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What to do in Periana


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It is a municipality in the province of Malaga, in the region of Alta-Axarquia, situated on the slopes of the Sierra de Alhama about 550mts height and at 55kms from Malaga city. It has an area of about 58kms2 with a population of more than 3,600 inhabitants.



Due to its location in a valley facing the sea, it eases the precipitation that increases towards the mountains, allowing you to enjoy a Mediterranean climate while still inside the province, this microclimate makes it rain more in the mountains that on the coast. Its average temperature, 16 °C, is not as cold as correspond to a place nearby mountains 600 meters and a height of 2.000mts, rainfall is around about 620 l/m2 year.


what to do in periana


History of Periana


The origin of Periana it is not contrasted, although Neolithic remains have been found in the Cerro de Alcolea and cave paintings in the Village of Marchamonas, as some traces of the passage of the Romans and Visigoths. At the time of Arab domination, there was a farmhouse with two defensive settlements, including one called Pereiro, which led to its name, until 1761 when it gained independence and became considerate as a municipality.

The so-called "Andalusian Earthquake" that took place on 25th December 1884 caused dozens of victims and destroyed almost the whole town, that is why it does not have buildings of great historical value, it is all the result of reconstruction. Its economy is currently based on olive crops and peach, considered by the most as the best in Spain.


Monuments and Festivals in Periana


Monuments in Periana


-San Isidro Labrador Church.- The present church is from the XIX century, neo-Mudejar style, the one before was destroyed by the earthquake of 1,884. It has three naves, the central is much wider than the aisles, separated by arches resting on cast-iron pillars, the aisles are covered with false ribbed vaults, calls attention to the interior flooring, made with small pieces of terrazzo polychrome geometric form. The main façade in brick takes you to the temple through an arch, on which rest two horseshoe arches and next to a triangular pediment.

-Vilo Baths.- Arab bath with sulfide and nitrogen water at a constant temperature of about 21ºC. It is located about 2 km from the population.

-Cerro de Capellanía.- Located on the banks of the River Guaro, in it are vestiges of the Neolithic period to the I century, of three different cultures, from the remains of a Neolithic settlement in the pre-Roman and Roman cultures, with paved streets and house walls.

-Market.- Held every Wednesday morning.


monuments periana


Periana Festivals 


-San Isidro Labrador.- Festivities in honour of the town's patron held on May 13th, 14th, 15th and 16th. The pilgrimage takes place on May 22nd and 23rd.

-Verdial Oil Day.- Provincial Tourist Festival is celebrated on April 11th. Peach Day.- Held the last Saturday of July.

-August Fair.- Held the third weekend of August.

-Cultural Week.- Held the 2nd weekend in November, it has a food festival, exhibitions, musical performances, folk choirs, folk dancing, etc.


Restaurants in Periana


Periana's cuisine is varied and with the advantage that every dish has the flavour that gives the Verdial oil, first product of the town and one of the best in the world, the highlight dishes are, "gazpachuelo", asparagus soup, crumbs, "cachorreñas", "morretes", pecorino and we can not forget the peaches.


More than 15€


-El Caserón del Guaro.- Home cooking cuisine, Nacimiento del Guaro 12, Tel. 952033600.

-Las Mayoralas.- Internacional cuisine.- c/ Las Mayoralas s/n, Tel. 951167941.

-Verdugo.-Home cooking cuisine, Camino de Vélez s/n. Tel. 952536069.


restaurants periana


Hotels in Periana


-Villa Turística de la Axarquia.-Rural House 3 stars, Cortijo Blanco s/n, Tel. 952537134.

-Rural House Azahar.- Crta. Torre del Mar 1, Tel. 952703048.

-Pensión La Giralda.- Camino de Vélez 32, Tel. 952536047.


periana hotels


Useful Telephone Numbers in Periana



Civil Guard.............. 952536017.

Local Police............652947227.

Tourism Office.......952536167.

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