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Did you just get your driving license and need some tricks for novice drivers? ✅ Follow these 5 safety tips for beginners.

Lack of experience, insecurity and fear, are factors that cause new drivers incorrect reactions and risks on the road. Respecting speed, checking other driver’s skills, paying attention to traffic lights and pedestrians are some of the road safety rules that you must consider while driving, but this is only acquired with time and experience.

For those novice drivers who drive a car for the first time after getting their driver’s license, we want to mention some trick for novice drivers that will help you drive safely.

some tricks for novice drivers


5 tricks for novice drivers

To reduce the risk of accidents in novice drivers and gain safety, follow these tips:

First trick for novice drivers: comfortable driving

To maintain safely while driving, it is essential that you are sitting correctly, in order to do this, adjust the seat according to your height. Make sure you reach the pedals perfectly to drive and that you are at the right height to see the road correctly.

Once you have adjusted the seat, put on the seat belt and adjust the rear view mirrors to see the blind spots of the car. When you have completed all these steps, you will be ready to go driving.

It is important to remember that it is forbidden to drive with coats or jackets that make us uncomfortable while driving. In winter, put the heating and forget the coat to drive. The same applies to footwear, we must drive with shoes adjusted to the foot that is comfortable. In summer, it is forbidden to drive with flip flops, as it can cause serious risks on the road.

novice driver tricks


If you are a new driver, practice in familiar areas

If you still do not feel safe while driving, avoid areas that are often very congested by traffic or unknown areas. A trick for novice drivers, is to practice in familiar areas, easy and convenient to get experience.

For this, a good option is to circulate in parking areas that are empty, so you can practice with the pedal set and the steering wheel turning. It is also advisable to drive in towns or areas of the city that are less visited and at times where there is little traffic.

trick for novice driver


Comply with the safety rules for beginners

Complying with safety regulations is the basis of safe driving. Take advantage of the fact that you have just got your driver’s license and all the driving concepts you studied remain fresh to put into practice.

Driving is not an easy task, especially for novice drivers, so it is essential to pay special attention on the road and maintain the maximum concentration possible, especially in the city, to not miss any detail, and thus, avoid road hazards.

Some tips for beginner drivers that you should keep in mind: do not exceed the allowed speed, always keep the safety distance to avoid accidents, respect all traffic signs on the road and be careful with pedestrians and other drivers.

tips for beginner drivers


Do not drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs

We already know that driving is not compatible with alcohol and drugs, however little it is consumed. It is proven that alcohol and driving are not good companions, since they reduce the ability to drive. When alcohol is absorbed in blood, the movements and reactions are slower, which increases the difficulty of concentration.

In Spain, it is forbidden to drive with a blood alcohol level higher than 0.25 mg / l. In case of novice drivers, this rate is reduced to 0.15 mg / l. Exceeding this rate leads to a loss of points and a fine of up to € 500.

One of the tricks for novice drivers is to use public transportation instead of your car on those days that you are going to consume alcohol.

tips for novice drivers


Avoid distractions if you are a new driver

Using the cell phone, eating, drinking or using the GPS are distractions that can cause serious risks on the road. If you are a beginner driver, avoid at all costs, as much as possible, any distraction.

Some tricks for best-known novice drivers are: place the mobile in an inconspicuous place while you are driving, so you will avoid the temptation to pick up the phone if they have spoken to you by whatsapp or call you on the phone; set the GPS  before starting your journey and, in the event that it stops working, park the car in a safe place and reset it; For long trips, make stops to rest, eat and drink.

5 tricks for novice drivers


Other tips for beginner drivers that you should keep in mind

In addition to the tricks for novice drivers that we have just mentioned, it is important to keep in mind the following tips, which although they seem quite evident, it is worth remembering:

If you are a new driver, do not forget to use the “L” signal

The basic rule that every new driver must follow is to use the “L” signal on the left side of the rear window of the car. It must be placed in a visible area so that any driver can see it and that does not affect your visibility while driving.

The “L” signal is mandatory to carry during the first year of your driving experience and in case of infringement, it can lead to a fine of up to € 100. A good trick for novice drivers is to place it in the lower left corner with some tape, so it does not fall with the vibration of the car.

some tips for beginner drivers


Use Google Maps to know the way if you are a novice driver

Finding yourself correctly on the road it is essential to drive safely. We recommend checking the path previously through Google Maps to ensure you drive correctly and avoid making sudden maneuvers.

tricks for novice drivers



We hope that these tricks for novice drivers can help you driving more carefully until you get experience on the road. Are you going on a trip? Look at these tips. 

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