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What to do in Mijas


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Quiet and charming, Mijas is one of the various white-washed Andalusian villages in Southern Spain. It is located by the mountainside in the heart of the Costa del Sol region. Nestled by the majesty of its mountains, Mijas lays in a comfortable position of being one of the most sought-after tourist destinations. Backpackers and jet-setters fall in love with its allure and most of them do not find reasons to leave, at all.

Because it's dotted with many wonderful sights, Mijas is home to almost 7, 500 people %u2013 many of them, not Spanish. The town is very accommodating to those who cannot speak the native language and that's the reason why a lot of foreign artists and writers have chosen it as their preferred getaway. What makes the town even more amazing is the fact that though it's industrialization is slowly beginning to awaken, it still has not forsaken its old and grand ways. The relaxing atmosphere of the place invites many to come to it and once there, to stay.

The history, restaurants, hotels, beaches, monuments and museums, and entertainment and shopping centres of the town all add to the increasing number of people who flock to Mijas. The pleasant weather year-round is also another reason for the great number of people finding their way to it and why you should be there yourself.


what to do in mijas


History of Mijas


Much of the interest in Mijas revolves around the town's long and colourful history. And yes, it truly is one of unique interest. Mijas has seen a long succession of kingdoms and rulings. The Tartessians of the Turtedani tribe are believed to be the first settlers in the area. When they left, the Phoenicians and the Greeks took over. Some say that it was during that period that Mijas' precious ores and mines were put to waste. The Romans inherited the town, shortly after. At that time, known as Tamisa or Jamisa, the Romans considered the place as an important trading point because of its close proximity to the road that connected Malaga and Cadiz, two vital commercial centres. Mijas then went under the ruling of the Moors, then two more kings who made it a part of their respective independent kingdoms. And, after that, Catholic kings stepped in and added to the town's rich history. Archaeological findings confirm that settlements have indeed previously existed in Mijas before contemporary times. So, if there's one sure thing to be said about its history, it is that the different groups and civilizations who were once inhabitants of the town definitely contributed to Mijas' culture and traditions.

It is also a legend around the place that around 1586, two children who were tending sheep brought attention to Mijas when they told of an apparition of the Virgin Mary that they witnessed near a shrine that was hidden beneath the old, defensive walls of Mijas. When the local priest tried to check out the two youngsters' claim, the ruins of the ancient Moorish shrine was uncovered. This day's Santuario de la Virgin de la Pena was constructed to pay homage to the sacred vision that once appeared there. Word spread, people heard, many talked and tourists arrived.

Mijas was moulded into the beauty that it is today because of what took place in its past. The events that transpired, the things that occurred and the situations that happened paved the way for Mijas to become the great vacation spot that everyone, especially you, needs to visit right now.


Monuments in Mijas


Mijas is popular not only because of the immediately apparent beauty of the town. It's also well-known for the cultural statues and buildings that are requirements to spice up your vacation if you enjoy the life of the mind. Monuments and museums abound here, and they do for more than fun.

The town hall of Mijas was constructed by Antonio Herrezuelo, an architect who made it clear that a government building doesn't have to look too officious and stuffy. The hall's beautiful marble patio with glorious fountains are the proofs.


The Shrine of the Virgen of the Rock 

It was erected to pay tribute to the statue of the patron saint of Mijas, Virgen de la Pena. The statue was found by a local who was, as legend has it, led to discovering the place because of a dove.

capilla virgen de la roca


Carromato de Max

Carromato de Max holds the collection of the famous hypnotist Juan Elegido Miranda, also known as Professor Max. His museum features pieces from over 50 different countries %u2013 and inside a caravan, amazingly.

The flood of November 2, 1884, left not only unforgettable memories for the locals but also marble rock foundations for the existing fountain benches of the Constitution Square. The marble rocks were crafted into statuesque wonder by the marble cutter Galiano.


carromato de max mijas


The Bullring of Mijas

The bullring of Mijas came into being in 1900 by the relentless petitions of the locals. It was inaugurated on September 8 of the same year, the patron saint day of the town.


bullring mijas


Immaculate Conception Church

The present-day Immaculate Conception Church in Mijas was known as the Parish Church back in earlier times. It features bell towers and frescoes of the apostles that date as far back as the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Built on the exact site of the ancient Moorish castle, the stone building has three Mozarabic naves that are being held up by marble pillars.


The Folk Museum

The Folk Museum houses ethnographic forms of the colourful history of Mijas. The trades and cultural traditions of the town are presented by the museum. Two olive oil mills, a wine bodega, bakery, conventional houses and art exhibits are just some of the museum's wonders.


folk museum mijas


Leisure and Entertainment in Mijas


Life in the town comes alive through a variety of activities that are designed to help you realize that living is one big party, after all.


Flamenco Show 

Flamenco dancing exhibitions out on the patio usually characterizes entertainment in Mijas. Tourists can lounge around in pubs and watch as dancers gyrate to the lively music. These endeavours are extremely fun to witness. And they also serve as peeks into the rich cultural traditions of the people of Mijas.

The Spanish' view of nightlife is of one that starts very late. Here in Mijas, the party starts at twelve. Bars rarely open before eleven o'clock. But the good part is: drinking is permitted until the wee hours of the morning, even until seven o'clock.


Biddy Mulligans

 One such example is Biddy Mulligans. This offers an Irish bar, live bands, televised sporting events, delicious food and karaoke. Those, of course, are very instrumental in recording events and happenings in your memory that can last a lifetime.


Tropico Bar 

 If you're more of the home-by-two-o-clock stock, then you have to go to Tropico Bar in the Calle Reina Fabiola. A very popular beach bar, it serves snacks and light meals like hot dogs and burgers, along with drinks, to ensure that when you do get back to your hotel, you would do so with satisfaction.


Beaches in Mijas 


The town's beaches are one of the reasons why a lot of tourists are going back. Swimming and water sports like jet skiing are wonderful pastimes that you can probably develop during the summer months. On the cold days of winter, Mijas beaches are still worthy to be visited because of the legendary refuge and relaxation that they offer. Walking on the sand will never be as memorable as when you walk on of the beaches here in Mijas.



Calahonda is one long stretch of paradise. With clean sands and the terrific sun, renting sunbeds and parolas are recollections that would feel pleasant when you go down memory lane in the future. It's a classic postcard place that exudes "picturesque" in every part. Arriving early is going to be beneficial, though as a lot of people are known to inhabit the place. Owing, obviously, to its astounding prettiness.

La Cala de Mijas

La Cala de Mijas Resort in the La Cala Hotel is one for the types who have money to burn. Though this resort can get a bit formidable on your credit card, the money will be definitely worth everything. A lovely reception awaits you here. Friendly staff and beautiful rooms suited for the royalty that you are is offered here. The resort also has three golf clubs that are perfect for getting fit.


La Butibamba 

Family vacation? Perfect. La Butibamba should be a part of your itinerary. It's a continuation of the Cala de Mijas beach that has been awarded the European blue flag for its legendary cleanliness. Golden sand, water sports and accommodation for even the disabled make this place one of the most sough-after beaches in town. A lot of families choose to spend their Mijas vacation here and once you check out the place, it's not hard to understand why.


El Faro

If you like it more rugged and you have a passion for fishing, then you must definitely pay a trip to El Faro. Sunbeds are for hire here, too, and bars are open to sweeten your stay. The beach can be viewed from the main road, as well, and it strikes a very stunning sight.


beach mijas


Restaurants in Mijas


In Mijas, you will truly realize why the world perceives food as a heavenly gift. With restaurants that give you breathtaking views of the Mediterranean, the lovely stretch of towns below and the coast, you will absolutely feel like you are being fed by the world's finest.


-If you're looking for romance and warmth, then head on up to Mijas Pueblo. There, you'll find Finca la Capucine, a sweet restaurant with a sweet garden that offers one of the best French cuisines in the entire town. It's only open for dinner, though, so you need to set that date immediately.


-El Mirlo Blanco is a heavenly place that focuses on feeding people with true-blue North Spanish dishes. With its gorgeous terraces and snug interior rooms, it's not hard to enjoy yourself, summer or winter.

-If you're looking for the company of locals and not tourists, Bar Gamba is the place. A traditional bar that serves (on their patio) what everybody thinks to be the best Spanish food in the locality, the place is one of the town's most appealing restaurants.

-Fancy heights? Climb up to Restaurant El Padrasto with its commanding view of the town below. With breathtaking views that are more than picture-perfect, El Padrasto is believed to be one of the best restaurants in the whole Costa del Sol. It boasts of majestic stairs (or a charming lift if you're less apt to walk your way up) and exotic dishes like duck magret smoked in tea.

-If you've just stepped off the bus and you'd like to eat some good and hearty breakfast, Cafe Mijas is the answer. Just a short distance away from the bus stop, it offers amazingly cheap ensembles that are sure to start your day great. It's run by a British couple and they serve fine, fine coffee.

-As pizza is one of the world's must-haves when it comes to quality food, Pizzeria Oscar is a must-visit. Situated atop a mountain that can give you reasons why the world is still a very beautiful place, it provides great Italian cuisines... at reasonable prices.

-Cravings for fresh seafood and traditional tapas would be fulfilled by Bar Bananas in Mijas Costa. It sets prices at a very reasonable rate and it's almost always open, except on Mondays.

-Chiringuito Los Morenos is another beach bar that's far more accommodating to tourists %u2013 in case of closing times. The bar opens at 10 in the evening and closes at 8: 30 in the morning. To pass the time memorably, Mediterranean dishes can be sampled and drinks can drink.

-Located on one of Mijas' busiest beaches, Beach Club La Familia is indeed that ~ a bar for the family. It's open all throughout the day and it has international dishes and drinks on the menu.

-Oscars Tapas Bar, in the heart of Mijas Costa, is another nice option. It dishes out sumptuous treats like prawns in garlic, sardines in vinegar and has a lovely, lovely ambience.


Hotels in Mijas


After you have decided on getting to this lovely town, the next option would be: where to stay. Hotels in Mijas are available for whatever strikes your interest. And they do so without getting heavy on the pocket. To be certain that your decision to spend your holiday here is going to be one memory worth reliving forever and that Heaven on Earth is possible, and all you need is one Mijas hotel.


-Hacienda Puerto del Sol is located just a few kilometres away from one of Mijas' finest beaches. Choosing to stay here means choosing to spend your vacation in an elegant setting surrounded by awesome sceneries from mountains, golf clubs and the coastal area. The traditionally beautiful Andalusian architecture is something that draws guests into its bosom, making them feel truly at home. The hotel also has top-of-the-tier snack bars and a dining room that serve mouth-watering dishes.

-Mijas Hotel is one for both modern comforts and past beauties. Snug and safe, it is more than adequate in dealing with concerns about getting wonderful memories and pictures. Built-in 1972 and refurnished in 2003, the hotel is a haven for comforts and cosiness. Food is available at all hours. And service is truly commendable.

-Beautifully-designed interiors are what El Escudo de Mijas is proud of. The mountains and the sea are easily accessible through this place. A soul search that involves lovely surroundings is something that will always be achievable here. Finding yourself is best done while being inside this hotel. It's a perfect place to enjoy and mull over the wonders of your existence.

-The Hotel Tamisa Golf is a sanctuary that will not only fulfil your need for physical aesthetics but wellness pursuits as well. Situated around very, very, very stunning works of beauty, the hotel has conference rooms that can host your most ideal, dream wedding. Jacuzzis and gymnasiums are also present to ensure that your figure is going to be another beautiful view around town. And international and local Spanish cuisines are found here, too. Truly, it's a place that's worth anyone's visit.

mijas hotels


Shopping in Mijas


As any self-respecting tourist, a vacation won't be considered well-spent without mementoes and souvenirs of the trip. Thankfully, Mijas has several souvenir shops that are guaranteed to help you remember the good time that you had here.

Taking the road less travelled by will take you to a handful of upscale stores where Lladro pieces are available at considerably cheaper prices. The side streets of Mijas all offer things like olive oil products and high-quality leather goods that would make shopping an even more fun idea.


-Tickled Pink is a shop in downtown Mijas Pueblo that sells all sorts of jewellery %u2013 from the chunky chic to the high fashioned. Swarovsky-inspired collections are also present, here. Betty Boop figures and bags are sold, too. The shop even gas magnetic health jewellery that is deemed to add healthy points to your well-being. It's a very fun shop (designed in screaming pink) that provides tourists with every bit of the unusual and the lovable.

Carpets are your thing? Go to Constitution Square. Morrocan rugs and other types of carpets practically hang from the shops' roofs. Jewellery and leather are also here on the shops along the square.

Diamond and Jewelry Center downtown has jewellery that is all 18-k gold materials. But, asking their very friendly and warm staff to especially design jewellery according to your wishes is not impossible. Here, you'll find that they are indeed at your command.

-Pining for traditional ceramics? Artesania de España deserves a visit from you. They sell products that came from many parts of the globe. And they're all in dandy conditions with stellar qualities.

Craft shops also abound everywhere in Mijas. Selling things that range from postcards to magnets, they're one of the cheapest around town. Scarves and shawls are the primary bestsellers in these shops, as they're often the most admirable.

-Lastly, El Corte Ingles is the town's premier shopping centre. Everything and really everything is sold in this place. Top brands in all areas such as clothing, home furnishings, accessories, jewellery and others are all gathered in this shop. Truly great finds can be found here.

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