Theatres in Malaga

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In recent years Malaga has become a cultural reference point. A city that was known for its beaches and beach bars, but has managed to attract culture by becoming the city of museums. In addition, today we want to tell you about the number of theatres in Malaga available to enjoy a good time of interpretation. 😎✅

The most important theatres in Malaga 

Fortunately for the province, the capital of the Costa del Sol has numerous venues for its theatrical performances.

Cervantes Theatre in Malaga 

It is the most important theatre in the city of Malaga. It also has the largest seating capacity, specifically 1200 seats, and the longest running theatre.

It was built in the 19th century and nowadays it hosts all kinds of shows.

It is also the main venue for the Malaga Festival.

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 Echegaray Theatre

It is managed by the Cervantes Theatre and owned by Malaga City Council. The Echegaray Theatre is another of the city’s landmark venues. A building built in 1932, it was initially conceived as a cinema, but after a refurbishment completed in 2009.

It has a great classic façade, but with a modern interior.

CaixaBank Soho Theatre 

One of the most fashionable theatres in Malaga. The Soho district is characterised by its art and culture. In recent years it has achieved great recognition not only in the city but also nationally.

The Soho Theatre in Malaga is the newest and its great fame is due, in part, to the famous actor Antonio Banderas, president and promoter of the theatre.

If you hear about the Alameda Theatre in Malaga you should know that it is the same space.

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Cánovas Theatre 

A lively and casual looking theatre. This is one of the theatres in Malaga which, unlike the rest, is regulated by the Junta de Andalucía. The star audience of this space is children and young people, offering very didactic and educational shows.

It is divided into three spaces; the main hall with 370 seats, hall B with 50 seats and the Gades hall with 234 seats.

The Gades Hall is an external space dedicated especially to the art of dance.

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The Cochera Cabaret

It is perhaps the most unknown space of all, even for many locals. La Cochera Cabaret in Malaga is a multidisciplinary space and one of the theatres in Malaga with room for all kinds of theatrical performances and artists.

The idea of this space was born out of the desire to combine art with entertainment. Due to its great success, it ended up setting up a hall where the artists could be more welcome.

It has a full capacity of 250 seats and although we cannot give an exact number, we can say that it is quite cheap.


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MVA Cultural Centre (María Victoria Atencia) 

We finish this post about the theatres in Malaga talking about the MVA Cultural Centre, located in the centre of Malaga, specifically in Ollerías street. It has a capacity for 300 people.

This space not only hosts plays but also concerts and other cultural activities.

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As you have seen, the city of Malaga has a great cultural offer. Are you coming back to the Costa del Sol? Discover the monuments of Malaga and don’t miss anything! Also, if you need a car, you can rent a car in Malaga now and discover all the corners of the city at your own pace.

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