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Best sunsets in Malaga: where to see them

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Today we want to show you where to see the best sunsets in Malaga city and province, we promise you will love them as much as we do.

The best sunsets in Malaga city

Sunset at the Gibralfaro Viewpoint

We begin our list with the iconic Mirador de Gibralfaro, located in the heart of the capital. It is undoubtedly one of the best sunsets in Malaga that you can see, as its panoramic views of the port and the city are unparalleled. If you have enough time, we recommend that you also visit the Gibralfaro Castle before sunset.

Best sunsets in Malaga

Sunset at Muelle Uno

The sunsets at Muelle Uno are beautiful, and the best thing is that you can take a leisurely stroll around the port or have a drink on one of its many terraces while you enjoy an unforgettable sunset in Malaga city.

Best sunsets in Malaga

Enjoy the sunset on a rooftop terrace in Malaga

A comfortable and peaceful way to watch the sunset in the capital is to go to one of the many roof terraces in Malaga. Our favourites are Terraza Chinitas and La Terraza de La Alcazaba, although most of them offer spectacular views. If you choose to watch the sunset on a rooftop terrace in Malaga, we recommend that you book in advance, or go at least 1 hour before the sunset.

Best sunsets in Malaga

One of the best sunsets in Malaga can be found on Monte Victoria

If you prefer to go to a less crowded place we recommend you to go up to Monte Victoria, it is only 10 minutes by car from the city or 40 minutes walking. The sunset on Mount Victoria is spectacular, thanks to its panoramic view you can see all the emblematic elements of Malaga capital, such as the cathedral, the port, Gibralfaro Castle…

Best sunsets in Malaga
Carlos Rodríguez Ortiz

The best sunsets in Malaga province

In Malaga province there are many places with incredible sunsets, here are some of them:

Sunset at the Stupa in Benalmádena

Watching the sunset at the Stupa de Benalmádena is a great idea if you are looking for comfort, as you can reach the viewpoint with your car. We promise you’ll love the views.

Mirando a través de un cristal

Sunset at the Mirador del Faro viewpoint

The Mirador del Faro is located in Torrox Costa, and is one of the best places in the province to watch the sunset with sea views. Beautiful, isn’t it?

Carmen Planas

Sunset at the Mirador de Ronda

If you plan to visit the city of Ronda, we recommend that you stay until after sunset. The Mirador de Ronda is a unique place that will allow you to enjoy spectacular views of the Tajo de Ronda, a deep gorge that divides the city in two. If the place itself is spectacular, imagine it at sunset.

Málaga Adventurers

One of the best sunsets in Malaga is the one you can see at Maro Beach

You will love watching the sunset at Maro Beach, located in Nerja. It doesn’t need much more description, does it?

Did you like the sunsets?

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Now that you know some places to enjoy the sunset in Malaga city and province, you might also be interested in knowing where to go for a romantic getaway in Malaga. Until next time!

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