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What to do in Rincon de la Victoria 

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Rincon de la Victoria is a coastal municipality only a few kilometres east of Malaga. In fact, it is just approximately 31 km from Malaga Airport. Today, it is one of the favourite residential areas of people who work in Malaga but want nice sandy beaches easily accessible when they feel the need to unwind.

Apparently, it is not only the people of Malaga who have discovered this beach haven, which stretches to an impressive 9 km. Spaniards from all over the country and even foreigners flock to the alluring coast of Rincon de la Victoria during the hot Summer months.

Originally just a fishing village, Rincon de la Victoria is now sprawling with apartments and other multi-story buildings. Here, you’ll find lots of upscale hotels, bars and restaurants, an indication that it is now truly a premier tourist destination. Tourism has contributed substantially to the town’s prosperity and is one factor why the population here, which is now over 38,600, continues to grow at a rapid pace.

Some 20 km east of this town, is another beach-bum sanctuary - Torre del Mar. Don’t be deceived by the terms “sanctuary” or “haven” because these towns are teeming with party people particularly during the peak months. During such months, the nights in these towns are utterly full of life.

In the past, Rincon de la Victoria’s main tourist attraction was not its beaches. Rather, it was its historical monuments like the Bezmiliana fortress, the El Cantal and Benagalbon watchtowers, the churches of Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria and Nuestra Señora del Carmen, as well as the caves of El Tesoro and La Victoria.

Palaeolithic wall paintings discovered in the El Tesoro and Bronze Age relics discovered in La Victoria tells us that the history of this town dates way back to prehistoric times. Like many towns in the region, formal settlement started when the Phoenicians arrived. They were followed by the Romans, then the Moors.

The Moors ruled here for quite a while but were eventually driven away during the Reconquista, a period that stretched for hundreds of years.

what to do in rincon de la victoria

History of Rincon de la Victoria

The history of Rincon de la Victoria can be traced back to prehistoric times. This has been proven based on the Paleolithic wall paintings in the El Tesoro cave as well as the Bronze Age relics that were found in the La Victoria cave. This is also consistent with other archaeological finds in other caves in the province of Malaga.

Also consistent with other finds in other towns in the province are traces of Phoenician and Roman settlers. The Phoenicians may have arrived first, at about 550 BC. They settled at the Loma de Benagalbon. When the Romans came, they chose to live in the same place, as evidenced by the remnants of mosaics and bathhouses, which were typical Roman structures.

It is not clear whether the Romans or the Phoenicians were the first to build the original fortress, but there is a reason to believe that there once existed a fortress built to protect the village from seafaring invaders. This fortress was further enhanced by the Moors, who then called the place Bezmiliana.

Ancient Bezmiliana was believed to have a fishing port, a central village, a mosque, and a defensive wall. All that remains of this ancient place is a small area called El Castellon.

At the height of the Reconquista, a long period (lasting almost 800 years) wherein Christian forces fought to drive away from the Moors from the Iberian Peninsula, the advancing Christian troops found the practically deserted. In the early 1500s, the Christians tried to repopulate the area starting with 120 people but these villagers eventually left during the plague epidemic.

It was only in the late 1700s when a new settlement began to form. This was the one that gave birth to the town’s main source of livelihood, fishing. For a long time, Rincon de la Victoria was known as a fishing village. During those times, the locals kept the tranquil beaches all to themselves.

But when the residents of Malaga started coming for short weekend breaks, word of the alluring sandy beaches of Rincon de la Victoria started to spread. The rest, as they say, is history.

Monuments and Museums in Rincon de la Victoria

Rincon de la Victoria has a handful of monuments worth visiting. Among them are:

-El Tesoro cave - “Tesoro” means treasure. Although the prehistoric wall paintings of animals and ceramic products found there are certainly historical treasures, the cave’s name isn’t attributed to them. Rather, it was called the “treasure cave” because people believed Tasulin, an emperor during the 7th Century, hid his treasure there.

-La Victoria cave - Bronze Age relics were unearthed here. It is believed that more artefacts may have been stored within its walls but unfortunately ended up in the hands of farmers and other locals, who took them as souvenirs.

-Fortaleza de Bezmiliana - This old fortress was constructed to defend the village from English invaders. The original internal structure was actually different from what you’ll see today. Today’s Fortaleza de Bezmiliana is a result of a major restoration and enhancement in 1992, from which sprouted the exhibition centre and other specialized rooms.

-El Cantal and Benagalbon watchtowers - These two were part of the defensive structures built to protect the villagers from sea invaders and are still in good condition.

-Iglesia de Nuestra Señora del Carmen - This church, which was built in 1892, is dedicated to the town’s patron saint. It houses three naves and is highlighted by a prominent bell tower outside.

-Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria - Inside this 16th church you’ll find murals of the world-renowned painter, Francisco Hernandez.

As for museums, we suggest you head back to Malaga where you’ll find no less than world-renowned establishments. Among them are those featuring the works of Pablo Picasso. Some of the premier museums there include the following:


* Museo Picasso de Malaga along Calle San Agustín (Phone: 952 602 731),

* Fundacion Pablo Ruiz Picasso along Plaza de la Merced (Phone: 952 060 215),

* Museo Municipal de Malaga along Paseo de Reding (Phone: 952 225 106),

* Museo de la Archicofradía de la Esperanza along Calle San Jacinto (Phone: 952 612 776),

* Museo Tesoro de la Cofradía de La Expiración along Plaza de Enrique Navarro (Phone: 952 360 271), and

* Museo Flamenco Juan Breva along Calle Picador (Phone: 952 210 876)

monuments in rincon de la victoria


Entertainment in Rincon de la Victoria 

Tired of basking under the hot Mediterranean sun? Here are some of the things you can also do for some adventure-packed, fun-filled, or relaxing Rincon de la Victoria entertainment.

Outdoor sports

The surrounding towns of Rincon de la Victoria have rugged landscapes that are ideal for horseback riding, mountain biking, quad tours, rock climbing, fishing, and others. You can inquire from your hotel’s front desk whether they offer such services or if they know how to contact the appropriate agencies. If these outdoor activities are too stressful for you, then you may head out to the fairways of the Añoreta Golf Course. It’s just a few kilometres from the centre of town.

Touring historical sites

Would you rather take part in stress-free activities? In that case, touring historical sites is one of your best options.

Although much of the attention these days has already gone to Rincon de la Victoria’s beaches, this place actually has a rich historical background. Unfortunately, many of the monuments haven’t been well-preserved. The few that are still in good condition include the El Tesoro cave, Fortaleza de Bezmiliana, the El Cantal and Benagalbon watchtowers, the Iglesia de Nuestra Señora del Carmen, and Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria.

Alternatively, you can also drive to nearby Malaga and visit world-renowned museums like the Museo Picasso de Malaga, Fundacion Pablo Ruiz Picasso, Museo Municipal de Malaga, Museo de la Archicofradía de la Esperanza, or the Museo Tesoro de la Cofradía de La Expiración, among others.

Bar hopping

When the sun starts to set and you still have some extra energy, then you might want to indulge in some Costa del Sol nightlife. The entertainment level in Rincon de la Victoria during summer nights is always high, with bars, pubs, and discos in full swing. If you’ll be in town only for a few days, then bar-hopping is the best solution. That way, you can sample many establishments in just one night. There are bars with live bands, LCD TVs featuring popular sporting events, or dance floors. Get the fill of your favourite alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage plus some delectable tapas.

entertainment rincon de la victoria

Beaches in Rincon de la Victoria

Every year, tourists from all over Spain and around the world gather on the sands of the Rincon de la Victoria beaches. It is these beaches, not the historical spots, that draw visitors in droves.

For your stay, you may check-in at hotels like Rincon Sol, Elimar, Apartments Añoreta, Calabahia, and many others. Most of these hotels feature fantastic views of the beachfront. However, if you want a change of scenery at the end of the day, there are also rural hotels like Hotel Molino de Santillan that are situated inland.

Some of the popular beaches in Rincon de la Victoria are:

-Playa Cala del Moral - Composed mainly of a mixture of gravel and sand, this dark-coloured beach stretches 1300 m long and 40 m wide. The visitor population here is quite high and has provisions to be accessible even by people with disabilities. Its parking area is located near the urban centre of the town.

-Playa Los Rubios - Located near the Jewish community in Rincon de la Victoria, Los Rubios covers a length of 1100 m and an average width of 20 m. The visitor population here is relatively lower than in Cala del Moral.

-Playa Rincon de la Victoria - From the name alone, you can deduce that this is the main beach in town. It is also the largest, stretching up to a width of 30 m and an impressive length of 3600 m. As expected, the visitor population in this dark-coloured beach is high.

-Playa Torre de Benagalbon - This beach is actually a portion of Playa Rincon de la Victoria that isn’t accessible from the promenade. It is only 700 m long and 25 m wide. The place, which has a relatively lower visitor population, is only less than 500 m away from the historic Tower of Benagalbon.

Other neighbouring beaches include the following: La Araña, Fabrica del Cemento, Peñon del Cuervo, El Palo, El Candado, Chilches, and El Chanquete. Some of them are on the Eastern side of Malaga, the provincial capital. There are also equally beautiful beaches East of Rincon de la Victoria, in the town of Torre del Mar.

beaches rincon de la victoria


Restaurants and Bars in Rincon de la Victoria 

Restaurants in Rincon de la Victoria

Mainly because of the town’s location, most Rincon de la Victoria Restaurants specialize in seafood. This is actually something you should really be looking forward to because this part of the Mediterranean Sea, which is near the opening that meets the Atlantic, is teeming with fish and other edible sea creatures of different varieties.

Some visitors swear the seafood in this region is endowed with uniquely delicious flavours. This is attributed to the exchange of bodies of water between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. Here are some of the restaurants where you can sample that much-touted unique taste.

-La Cristalera - Actually part of the hotel along the coastal road Avenida del Mediterraneo, this restaurant offers Spanish cuisine and seafood specialities. They take pride in their cooking style, which is devoid of artificial flavours. Some of the items on their menu are paella, grilled meat and fish, tapas, chocolate mousse, and egg custard. (phone: 952 403 964‎)

-Casa Diego - This place is located in Cala del Moral, no more than 3 km west of Rincon de la Victoria. Here, the speciality is Mediterranean cuisine. They also serve different kinds of seafood, tapas, and their own desserts. Some of their tables are set on the terrace, which offers a fantastic view of the ocean. (phone: 952 404 693)

-Elimar - Like La Cristalera, this restaurant is located along the scenic Avenida del Mediterraneo and also part of a hotel. You can enjoy your meal, which is mainly a seafood cooked Mediterranean style. (phone: 952 401 366)

I’m sure you’ll come to a point when you can’t take any more seafood and start craving for other kinds of dishes. That’s why we’ve included a few more Rincon de la Victoria Restaurants on this list.

-Estacion Termino - This is where you can find International cuisine. You’ll find this place at Plaza del Señorio. (phone: 952 401 096)

-Pizzeria Pronto Pizza - Want some delectable Italian food? You can find this fast food along Avenida del Mediterraneo (phone: 952 970 206)

-Paraiso de China - As the name suggests, this place, which is again found in the same coastal road, is where you can savour Chinese cuisine. (phone: 952 403 421)

Pubs and Bars in Rincon de la Victoria 

There’s only one time of the year when Rincon de la Victoria pubs and bars can really make a killing. During summer, when the tourists and party people arrive, these establishments spring to life. Here are some pubs and bars that are most frequented:

-Casa Diego - Situated in Cala del Moral, a small community about 3 km west of Rincon de la Victoria, this resto bar serves a wide variety of seafood and other kinds of Mediterranean cuisine. They’ve got a nice terrace facing the ocean, so you can chat, dine, and drink with your companions as the soothing Mediterranean breeze blows by. (phone: 952 404 693)

-Polinesian Bar Aloha - You’ll find this place with a thatch-roofed (made up of straw) terrace at the intersection of Av. de Malaga and Avenida de Manuel Altolaguirre. It’s a fenced property with a prominent white and yellow sign jutting out the corner of the street. They serve muscat wine and have a wide selection of delectable tapas. (phone: 952 408 351)

-The Temple Bar - Located along the scenic Avenida del Mediterráneo, this establishment takes pride in being dubbed a Guinness Official Irish Pub. They also feature live band music here. (phone: 952 973 929).

-La Galeria Cafe-Bar - If you’re the type who prefers a relatively tranquil atmosphere while drinking your choice of alcoholic beverage, this place should be appropriate to your tastes. Located along Avenida del Mediterraneo, La Galeria exudes an executive-like ambience. (phone: 952 972 129‎)

-Konarte - A walk along the middle segment of Paseo Maritimo Virgen del Carmen will lead you to this resto-bar. You may choose to drink either inside the premises or beside the street, where you can sample the Mediterranean breeze. (phone: 952 408 877‎)

There are actually many more pubs and bars in Rincon de la Victoria. Most of the good ones are found near the beach. Drinks are typically best enjoyed with mouth-watering tapas. These are bite-sized finger-foods that are either served as appetizers or snacks. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to get some of these for free.

Hotels in Rincon de la Victoria  

The combined presence of sprawling sandy beaches and historical sites like the El Tesoro cave, Fortaleza de Bezmiliana, El Cantal and Benagalbon watchtowers, and the churches of Nuestra Señora del Carmen and Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria, has allowed commercial establishments to thrive well in Rincon de la Victoria. Hotels are certainly among the most benefited.

Some of the premier hotels in town are the following:

-Hotel Rincon Sol - Found along the scenic coastal road, Avenida del Mediterraneo, this hotel is strategically located just a few meters from the beach. This establishment offers 24-hour room service, handicap access routes, parking, satellite/cable TV, Internet access, and an on-site restaurant, among others. Rooms are each equipped with a terrace facing the beach. (phone: 952 401 100‎)

-Hotel Elimar - Also located along Avenida del Mediterraneo, this three-star hotel features an on-site restaurant, WiFi Internet, parking space, terraces, elevator, and function rooms. There are 70 rooms all in all for lodging and each one is equipped with a hairdryer, air-conditioning, bathroom, satellite TV, and direct dial telephone, among others. (phone: 952 401 366‎)

-Hotel Apartments Añoreta - Located near the Añoreta Golf Club, this place is the perfect jump-off point if you want to explore neighbouring Malaga towns like Frigiliana or Nerja. In addition to the usual facilities and amenities, this hotel also has an outdoor pool and sun terrace, complete with relaxing loungers. (phone: 952 218 945)

-Hotel Calabahia - With its modern, glass exterior, it would be hard not to notice this hotel along C/ Manuel Férnandez Moreno. This chic establishment’s amenities include a bar/cafe, business centre, children’s playground, Internet centre, and BBQ facilities. There are 95 rooms in all, each equipped with a bathroom, bathtub, TV, and air conditioning. (phone: 952 971 685)

-Hotel Molino de Santillan - Need more privacy? Perhaps you should try this establishment then. Molino de Santillan is a rural hotel north of the coast, along Ctra de Macharaviaya Km 3. It features cosy bedrooms with a terrace, a beautiful garden with outdoor dining areas, and a homely restaurant warmed by a burning fireplace. (phone: 952 400 949).

rincon de la victoria hotels

Shopping in Rincon de la Victoria

You’ll have no problem when it comes to your Rincon de la Victoria shopping needs. First, the town itself, being a popular tourist destination, has a sufficient number of shops. Then if you’re not contented with what they have, you can easily drive to Malaga, the provincial capital. Barring traffic, it will take only 20 minutes to get there.

Malaga has some really big shopping centres. But try to explore the streets of Rincon de la Victoria first. Chances are, they’ll have everything you’ll need. Here are some shops to start with:

-Mercadona - Almost all towns in Malaga have an outlet of this popular supermarket chain. The branch in Rincon de la Victoria can be found along Avenida de Cotomar. This is where you can find a large selection of grocery items and personal products. (phone: 952 972 156)

-Supersol - This is another supermarket you might want to check out. It’s located right beside Plaza de Don Antonio Estrada, adjacent to the church. (phone: 952 408 044‎)

-Bodegas Antonio Muñoz - Spain is home to some of the best vineyards in the world, so you might want to buy some wine while you’re here. Bodegas Antonio Muñoz is a frequently visited winery that sells wines packaged in special gift boxes or even personalized packages. You’ll find it right behind the town hall. They also offer different kinds of liqueurs, alcoholic and even non-alcoholic beverages. (phone: 952 400 594‎)

-Extreme - If you’re looking for sporting goods, you might want to drop by this place along the busy street of Avenida del Mediterráneo. It’s in front the La Cristalera Restaurant, which is situated in the sea-facing side of the road. Avenida del Mediterráneo is a bustling thoroughfare with lots of shops, cafes, and other commercial establishments. (phone: 952 425 897‎)

-Floristeria Ramiflor - Do you need some flowers for a special occasion? Your spouse might be celebrating her birthday or it might be your anniversary while you’re visiting Rincon de la Victoria. This florist along Avenida de Malaga comes highly recommended. You can buy different kinds of Mediterranean flowers presented in beautiful arrangements.

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