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Rincon de la Victoria

Rincon de la Victoria is a coastal municipality only a few kilometers east of Malaga. In fact, it is just approximately 31 km from the Malaga Airport. Today, it is one of the favourite residential areas of people who work in Malaga but want nice sandy beaches easily accessible when they feel the need to unwind.

Apparently, it is not only the people of Malaga who have discovered this beach haven, which stretches to an impressive 9 km. Spaniards from all over the country, and even foreigners, flock to the alluring coast of Rincon de la Victoria during the hot Summer months.

Originally just a fishing village, Rincon de la Victoria is now sprawling with apartments and other multi-story buildings. Here, you’ll find lots of upscale hotels, bars and restaurants, an indication that it is now truly a premier tourist destination. Tourism has contributed substantially to the town’s prosperity and is one factor why the population here, which is now over 38,600, continues to grow at a rapid pace.

Some 20 km east of this town, is another beach-bum sanctuary - Torre del Mar. Don’t be deceived by the terms “sanctuary” or “haven” because these towns are teeming with party people particularly during the peak months. During such months, the nights in these towns are utterly full of life.

In the past, Rincon de la Victoria’s main tourist attraction was not its beaches. Rather, it was its historical monuments like the Bezmiliana fortress, the El Cantal and Benagalbon watchtowers, the churches of Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria and Nuestra Señora del Carmen, as well as the caves of El Tesoro and La Victoria.

Paleolithic wall paintings discovered in the El Tesoro and Bronze Age relics discovered in La Victoria tells us that the history of this town dates way back to prehistoric times. Like many towns in the region, formal settlement started when the Phoenicians arrived. They were followed by the Romans, then the Moors.

The Moors ruled here for quite a while but were eventually driven away during the Reconquista, a period that stretched for hundreds of years.

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