Alpujarra Villages

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We are sure you’ve heard of the Alpujarras of Granada.  An area of Granada hidden among the spectacular mountains of the Sierra Nevada.  An area where you can find rugged landscapes and the highest villages in Spain: Trevelez and Capileira.

Did you know that the Alpujarra of Granada was the last refuge for Boabdil and the inhabitants of the Nasrid Kingdom of Granada? 

During the winter, Granada and its province receive thousands of visitors to see the coveted snow, so today we want to tell you about the villages of the Alpujarra that you can’t miss if you want to get to know the province of Granada.

Villages of the Alpujarra of Granada map: 

If we had to choose some of the most beautiful villages in the Alpujarra they would probably be the following.

Most beautiful villages of the Alpujarra

1.  Alpujarra Villages- Lanjarón

Probably on any list you look at, Lanjaron, he’ll be at the top. Located just 45 km from Granada is a unique space. Its name comes from the Arabs and means “place of springs.”

As you can imagine, water is the great protagonist of this village in the Alpujarra region of Granada.  Here you can find the remains of its ancient castle, showing the importance that this place had during the Andalusian period.

The villages of the Alpujarra hide real treasures in their streets. Perhaps the busiest area of this municipality is the Plaza de la Constitucion, and we can already tell you that walking through the streets of Lanjaron will be a real delight.

You can’t miss the viewpoint of La Cañona, here you can find the oldest cannon in the municipality, used by its inhabitants against the Napoleonic troops. Lanjaron even has a honey museum!

Lanjaron Pueblos de la Alpujarra Marbesol

España es cultura

2.  Alpujarra Villages- Pampaneira

Another of the villages of the Alpujarra. Pampaneira is a small village in the Alpujarra of Granada with just over 300 inhabitants, but it is one of the most beautiful villages in the province of Granada.

Pampaneira is one of the villages of the Alpujarra of Granada cataloged as a historic-artistic site, together with Bubion and Capileira.

Did you know that Pampaneira was awarded the First Provincial Prize for the Beautification of Towns in 1976? In 1977 and 1978 it was awarded the National Tourism Prize for the Beautification and Improvement of Spanish Villages.

You will find beautiful white houses placed in a staggered way. We warn you that you will discover narrow and steep streets full of history.

, Alpujarra Villages

Los apuntes del viajero

3.  Alpujarra Villages- Capileira

Another of the most beautiful villages in the Alpujarra of Granada. Almost 1500 meters high give this village a special character. Here you can enjoy impressive views of the Poqueira Ravine. The view of the Mulhacen and Veleta peaks will be one of the most fascinating things about this place.

This municipality in the Alpujarra region of Granada is part of the Sierra Nevada National Park. Did you know that Capileira is the second highest village in Spain? Just behind Trevélez.

There are many places of interest in Capileira, but without a doubt don’t miss the Mirador de Perchel, the Casa-Museo Pedro Antonio de Alarcon, the mirador de Eras de Aldeire or the Calle Mentidero.

As you may have noticed, the villages of the Alpujarra are a real paradise. In the Alpujarras of Granada, there are many hiking trips available to enjoy nature. You can find different alternatives to enjoy the environment.

, Alpujarra Villages

Granada hoy

4. Alpujarra Villages-Bubion

We had already mentioned this village in the Alpujarra of Granada before. From Bubion you can enjoy wonderful views of the whole valley. Many of the streets in this village were built by the Arabs. You will surely be amazed by the construction of their houses when you arrive. They do not have a roof, but they do have chimneys.

Do you like flowers? It is one of the villages of the Alpujarra where you can find portals known as “tiznaos”, streets full of flowers.

You can immerse yourself in a unique space where you can find the Taller del Telar, a set of two looms in perfect condition that is still working. It is one of the few traditional looms still in use in the whole region.

As far as gastronomy is concerned, its hams and cecinas, its “Sopa de Almendras” or the famous “Potaje de Castañas” are famous

From Bubión you can also find several hiking routes, as well as the Bubion Agricultural Museum or the Casa Alpujarreña Museum.

Are you enjoying our walk through the villages of the Alpujarra? Let’s continue!

, Alpujarra Villages


5. Alpujarra Villages – Orgiva

Orgiva is located at the foot of the Sierra de Lujar and the Sierra Nevada Natural Park. One of the villages of the Alpujarra considered as the capital of the western Alpujarra, being a commercial municipality.

If you like the hippie world you should know that in this town lives an important hippie community, formed mostly by Germans, French, Dutch, Swedes, and other Europeans.

Don’t miss out on discovering this beautiful place. If you like nature in this village of the Alpujarra, walking through the valley you will see centenary olive trees, lemon trees, vegetables, etc.

Don’t miss the parish church of Nuestra Señora de la Expectacion, which was started in 1580 in the Renaissance style with half-timbered vaults and semicircular arches. Don’t forget to visit the Palace of the Counts of Sastago.

, Alpujarra Villages


6. Alpujarra Villages- Trevelez

As you know, the village of Trevelez is the highest in Spain. A town with just over 700 inhabitants, but where its hams are famous, recognized with the Protected Geographical Indication.

If you would like to know more about the ham industry, in Trevelez you can visit some of its drying sheds to learn about the artisan process of curing this delicious delicacy.

It has spectacular views and natural areas such as Siete Lagunas, Pico del Rey or Mulhacen itself.

A village in the Alpujarra of Granada where you can enjoy sports and hiking. You can also visit the Ermita de San Antonio or take a route through the Alpujarra region of Granada on horseback.

, Alpujarra Villages


These are just some of the villages of the Alpujarra to see, but we assure you that you will be enchanted with this part of the province of Granada. If you like tourism you can not only enjoy the interior of the province of Granada but also the capital. We recommend that you don’t miss our post about what to see in Granada. Surely in cold days you want a little more heat. If you come to Malaga airport you can rent a car and start enjoying Andalusia.

When the coldest time of the year arrives there are many visitors to this part of Andalusia, fortunately, the Costa del Sol is less than an hour away. Do you want to know what to see in Malaga and its province? Take a look.

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