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What to do in Fuengirola

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Fuengirola is a small town about 10km square, which is located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, bordering on the south by the river Fuengirola, west and north by Mijas and northeast Benalmádena. It is about 30kms south-west of the provincial capital, Málaga.

The municipality is part of the Costa del Sol, is about 8 km of coastline and almost the entire surface is urbanized. Its population is over 70,000 inhabitants, which in summer season passes 200,000. It is one of the most populated municipalities of the province and also has an index of foreign residents, mainly from Europe, the highest in Andalucía.

what to do in fuengirola

History of Fuengirola

It was supposedly founded by the Phoenicians and later as the remains found in the area was an Ibero-Punic settlement. In writings of 500 b.C appears as a fortified town with the name of Syalis. In the III century b.C after the defeat of the Carthaginians in the Second Punic War and with the rest of the southern populations of the peninsula it became dominated by the Romans.

After they conquered the city was named Suel. Thanks to its proximity to the Via Augusta Romans made it an important location, becoming a federated town. Its economic development is reflected in the writings of Pliny and Ptolemy and the archaeological remains found in the area.

From V century, due to several factors, including the invasion of the Vandals, subsequently to the Byzantines, Visigoths and also a tsunami, caused the people moved inland in the mountains, leaving a period of almost 200 years without any city information.

After this time, Arabs from North Africa conquered the area, which is now called Suhayl, so call during the Arab domination of the Castle, the river and surrounding area. During the Muslim period, Suhayl had a fairly long term, fertile and well-cultivated farms and abundant large fish in its coastal areas. Was cited as a neat and cultured town, for the most famous poet who was born in it, As-Sohali, who dedicated some verses to contemplate the destruction of the city by fire. Most of the population fled to Mijas, being reduced Suhayl to a small village. It was then renamed Font-jirola, because of the fountain that flowed near the Castle.

In August 1485 the Christian troops conquered the castle, which was just what was there. After the conquest, they tried to repopulate the area, but the lack of land nearby and the threat of North African invasion was to fail to restock, being reduced to a defensive enclosure and coastal surveillance.

This depopulation made the land reserved for Fuengirola, pass to depend on Mijas. In the  XVII century, to remove the threat of Turks and Berbers, started a new urban centre but not the previous settlements, new ones across the river, around a "venta" close to the beach, which served as lodging for carriers and fishermen, suddenly forming a small village, XVIII century.

In May 1841 the Málaga Provincial Council authorized the emancipation of Fuengirola and Mijas Municipality and allowed the creation of their own town halls.

For over a century, the wealth of the new population was agriculture and fishing. At the end of the 30s began to build the first hotels on the coast, increasing considerably in the sixties, transforming completely Fuengirola into a first-order tourist resort.

Monuments in Fuengirola

Few people have an artistic and monumental heritage such as Antequera's, with over fifty civic and religious buildings, as well as archaeological sites.

Castillo Sohail

Located on a hill along the river Fuengirola. Built by Abd ar-Rahman II, X century, on the remains of a Roman fortress. The enclosure is square with towers at the ends, the interior is accessed by a door- tower of the XVI century and in the centre stands the majestic Tribute tower.

It was conquered by Christian troops in 1485, under the command of the Duke of Cadiz, Rodrigo Ponce de León and major reforms were made in the fortress. Later the castle has undergone through two reconstructions, one at the time of Charles I, who built the pit and the other on the XVIII century.

Visiting hours from 10.00 to 18.00 and up to 21.00 in the summer.

castillo sohail

Roman deposit park

"The Secretary" - Located on the banks of the stream Pajares in Los Boliches. It is a valuable archaeological site, the complex has two distinct areas, salting of several basins that are preserved and the other a thermal area, where you can see the details of architecture and decoration of the bathroom of a “Roman villa”. It stands out an arcaded room decorated with mosaics and two furnaces to heat the baths. The interpretive center of the spa-scale reconstructed the different rooms of the Roman baths. Among other valuable remains to be admired, there is a sculpture in marble, popularly known as the"Venus of Fuengirola".

The chronology of the remains shows the ages is between I and V a.D.

 Address.-  Avenida Padre Jesus Captive  s / n.

roman ruins fuengirola

History Museum

Shows an interesting journey through the history of the city through the remains found in the town. The museum is divided into two stages, the old, which presents an exhibition of Phoenicians, Romans and Arabs pieces from nearby urban sites and correspond to the first and second centuries AD. The other shown stage is the modern one, with ethnographic information and equipment exhibition of arts and labours of the city.

The Museum is located in the centre of the city, c / María Josefa Larrucea s / n.

history museum fuengirola

Our Lady of the Rosary Parish Church

It is located in the centre of the city, the present church was built between 1940 and 1950. It deserves a special mention its baroque doorway made with two pilasters and a pediment where there is a niche. In one side of the facade stands a square bell tower. The Church venerates the image of the Virgen del Rosario, patron saint of the town.

parroquia nuestra señora del rosario

Termas de Torreblanca

In an excavation in 1991, they found the remains of a Roman times thermal building. The most important of this finding is the good state of preservation, being one of the most important of the province.

termas de torreblanca

Fuengirola Festivals and Events

Easter Week

The demonstration of popular piety.

Fiestas de San Juan

The magical night, with bonfires and burning of the famous dolls “juas” and spectacular fireworks. Nights of 23rd and 24th  of June.

san juan fuengirola

Fiestas del Carmen 

Seamen pay tribute to their saint patron, the Virgen del Carmen. The image is carried on shoulders by fishermen and sailors, on a tour through Los Boliches beach. It is celebrated on July 16th.

fiestas del carmen fuengirola

Fiestas del Rosario

This festival is done in honour of the Virgin of the Rosary, in these days are celebrated, horse shows, locks contest, bullfights, flamenco sing and dance, plus guaranteed fun in the stands of the fairground. Are held from 6th  to 12th October every year.

fiestas del rosario


Traditional Memorial Day in which the people from Fuengirola go to have lunch to the countryside, it takes place the last day of the fair. It is celebrated every year on the Sunday before the Rosario Fiestas.

International Music Festival 

It takes place annually during the month of July in the Sohail Castle. Always with first-class performances and artists.

International Villages Fair

It has been held since 1994, a large festive gathering, blending culture and tradition of more than 30 countries, in order to show their customs, folklore, gastronomy, and cultural and historical attractions. Held in the Fairground for four days between April and May, admission is free.

feria de los pueblos

Beer Festival

It is held during summer in the grounds of the Sohail Castle. Tents and large tables are installed to sample German dishes and enjoy musical performances in addition to taste the famous Bavarian beer.

Fuengirola Leisure and Entertainment

Bioparc Fuengirola 

Fuengirola’s Zoo is characterized, among other things, for its architectural design called zoo-immersion, which immerses visitors in the recreation of the animal's habitat. The park is divided into three zones, the island of Madagascar, Equatorial Africa and Southeast Asia, where about 250 species live in semi-wild animals. There is also a children's play area, refreshment area and shop. It is the only one in Europe which can be visited at night.

Address- Avenida Camilo José Cela 6 y 8,  Tel. 952666301


Sports Port

Located on the Paseo Marítimo, shares the enclosure with the fishing port. It has 226 berths, a wide mouth of 70mts and an average depth of 6mts. It has all the necessary services for their use and offers the ease of making dolphin-watching cruises, game fishing, diving etc. .., also it has nice terraces and restaurants.

puerto fuengirola

Mini-golf-Adventure Golf

It has a distance of 19 holes, 10 of them with water traps, plus elevation changes and length.

Address- Parque Fluvial Sohail, Tel. 951260067.

Cinemas Alfil 3D

It has 8 rooms. Avda. Camilo José Cela s/n, Tel. 952593587.

Billiards Club Fuengirola 

Paseo Jesús Santos Rein 11, Tel. 952479676.

Fuengirola Beaches

The 8 km of coastline is divided into seven beaches, with calm waters and fine dark sand, all urban and with access to the promenade, they have all the necessary services for their safety and entertainment.

In the years 2009 and 2010 is the only municipality in Spain, where all the beaches have been awarded the "blue flag" and these are:

-Carvajal Beach.- It’s 1.200mts  long, youthful atmosphere, have sports facilities and has six beaches bars.

-Torreblanca Beach .- About 750mts in length, with a family atmosphere and magnificent views of the bay, has 2 beaches bars.

-Los Boliches Beach-Las Gaviotas .- About 1550mts long, it has sports facilities and also a wheelchair accessible area, it has nine beach bars.

-San Francisco Beach.- Around 700mts long, shallow and calm sea, with four beach bars.

-Fuengirola Beach.-  1.000mts long, lies at the heart of the city, is the busiest and it has six beach bars.

-Playa Santa Amalia .- Of about 600mts long, with calm water and close to downtown,  it has three beach bars.

-Playa El Ejido, El Castillo .- 800mts long, situated in a sandy area before crossing the river and near the Sohail Castle, it has two beach bars.

Fuengirola Restaurants

The gastronomic offer in Fuengirola is very varied, with restaurants specializing in all kinds of foods, especially in Andalusian and Mediterranean cuisine. Typical dishes should be noted: the fried fish, the sardines, baked and salt fish, noodle casserole, gazpachuelo, rice or noodles “a banda”, garlic soup with grapes and an endless list of exquisite dishes.

More than 40€

-El Higuerón.- Mediterranean an Asturian cuisine, Autovía Costa del sol km217 (dirección Mijas pueblo), Tel.952119163.

-Orlando.- International cuisine.- Dr. Gálvez Ginachero 9, Tel. 952922700

More than 25€

-Los Marinos José.-Seafood cuisine, Pº Marítimo rey del España 136, Tel. 952661012

-La Langosta.- French cuisine, c/ Francisco Cano 1, Tel. 952475049

-El Caballo.-Home cooking and grilled, Lamo de Espinosa 7, Tel.952582786

-Patrick Bausier.-French cuisine, Pº Marítimo ( Bajos H. Yaramar), Tel. 691483321

-Charolais.- Regional and home coking, c/ Larga 14, Tel. 952475441

-El Paso.- Mexican cuisine, c/ Francisco Cano 39, Tel. 952475094

-Shakespeare.- English cuisine, c/ Juan Sebastián Elcano 4, Tel. 952473630

More than 15€

-Bistro Vegetalia.-Vegetarian cuisine, c/ Santa Isabel 8, Tel. 952586031

-Primavera.-Italian cuisine, Pº Marítimo Rey de España 13, Tel.952476875

-Ku-Damm Berlin.- German cuisine, Puerto Deportivo s/n, Tel. 952472864

-Hermanos Blanco.-Mediterranean cuisine, Pº Marítimo Rey de España s/n Tel.952119299

-Thailanna.-Thais cuisine, c/Francisco Cano 80, Tel.952587139

-Juan Playa.- Seafood cuisine, Pº Marítimo Rey de España 21, Tel. 952660717

-Poncho´s.- Argentinian cuisine, c/ Martínez Catena 24, Tel. 952470695

Tapas Restaurants in Fuengirola

-El Descorche.- c/ San Antonio 15, Tel. 951261045

-Trotamundos.- Camino de la Condesa 3, Tel. 951260044

-Casa Colón.- Plaza de los Chinorros/ calle Troncón 2, Tel. 952197676

-La Taberna del Pintxo.- c/ Hermanos Pinzón s/n, Tel. 952460277

-La Paz Garrido.- Avenida de Mijas1, Tel. 952478341

-Mata Hambre.- c/ San Rafael s/n, Tel. 951262419

-Pica Uva.- Avenida Matías Sáenz de Tejada 1,

-Tipi Tapa.- c/ Málaga 4, Tel. 951311630

-La Tabernita.- c/ San Pancracio 14, Tel. 952667335

Pubs in Fuengirola

-Mediterráneo Terrace-bar.- Two environments, terrace and music, c/ Capitán 8

-El Piso.-Life shows, Avenida de la Estación 1

-Pihama.- Pub, c/ Miguel de Cervantes 14, Tel. 952665094

-La Botica.- Life music, c/ Capitán 14, Tel. 619059302

-London Pub.- English environment, Pº Marítimo/ Martínez Catena

-Coyote Dance.- Disco, c/ Jacinto Benavente s/n, Tel. 951311636

-Old Town Café.- Disco Pub,  Pº Marítimo, complejo  Las Palmeras 1, Tel. 952580739

-Vídeo Café.- Karaoke-bar, c/ Jacinto Benavente s/n, Tel.952471866

Hotels in Fuengirola

4* Hotels

-Yaramar Hotel -Florida Spa .- Paseo Marítimo Rey de España 64, Tel. 952921100

-Beatriz Palace Spa Hotel .- Carretera. 340 Km207, Tel. 952922000

-Las Palmeras Hotel .- Paseo Marítimo Rey de España s/n, Tel. 952472700

-Confortel Fuengirola Hotel .- Paseo Marítimo Rey de España 87, Tel. 952921000

-Angela Playa Hotel .- C/ Jaén 2, Tel. 952475200

3* Hotels  

-Antequera Golf.- Urbanización Santa Catalína s/n Tel. 952704531

-Parador de Antequera.- Paseo García del Olmo s/n Tel. 952840261

-Finca Eslava.- Carre. A 7281 Km4, Tel 952844934

-La Sierra.- Carr A-45 salida 110-112, Tel. 952845410.


2* Hotels 

-Fuengirola Park Hotel Fuengirola Park.- Avenida Torreblanca s/n Tel. 952470000

-El Puerto Hotel.- Paseo Marítimo Rey de España 32, Tel. 952470100

-Gardenia Park Hotel.- Avenida Carvajal 2, Tel. 952660000

-Myramar Fuengirola Hotel.- c/.San Miguel 1,(junto a Centro Comercial) Tel. 952588768

-Villa Laredo Hotel.- Paseo Marítimo Rey de España 42, Tel. 952580167

hotels in fuengirola

Shopping in Fuengirola

Fuengirola is an ideal place to shop, the streets are full of business establishments with a variety of top quality, able to satisfy all the tastes and economies. It also has  "traditional markets" which are:

-Tuesdays Market.- Every Tuesday of the year, except holiday season, it held one of the largest markets of Andalusia. It has around 500 stands, with a variety of products, garments, footwear, sweets, fruits and crafts from different backgrounds. At the Fairground from 9.00 until 14.00 hours.

-Saturdays Market.- Every Saturday except public holidays or during the holidays, we celebrate a "trail" with about 300 stands, where you can find a wide variety of crafts, antiques and second hand. At the Fairground from 9.00 until 14.00 hours.

-Sundays Market.- It is held every Sunday at Méndez Nuñez, in the area of Dña. Sofia’s park. They are concentrated around 150 stands from different countries, including Argentina, France, Italy, Morocco, Senegal etc. With products as varied as handicrafts, leather, ceramics, jewellery, music, gifts etc. ..

Timetable from 9.00 to 14.00.

-Medieval Market .- Under the perfect view of the Sohail Castle and during the summer, in this market, you can find all kinds of products and activities. Allows visitors to see how we're all products produced in old times with an unattended industry.

Transportation in Fuengirola 

Fuengirola is connected via the Mediterranean motorway A7, with all areas of the Costa del Sol, Malaga Airport, Algeciras and Mijas and the Guadalhorce Valley through the provincial network. By suburban railway links the city to Malaga with stops among others, in Benalmadena, Torremolinos and the airport. There is also a shuttle bus and intercity.

Fuengirola Weather

The weather in Fuengirola is Mediterranean subtropical, summers are hot and dry, with temperatures occasionally exceed 35 degrees. The winters are mild and usually without a great number of days with rainfall.

Important Telephone Numbers in Fuengirola 

National Police 091

Civil Guard 062

Emergencies 092

Firefighters 080

Red Cross 902121212

Local Police 952580900

Health Emergencies 061

Tourist Office 952467457

Taxis 952471000

Train Station 902320320

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