estepona. It is a rustic restaurant with luxury sofas and large spaces. Visitors can consume their food while enjoying spectacular views of the countryside.

  • Casa Curro

It is located in the parking area of Casares, El Cortijo is a local restaurant located at the entrance of the city by the main road. It offers homemade pate, roast chicken and salad with fruit flavour.

  • La Bodeguita de En Medio

It is located in the centre of Casares. It is one of the two restaurants adjacent to the Plaza de España. Visitors come here to enjoy a wide selection of fish and delicious tapas. Old Bar Nuevo is also a local restaurant. The Terrace, Laura, in Bda. Los Ponys, Mesón Los Claveles, Casa de Comidas Benilda, Tapas bars and meals in the city.

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Bars in Casares 

There are many typical bars and cafés in Casares. All offer a wide selection of delicious traditional Spanish as well as international dishes from Great Britain, Italy, France and many other countries. They also offer delicious wines and beers at affordable prices.

In Casares, there are no clubs or nightclubs; So, you have to go to Manilva, which is half an hour away, to spend a good time in the clubs and nightclubs. The bars of Casares, offer some of the best Martini and other drinks such as Apple Martini, Bacardi Cocktail, Chocolate Martini, Clover Club Cocktail, Cosmopolitan, Gimlet, Kamikaze, etc. Those interested in long glasses of alcohol can choose between Añejo Highball, Cape Codder, Fuzzy Navel, Bloody Mary, Gin & Tonic, Wallbanger Harvey, Long Island Iced Tea, Lemonade Lynchburg, Screwdriver, Highball, Mint Julep, Tequila Sunrise, Tom Collins on the rocks.

On the other hand, some of the drinks on the rocks such as Black Russia, Russian White, Caipirinha, Colorado Bulldog, The Godfather, Mudslide, and Negroni are favourites among visitors. Like other towns on the Costa del Sol, Casares bars are a paradise for tropical drinks and lovers of popular cocktails. Bahama Mama, Daiquiri, Hurricane, Between the Sheets, Mai Tai, Planter's Punch, Sex on the Beach, Zombie and the list does not end. The bars also offer some typical Spanish cocktails to visitors.

Some bars on the beach at a close distance are Los Amigos Bar, El Cordobés Bar, Chispa Bar, Augusto Bar, Trifino Bar, Miguel Bar, and Chiringuitos, which is open especially from May to September. Visitors can eat typical Casares food like gazpacho, rabbit from the mountain, chicken with garlic and other local dishes that reflect the taste of this specific region.

Visitors can also eat at Casares Chiringuito, Bahía de Casares, Marina Chiringuito, Marina de Casares, Chiringuito Playa Chica, Playa Chica.

bars in casares

Where to stay in Casares

Hotels in Casares

  • Finca Cortesin Hotel Golf & Spa Casares.

This hotel is located between Marbella and Sotogrande, in the heart of Casares. It is a luxury hotel and resort surrounded by many artificial lakes, beautiful sandy beaches of the Mediterranean Sea, green forests and wonderful golf courses, which is among the largest and longest in Europe.

  • Hotel Ermita de Casares.

Ermita de Casares Hotel is only 15 minutes from the beach and close to the main tourist attraction in the area. It is an international hotel that offers a wonderful view of the Mediterranean Sea. It has laundry service 24 hours, dry cleaning, an integrated bar and pub, executive floor and meeting rooms.

  • Hotel Pueblo Andaluz Casares.

Pueblo Andaluz Hotel Casares is one of the best qualified and quiet resorts to enjoy a vacation. It is located between Estepona and Sotogrande, in the Spanish Costa del Sol and it is quite close to the international airport of Malaga and beautiful white houses. Hotel guests can enjoy sports and leisure activities in its facilities; outdoor pool and garden inside the hotel. In addition, Casares historical sites are very accessible from the hotel.

  • Estrella De La Bahia de Casares.

Estrella de la Bahia is located in Manilva. It is a luxury hotel, fully equipped with standard facilities and standard international services. It offers an impressive view of the sea, the mountains and the natural landscape of the area. Several bars and restaurants are a few minutes walk from the hotel. The closest airport here is Malaga, Spain (AGP).

  • Los Cortijos Townhouses Casares.

Los Cortijos Townhouses Casares is a modern complex equipped with luxury facilities under international standards. It is 5 kilometres far from the Spanish coastal town of Estepona and 1.5 kilometres from La Perla beach. The International Airport of Malaga is 90 kilometres away from these apartments.

  • Aparta-hotel Casares Golf Garden.

Aparta-hotel Casares Golf Garden, a family hotel, is a spacious and luxurious hotel located 15 kilometres away from the beach. There are two swimming pools of which one is exclusively for children and teenagers. There is also a SPA area with Turkish bath, gym and jacuzzi.

  • DDG Retiro.

It is an exclusive and luxury accommodation located in Malaga and offers stunning views of the sea and attractive places of the Costa del Sol. It has various services such as steam room, sauna, tennis court, gym and heated pool. It is one of the favourite places for visitors to enjoy the services of international standards.

  • Albayt Resort.

It is very close to the beach of Estepona and the Bullring is its central attraction. The hotel has a golf course, tennis court, spa and indoor swimming pools. Visitors can eat seafood and enjoy a variety of fish in the restaurants and bars on the beach, which are only a few minutes away by foot.

Some other hotels are Vasari Apartments Pueblo Andaluz Casares, Costa Estrella Hotel, Hostal Plaza, Casares Rural Hostel, Norris Fowler Apartments, "El Papudo" Apartments and Vista Properties Apartments.

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