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Long term car rental Malaga

Rent a vehicle for more than 30 days

If you need a car for a period of more than 30 days, we have the perfect option for you. Get the most out of your rental with the All Inclusive rate + 30 specially designed for professionals.

Furthermore, another key feature of this new rate is that include Full Insurance cover, our most comprehensive cover. This will cover you against damages caused by collisions or theft. In the event of a breakdown or an accident, you will have no need to worry as this cover gives you access to premium roadside assistance. And we will also deliver the vehicle to you with a full tank of fuel, so you don’t even have to waste one single minute.

Full Insurance Cover

The most comprehensive cover! Includes Premium roadside assistance and covers damages caused by collisions and theft. This cover also has NO EXCESS, so you will not need to leave any kind of security deposit. This means that you can drive without having to worry about any minor unforeseen problems.

100% Free cancellation

In the event of last-minute unforeseen problems, you may cancel your booking and be refunded the full amount up to 48 hours before the rental begins.

Full-full fuel return system

The vehicle’s fuel tank will be full when you pick it up, so you don’t need to worry about filling it yourself. If the tank is also full when you return the vehicle to us, we will refund you the amount that you paid for the fuel. It’s that easy!

Enjoy long term car rental in Malaga with Marbesol

Are you thinking about travelling to Costa del Sol during your holidays?. If you are searching for a long term car rental in Malaga, you are in the right place, as Marbesol offers you the most modern and careful fleet of car rental vehicles in Malaga and Marbella for you to choose the one that best suits your needs. All this without having to worry about the maintenance of the car, and choosing the All Inclusive option you will have the best coverage for your total peace of mind, plus other extras included in this pack such as not having to leave an excess, free additional driver, discounts on child seats, delivery of the long term vehicle with full fuel tank, etc.

If you visit the coast for a long vacation or work, you do not need to worry about the rental time. As you may know, Andalusia is full of places to discover and Spain is an idyllic country to get lost in a car. It has one of the best road network in the world.

Book your vehicle online and enjoy your long term car rental in Malaga for as long as you need. We have luxury vehicles at economic prices.

Advantages of long term car rental with Marbesol

Long term car rental in Malaga with Marbesol only has advantages. The main advantage you will find is the price, since the cost per day is much cheaper as more days rent, also whenever you change the car in our offices you will have another one clean and in perfect mechanical condition: servicing, filters, brake fluids, windscreen wipers, air conditioning, etc.
You already know some of the advantage and others, you can only live it with Marbesol:

Advantages of Car Rental at Malaga Airport with Marbesol

Long-Term Car Rental Options: At Marbesol, we understand the diverse needs of our customers and offer tailored long-term car rental solutions for those requiring extended periods of car rental. Benefit from our flexible options, making your stay in the Costa del Sol convenient and stress-free.

No Deposit and No Broker Fees: Marbesol believes in transparency and affordability, which is why we provide car rentals without the need for a deposit or additional broker fees. Enjoy a straightforward rental experience without any hidden costs.

Driverless Car Rental: For those who prefer the freedom of self-driving, Marbesol offers a wide range of driverless car rental options. Explore the stunning Costa del Sol at your own pace with our reliable and comfortable vehicles.

Eco-Friendly Car Rental: Marbesol is committed to environmental sustainability and offers a selection of green car rental options. Choose from our range of fuel-efficient and eco-friendly vehicles, ensuring a guilt-free, environmentally-conscious driving experience.

On your next trip, trust Marbesol and get a cheap long term car rental in Malaga with best quality. Benefit from one of our active promotions and enjoy on the Costa del Sol!

Car Rental Malaga Marbesol
Marbesol offers the best car rental service at Malaga airport and in Marbella for tourists and residents of the Costa del Sol.
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