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What to do in Yunquera

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Using Malaga (the provincial capital) as your point of origin, the town of Yunquera can be reached either by way of the A-357 and A-354, which will take you through Cerralba, Zalea, and Calcunes, or by way of the A-357 and A-366, which will take you through Villafranco de Guadalhorce, Urbanizacion Sierra Gorda, and Benitez. Both routes are about 61 km long and will require about an hour and 10 minutes to traverse.

Yunquera’s Moorish origins are evident in its narrow, inclined streets and the whitewashed walls of its structures. The town has an area of only 55 sq. Km, a population of about 3,300, and is perched at an altitude of 681 meters. It is the most populated town in the Sierra de las Nievas.

what to do in yunquera

Yunquera History

The earliest inhabitants of Yunquera may very well have been the Romans since you would have to pass by this town to get to Ronda, which is known to have been inhabited by the Romans. After the Romans, the next large body of occupants were the Moors.

The winding, steep, and narrow streets, plus the whitewhashed buildings and the Arabian shrine offer proofs of the town’s Moorish past. The shrine is perched on a hill, a mile or so along the road to Ronda. Yunquera fell into Christian hands sometime in 1485, about the same year that Ronda was captured.


Monuments and Museums in Yunquera

There are many ancient monuments and museums in Yunquera that are worth visiting. There’s la torre vigía (the watchtower), which served as an important lookout post of the Spanish troops who fought against Napoleon during the Spanish War of Independence.

Another important historical monument is the Iglesia parroquial de la Encarnación, a 16th Century Baroque-style church. It underwent a major restoration in the 18th Century. Other tourist spots are the La Ermita, Finca de la Puente, Casa de Zola, and the murallas medievalles, among others.

monuments yunquera

Entertainment in Yunquera

Being a small rural town and hence far from the influence of commercialization, Yunquera still retains much of its traditional customs and practices. Thus, if you want a taste of old Spanish culture, you can find it here.

You may take part in the town’s annual festivals, which are held in different months throughout the year. Among these festivals are the Carnavales (Carnival), Semana Santa (Holy Week), Corpus Cristi, Los San Juanes, Fiesta de la Virgen del Carmen, and Fiesta de la Virgen del Rosario.

Although most of these events are celebratory in nature, there are others (like those held during Semana Santa) that are deeply solemn.


Restaurants and Bars in Yunquera

Probably because of the relatively small population, many restaurants here also double as bars/pubs at night. Some of the most frequently visited of these establishments are Bar Quini, Don Serrano, El Abanico, El Castillo, Juanma, La Cabaña, Merino, Pedro, and Miguel Miguelin.

Traditional Yunquerano cooking is characterized by the use of olive oil, which is very abundant in the area. Other frequently used ingredients are seasonal fruits, almonds, figs, asparagus, mushrooms, thistles, and berries. Stewed or roasted rabbit or partridges are also common.

A typical meal can consist of any of the following: tomato soup, la pirriñaca, carragia, dumplings, embutidos, pastries, cattle meat, lamb, venison, vegetables, and wine. Alcoholic drinks are mostly accompanied by bit-sized finger foods known as tapas.

restaurants yunquera

Hotels in Yunquera

Yunquera is about an hour drive from Malaga. so if that’s too far for you, then perhaps you’d like to spend the night in town after a day of touring. Some of the best hotels, B&Bs, and pension houses in the area are the following:

Asencio - Located in the central district, this hotel has 9 rooms, a parking area, a lounge, and an on-site restaurant/bar. This establishment accepts credit cards. (phone: 952482716)

Majada de Don Juan - This B&B is a restored old house located some 2.5 km from the town proper. It has a fantastic view of the surrounding terrain, a bar-BQ area, a pool, a fireplace, and can accommodate 4 people. (phone: 952276229)

La Zarzuela - Located some 3.5 km from the town proper, this place is actually a compound consisting of 3 separate houses, all sharing a common pool. It has a bar-BQ area, a fireplace, TV, and can accommodate 6 guests. Pets are also allowed. (phone: 952276229)

hotels in yunquera

Shopping in Yunquera

There are a few little shops in town. Still, you might want to drive to nearby larger towns like Coin or Pizarra for your groceries, medicines, and personal items. If you want really big shopping centres or malls, then head straight to Malaga.


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