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Every year the city of Torremolinos celebrates, in September, its traditional festivities in honour of its patron saint, San Miguel Arcangel. The city is decorated to receive the thousands of visitors who come every year to celebrate for a few days. The Costa del Sol, in addition to its good weather, has many traditions and cultural activities throughout the year.

Torremolinos Fair 2019


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Where is the Torremolinos Fair?

The Torremolinos festivities have two different stages:

On the one hand, there is the Day Fair that takes place in the streets of the city center. There you can enjoy music, food and drink during the day.

On the other hand, the Night Fair takes place in the Real of San Miguel, in its stalls you can have a good time dancing with friends. There are many stalls that offer activities for adults or concerts. In addition, as every fair has attractions for children.

Thinking about the enjoyment of the youngest, one day during the fair the attractions lower their price. This year’s Boys and Girls Day will be Monday the 30th.

When is the Torremolinos Fair?

This year the fair will take place from 26th to 30th September. A perfect date to enjoy the town without the intense heat of last months. The city receives thousands of tourists willing to enjoy its festivals and its culture.

San Miguel Pilgrimage

Days before the beginning of the Torremolinos Fair, the Torremolinos Pilgrimage is celebrated in honour of its patron saint, San Miguel. This event is considered of national tourist interest.

The Pilgrimage of San Miguel is the second Pilgrimage of Andalusia, only behind the Rocío. On the 22nd of September, pilgrims will gather with hundreds of ox and horse carts. It is estimated that more than 200,000 people come each year to the Church of San Miguel, beginning their journey in the city center.

This year there are 18 ox carts and 39 tractors.

This Pilgrimage is the prelude to the festive days for the people of Torremolinos, days in which the atmosphere is concentrated in the streets, taking advantage to share dances, wines and typical foods.

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Torremolinos Popular Festivals

The big city day will be September 29th. The acts of that day begin in the morning in honor of San Miguel, with a sung mass by the choir at 12 noon.

In the afternoon, the celebration of the Floral Offering takes place, after which the faithful accompany the image of the saint in procession, walking through the main street of the city.

Torremolinos Concerts

Many people are waiting for these dates to enjoy good music in the festivities of San Miguel in Torremolinos. This year they have artists like Maldita Nerea, Mario Díaz, The Travellers or Ángeles González.
The music doesn’t end there, in the booths you can also enjoy live music during the Torremolinos fair, groups from all over the province such as Mitad Doble, Sonido Internacional, Don Trápala, the Metropolis Orchestra, some rocieros choirs and many more artists.
There is also room for humour at the Torremolinos festivities, and the comedians Manu Sánchez and Pepe “El caja” will be in the town during these days.

Lighting Torremolinos Fair

As every year the Torremolinos Fair will have its traditional lighting. It is characteristic of large fairs has already become a tourist attraction during those days. In addition, prizes will be awarded to the Queen of children and young people and their ladies in waiting as well as to the best wagons and tractors of this pilgrimage held in the city on 22 September.



Without a doubt a very special week for all those people from Torremolinos who live these days with special devotion. . Also, as you have seen the city offers activities for all audiences and tastes, taking into account activities for all ages. Undoubtedly the cultural agenda of Torremolinos for the fair is very broad.

Torremolinos Fair Poster


torremolinos fair posterSource: Torremolinos Town Hall 


Do you want to go to the fair? You can rent your car at Malaga airport or Marbella. If you stay in the city center, there are many options such as going for stroll on its streets or having a drink in one of the terraces of Malaga.

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