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Facing the Mediterranean Sea on the foothills of the Almijara mountain range, some 430 m above sea level, are the whitewashed structures of the mountain village known as Frigiliana.
This enchanting 'pueblo blanco' is just a little over 7 km north of Nerja. After your plane lands at the Malaga International Airport, which is 55 km west of Nerja, you'll need an hour on the road before you can reach the streets of Fragiliana.

Once there, you'll have to walk or get on a mule to go around, as the streets are quite narrow. Along the way, you can find peculiar fountains (ever seen one that doubles as a lamppost right in the middle of the road?), a 17th century church, sloping streets, museums, the town hall, a honey factory and other ancient structures.

Although much of the prevailing ancient structures can be traced to the 16th to 17th century, early civilization in the nearby regions go as far back as 3,000 BC. The village got its name from the Romans, who moved into the territory at around 206 BC.

Frigiliana has a rich Moorish heritage, having been occupied by the Moors sometime in the early 700 AD. Christian occupants took over in 1485, with the Moors then given limited rights and subjected to oppressive actions. A rebellion ensued, ending in a bloody battle on a nearby hill known as El Fuerte in 1569 which left the Moors of La Axarquia totally defeated. Still, the presence of the Arabs has pretty much endured despite the test of time.

Interspersed with the old architecture are cozy restaurants, fascinating shops, and homely hotels with breathtaking views. Basically, almost everything in town - from the street views to the surrounding landscape - are absolutely splendid photography subjects.

Just like any typical mountain village, Frigiliana is crisscrossed with inclined streets, many of which are quite steep. That is why visitors are advised to take special caution when navigating over them especially during rainy days.

Interestingly, it is during these rainy days when Frigiliana dishes, which range from flour tortillas to fresh Mediterranean fish, chorizo, and many more, and accompanied with the locally produced wine, provide the most exquisite gastronomical experience you'll ever encounter.

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