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Easter Processions in Malaga

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Easter processions in Malaga are unique and attract thousands of locals and tourists every year. During this week, more than 45 processions take to the streets to captivate wherever they go.

5 Easter Processions in Malaga that you can not miss

If there is one word that can best describe Easter Week in Malaga, it is passion, and after seeing the 5 processions we have for you, you will understand why.

El Cautivo

Congregación de Mena

El Rico

Archicofradía Paso y Esperanza

Domingo de Resurrección

Processions and itineraries for 2024

Click here to see all the processions and itineraries of the Easter Processions in Malaga 2024, which ones would you like to see?

Iconic moments of Malaga’s Easter Week

The preparations for Easter in Malaga begin with Lent, with events that bring the public of all ages to the churches, to the images and above all to the brotherhoods, where they begin to build a new week full of emotions.

The public of Easter in Malaga has no age, attracting even the youngest, such as the brotherhood of the Pollinica.

Malaga's Easter Week

Pollinica Málaga

La Tribuna de los Pobres

Watching the passing of the thrones from the Tribuna de los Pobres is quite an experience. Every Holy Tuesday we see the bride of Malaga being lifted by hand in front of the public in the Tribune, it is inevitable to be moved by this image surrounded by music and the smell of orange blossom.

Malaga's Easter Week

Agrupación de Cofradías de Málaga

Maundy Thursday

Maundy Thursday in Malaga turns into a tide of green and purple tones on the bridge of Esperanza, where we see the heaviest throne of the Easter walk as if it were an ephemeral dream. Also, if you go to the Plaza de la Constitución before midnight, you can see the Nazareno de los Pasos give the blessing to a brotherly Malaga.

We also see more processions on the same day, from Mena, La Cena, Misericordia, etc. In short, a series of scenes that are framed in a throne of gold or silver, adorned with embroidered palios in fine thread, cork mounts and flowers that represent the passion of Christ such as the carnation or the iris.

Good Friday

But the week is ending in black tints as a mother has lost a child. The drums are hoarse and Malaga no longer breathes joy, the streets become silent with respect and processions such as the Descendimiento, Sepulcro, Amor y Caridad and Servitas go out.

Resurrection Sunday

This is the moment when the people of Malaga know that Easter is over. However, one of the most important days remains: Easter Sunday, where we see the Resurrected Christ and Mary Most Holy of the Heavens walk through the streets, closing one of the biggest weeks for the capital. Because for Malaga its Easter is more than just a week: it is a whole year of faith and devotion.

Malaga's Easter

Agrupación de Cofradías de Málaga

We hope you liked it! It’s possible that apart from seeing processions, you might also be interested in other alternative things to do in Malaga with or without children during Easter. Until next time!

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