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World Padel Tour Malaga

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World Padel Tour Malaga 2023 is one of the most important sports events of the year. If you want to know when the World Padel Tour is, where it takes place, how to buy tickets, and what to do in the city during the event, keep reading.

martin carpena world padel tour malaga

World Padel Tour Martín Carpena. / WPT / MalagaHoy

When is the World Padel Tour Malaga?

The World Padel Tour will take place from July 25th to July 30th in Malaga, and the venue will be the renowned Palacio de los Deportes José María Martín Carpena. The venue is located at Calle Miguel de Merida Nicolich, 2, 29004.

The World Padel Tour is the biggest international event in this discipline, comparable to the Tour de France for cycling enthusiasts. Therefore, it is a great success for the province to host such a prestigious sports event, where thousands of paddle tennis fans from all over the world come to enjoy the experience.

Tickets for the World Padel Tour Malaga

You can get tickets for the World Padel Tour 2023 through the official tournament website. You can access it by clicking here.

Ticket prices for the World Padel Tour range from €20 to €65, depending on the day. Children up to 4 years old enter for free, and children up to 14 years old pay half the price of a regular ticket.

What to do in Malaga during your stay

If you come to Malaga to enjoy the event, we advise you to make the most of your free time by visiting the city and nearby towns.

Visiting the capital of the province will be an unforgettable experience. The city’s energy during the summer is unparalleled. We recommend that you visit La Manquita (the cathedral), the Roman Theater, La Alcazaba, and the Port.

On the other hand, towns like Benalmadena or Torremolinos are great options to enjoy the beach, while places like Ronda and Frigiliana will surprise you with their history and architecture. If you want to know more about places to visit in the province during your stay, don’t hesitate to read our Malaga guide or follow us on social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook.

If you want to make the most of your time, we recommend renting a car. Not only will it provide you with convenience, but it can also be as cost-effective, if not more so, than using public transportation in the province.

Marbesol offers the best prices at Malaga Airport and in Marbella, with no deposits or extra charges. Feel free to check out your preferred car if you ultimately decide to rent one.

We hope you found this reading helpful, and we hope you enjoy the World Padel Tour 2023 as much as we will. Until next time!

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