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What to do in Torre del Mar

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Torre del Mar is a potential beach bum sanctuary known mainly only to Spaniards. It lies a little over 38km from Malaga, the provinical capital. From the Malaga Airport, you’ll need approximately 43 minutes via the Autovia del Mediterraneo or A-7 to reach the center of town.

Torre del Mar and its neighboring communities are gifted with naturally gorgeous beaches. Among them are Playa de Torre del Mar, Playa Naturista Almanat (a nudist beach), and Playa de la Victoria. Aside from the beaches, you can also have some fun with the whole family in the largest water park in the Axarquia region - the Aqua Velis Water Park.

Separating the populated area from the long sandy beaches and fronting the deep blue Mediterranean Sea, is an extensive promenade, which is divided into two: the Paseo Maritimo de Poniente and the Paseo Maritimo de Levante.

Torre del Mar is only some 5km from the inland market city of Velez-Malaga, the capital of the Axarquia region. There you’ll find tourist spots like: Palacio del Marques de Beniel, Casa Cervantes, and Camarin de la Virgen de la Piedad. You might also want to check out fresh fruits, vegetables, and other farm products in their weekly market, which is held every Thursday.

The culture in Torre del Mar, like in all Spanish towns, is significantly influenced by Christianity - specifically Roman Catholicism. As a matter of fact, many of the major activities in town are religious in nature. There’s the Fiesta del Carmen, and Romeria de Carbrillas y San Isidro, and Pasion Cofrade, among many others.

During Semana Santa (Holy Week) events like Via Crucis (Way of the Cross), Domingo de Ramos (Palm Sunday), and Domingo de Resurreccion (Easter Sunday) are largely participated in by the entire community.

Most of the restaurants you’ll find here specialize in seafood and Spanish cuisine. There are some establishments that offer British and a few other international dishes as well. While you’re here, we recommend you try the different kinds of tapas offered in nearly all dining places. These are small dishes that usually serve as snacks or appetizers.

what to do in torre del mar

History of Torre del Mar

Many people don’t know this but, strictly speaking, Torre del Mar is not a town - at least not yet. It is part of the municipality of Velez-Malaga. And because of this, its history is practically interwoven with that of the latter.

Like in many parts of Malaga, this area was once the site of Phoenician and Roman settlements. The first settlers arrived in 800 BC, growing rapidly through the years. A large archaeological find that included smelting ovens, metal slags, burial sites, and even a fortress nearby provided enough proof that there was a bustling community here many centuries ago.

All of this makes sense because the coast of Torre del Mar is a natural port.

When the Moors came during the 10th century, they made Torre del Mar the coastal defense of their main fortress in Velez-Malaga. And In the 13th to 14th century, the place prospered even more. The walled-city in Velez-Malaga evolved into one of the key medinas in the Nasrid Kingdom of Granada.

It was during this time that the communities of Benajarafe, Benamocarra, Almayate, and others were founded.

After ruling the region for many centuries, the Moors were finally driven out by the Catholic Monarchs. The latter devoted much of their time replacing all Moorish architecture with Christian buildings. This lasted for two long centuries - the 16th and 17th.

In the 18th century, the coast of Torre del Mar witnessed the biggest naval battle in the War of the Spanish Succession. Although it ended without a clear winner, the sheer number of vessels used by both the French-Spanish fleets and English-Dutch fleets made it one of the most memorable navy battles of all time.

In the second half of the 20th century, tourists began to notice the beautiful beaches of Torre del Mar. It was then that this community started to enjoy a boom in the tourism industry, with the mushroom of hotels, pubs, bars, restaurants, supermarkets, and even a sprawling shopping mall.

The later part of Torre del Mar history is a story of rapid economic prosperity - much like in the earliest years of its existence,

Monuments and Museums in Torre del Mar

Although frequently visited by tourists, Torre del Mar doesn’t have monuments and museums like other neighboring towns. However, since Velez-Malaga is just 5km away, you’ll need no more than 12 minutes to get to the historical sites found there.

Here are some of the monuments in the market town of Velez-Malaga:

-Palace of El Marques de Beniel - This magnificent palace was once owned by one of the King’s counselors and passed down from generation to another until it came into the possession of the first Marques de Beniel.

-Church of Nuestra Senora de la Encarnacion - This Gothic-Muldejar inspired architectural masterpiece was built on top of a mosque.

-La Casa Cervantes - This building was once the home of the great Spanish playwright, Miguel de Cervantes de Saavedra. If that name doesn’t ring a bell, perhaps “Don Quixote”, one of the most outstanding works of modern Western literature, should refresh your memory.

-Iglesia de San Juan Bautista - Highlighted by an imposing octagonal tower, this 16th century church is one of the most noticeable monuments near Torre del Mar. Like the Church of Nuestra Senora de la Encarnacion, this building features a Gothic-Muldehar architectural design.

-Remnants of an Arab fort - Located in the upper outskirts of Velez-Malaga, these ruins are all that remains of what was once a Moorish fortress. From this site, you can enjoy a fantastic view of the surrounding landscape.

Now, after visiting all those monuments and you still have much time to spare, we suggest you grab the opportunity to take a 37 minute drive to Malaga. It’s where you’ll find well-respected establishments like:

-Museo Picasso de Malaga along Calle San Agustín (Phone: 952 602 731),

-Fundacion Pablo Ruiz Picasso along Plaza de la Merced (Phone: 952 060 215),

-Museo Municipal de Malaga along Paseo de Reding (Phone: 952 225 106),

-Museo de la Archicofradía de la Esperanza along Calle San Jacinto (Phone: 952 612 776),

-Museo Tesoro de la Cofradía de La Expiración along Plaza de Enrique Navarro (Phone: 952 360 271), and

-Museo Flamenco Juan Breva along Calle Picador (Phone: 952 210 876), to name a few.

monuments torre del mar

Entertainment in Torre del Mar

The towns of Costa del Sol take pride in their beautiful beaches. It is therefore expected that most of your activities here will be concentrated along the seashore where you can bask under the warm Mediterranean sun all day long.

For some family water fun without having to go to the beach, head out to Aqua Velis Water Park. Located in front of the El Ingenio shopping mall, it is the largest water park in all of Axarquia. There are about 20 rides here, including some which are suitable for smaller children.

If you prefer land-based activities, you’ll be happy to know that there are many outdoor sports you can find within the vicinity of Torre del Mar. You can take part in Segway tours, horse rides, or Quad bike tours. You can even hop on either a classic motor bike or mountain bike and have an adventure of a lifetime.

On some days, you might want to take your family to El Ingenio shopping mall for some laid-back fun like watching a movie, knocking down a few pins in the bowling alley, going on a food trip in the restaurants or fast foods, and of course shopping (or window shopping if nothing catches your fancy).

For an even more relaxing time, why not take a tour at the historical sites in nearby Velez-Malaga. You can also visit the Caleta de Velez, found in the eastern side of Torre del Mar. It’s the location of a fishing port and the local marina, where a few hundred yachts, boats and catamarans are docked.

Finally, after the sun dives below the horizon, we invite you to sample the bars and pubs in Velez-Malaga and Torre del Mar. It’s easy to go bar-hopping between these two communities because they’re separated by a mere 5 km.

On certain times during the year, religious festivals are held around town. The most important is held every July 16 to honor the Virgen del Carmen. The locals also observe the solemnity of the Holy Week. It is important to note that, while the streets of Torre del Mar are full of entertainment during summers, they are nearly empty during winter time.

entertainment torre del mar

Beaches in Torre del Mar

The alluring Torre del Mar beaches were once among the best-kept secrets of Costa del Sol. Today, the sands of this southern coast of Spain is slowly being discovered by beach bums from around the world. What we’ve included here are the most outstanding features of this place.

The central part of the town’s beach front is separated from the streets by a long, scenic promenade known as the Paseo Maritimo de Torre del Mar. While strolling on this promenade, one can see on one side, the dark blue Mediterranean Sea, and on the other, a string of hotels, resorts, restaurants, and bars.

The Paseo Maritimo, which is divided into two sections (Paseo Maritimo de Poniente and Paseo Maritimo de Levante), is adorned with palm trees enclosed by circular tree benches. During summer, both sides of the promenade are filled with people. Further down the coast, large outdoor umbrellas dot the beach side while further inland, the streets are filled with visitors entering and leaving the commercial establishments.

Nearby, restaurants, bars and pubs serve delicious fried fish, seafood and mouth-watering tapas. You’ll also find easily accessible public toilets just a few meters away from where you’ll be settling down on the sand.

To be as close to the beach front as possible, we suggest that you book yourselves in the following hotels:

-Proamar - along Paseo Marítimo de Poniente and with tel no: 952 547 970.

-Miraya - also along Paseo Marítimo de Poniente and with tel no: 952 545 969.

-Las Americas - along Calle de la Acera de la Marina and with tel no: 952 545 844.

-Torremar - along Calle Saladero Viejo and with tel no: 952 547 057.

The staff there can also facilitate if you’re interested in any water sports. A long stroll eastward along the coast will lead you to the Marina. On the other hand, if you go westbound, you’ll come across a couple of camping sites, Camping Torre del Mar and Laguna Playa Camping. There are other beach resorts aside from the one directly in front of Torre del Mar. For instance, if you continue westward, there’s Playa Naturista Almanat, Playa de Banajarafe, and Playa de la Victoria.

beach torre del mar

Restaurants and Bars in Torre del Mar

There are two things that you’ll remember about Torre del Mar when you get home: the fantastic deep blue beaches and the uniquely tasty seafood. Here are some Torre del Mar Restaurants that specialize in Mediterranean seafood. In case you prefer other dishes, we’ve included a couple of establishments offering different specialties as well.

-La Cueva - As one of the most frequented seafood restaurants in Torre del Mar, La Cueva is easily a shoo-in in this list. Found along Paseo de Larios, this establishment serves great tasting clams, lobster, prawns, swordfish, tuna, and many others. You can contact them at telephone number 952 540 223.

-Marisqueria El Yate - Located along Calle Saladero Viajo, very near the coast, this restaurant serves delicious fried fish, fresh seafood, and even some mouth-watering tapas. Phone: 952 540 774.

-La Pergola - This rustic-themed establishment along Paseo Marítimo de Levante not only serves seafood cuisine. Among their other specialties are grilled lamb, barbeque, and rice dishes. Phone: 952 540 150

Now, for a feast of really fresh seafood, head east to Caleta de Velez. There you’ll find the local fishing port. Choose from a variety of seafoods like squid, anchovies, octopus, mackarel, red bream, sardines, and many others. There’s a total of 397 species in the waters Alboran Sea, where most of the catch is taken from.

The Alboran Sea, which is the westernmost side of the Mediterranean Sea, gets a lot of healthy sunlight and hence is a breeding ground of plankton, the main dish of the fishes that make up the bottom of the food chain. This sea also experiences a special rotary circulation of water known as a gyre, wherein the Mediterranean Sea exchanges water with the Atlantic. That explains why seafood here are not only abundant and diverse, but also have that distinctively appealing taste.

As promised, we’re going to include non-seafood restaurants in this list, so here a few.

-Howards Bar - Dubbed as the best British sports bar east of Malaga, this establishment serves British cuisine while showing football games and other favorite sporting events. It is located along Calle Pasillo Batería and can be contacted at 618 496 267.

-Pan Xiao - If you’re looking for Oriental cuisine, go to Paseo de Larios where you’ll find this nice Chinese restaurant. Phone: 952 546 730.

Pubs and Bars in Velez Malaga

All that heat can make you thirst for ice cold refreshments and alcoholic beverages at the end of a fun-filled sunny day. Here are some Torre del Mar pubs and bars where you can relax, dine, and enjoy the unique Costa del Sol ambiance.

-Bar Fernando - Located along Calle del Mar, this establishment not only has a nice collection of alcoholic drinks, they also serve one of the best fried fish you’ve ever tasted. They also have a large terrace where you can catch some fresh Mediterranean air. Phone: 952 542 174

-La Marina - Right across Bar Fernando is another bar-cum-seafood restaurant that serves great tasting fish and chips. It is a favorite hang-out of the locals. Phone: 952 542 174.

-Negri - This is one of those bars in Torre del Mar that are almost always packed, so you should come here early. They serve seafood tapas and tasty fish and chips. You can find it along a side street parallel to Paseo de Larios. Phone: 952 540 090.

-Sin E Irish Pub - Craving for a few glasses of draught beer or ale? Go to the western side of town until you reach Calle del Doctor Marañón where you’ll find this traditional Irish pub. It’s got those green tables and chairs under large outdoor umbrellas outside, so it’s hard to miss. Phone: 952 544 878.

-Anticuario Cafe - Built only in 2001, this bar features a distinctively old theme (hence the name anticuario, meaning antique). Every nook and cranny inside is adorned with old looking decors, furniture, and fixtures. You can find Anticuario along Paseo de Larios. Phone: 952 541 414.

-Howards bar - This place is where you can enjoy watching your favorite football match over some delicious draught or premium bottled beer. They have at least 4 plasma TVs, so you can bet you’ll have a good view of the game wherever you’ll be seated. It’s located along Calle Pasillo Batería and can be contacted at telephone no. 618 496 267.

Other bars you might want to check out are: Bares de Alejandro Clavero along Paseo Marítimo de Levante (phone: 952 547 531) and Bar Johan along Centro Plazamar (phone: 952 540 434).

Hotels in Torre del Mar

Since the main clients of this town are tourists, there are many Torre del Mar hotels, holiday rentals and guest houses to choose from. Here are a few of them:

-Torremar - Located along Calle Saladero Viejo, its premises are just a few meters from the coast. Inside, you’ll find an on-site restaurant, snack bar, function rooms, underground parking, a game room, terrace solarium, and a 24-hour reception. (Phone: 952 547 057)

-Miraya - Here’s another hotel that’s very near the beach. It is found along the Paseo Maritimo, a beautiful promenade that stretches with the entire Torre del Mar beach front. If you’re looking for some outdoor adventure, the staff will be happy to organize one for you. (Phone: 952 545 969)

-Las Americas - Yet another establishment that’s very near the beach, you can find Las Americas along Calle de la Acera de la Marina. Their rooms are equipped with air conditioning, TV, a fridge, and your very own balcony with a view of the Mediterranean Sea. (Phone: 952 545 844)

-Hotel Resort Proamar - Still another that’s located very near the coast, this establishment is conveniently sits along Paseo Marítimo de Poniente, the southwestern portion of the promenade. They’ve got a jacuzzi, swimming pool with sunbeds, terrace solarium, and a bar cafeteria, among many other amenities. (Phone: 952 547 970)

-El Paraiso - The last hotel-by-the-sea we’re going to feature here, this one’s far from the others we mentioned earlier. It’s along Avenida Andulacia, on the far eastern side of town, where it has a fantastic view of the marina.

-Mediterraneo - Located at the corner of Calle Bernabe Fernandez and Av de Andulacia, this hostel is within walking distance to three of the most popular restaurants in town: Pan Xiao (Chinese cuisine), La Cueva (seafood), and Howard’s Bar (British cuisine).

-Las Yucas - We’d particularly like to mention their fantastic restaurant. Adorned with an Arabic theme, this place features a nice selection of delectable dishes that include clams, seafood, duck, beef, and lamb. You can find this place along Avenida Andalucía. (Phone: 952 542 272)

hotels torre del mar

Shopping in Torre del Mar

Due to the influx of tourists in recent years, many local businesses in Torre del Mar have since prospered. Consequently, more entrepreneurs are putting up businesses here. So when it comes to your Torre del Mar shopping needs, you’ll be happy to know there are lots of stores to choose from. Here are some of them.

-Mercadona - Found all over Spain, this chain of supermarkets also has a branch in Torre del Mar. It is found along Calle Ruta de los Carboneros, which lies along the eastern part of the building. It’s hard to miss because right across the street, in the northern side, is the Parque Aquatico Aqua Velis - the largest water park in the Axarquia region. (Phone: 952 543 037)

-El Ingenio - Located in front of the western side of Aqua Velis, this huge shopping mall contains shops specializing in toys, fashion, furniture, novelty items, jewellery, gifts, flowers, and others. It also has some art galleries, banks, supermarkets, cinemas, and even a bowling alley and a disco bar. (Phone: 952 547 267)

-Merceria Mar del Plata - This haberdashery can be found along Calle del Mar, which is perpendicular to the Paseo Maritimo promenade, and flanked by the shop named Tabacos (tobacco) and the jewellery store named Nuevo Mundo. The store is no more than 300 meters from the promenade. (Phone: 952 540 269)

-Lukuma - For accessories, bags, boots, fashion clothing, jewelry, beads, bracelets, and other related items, we recommend this chic boutique along Paseo de Larios. Formerly known as Papaya, this fashion and accessories boutique was the first ever bead shop in the entire Costa del Sol and is now the most popular of its kind in the province of Malaga. (Phone: 952 965 892)

-Floristeria Paola - Flowers will always remain among the best presents anyone could ever receive. If you’re looking to add life to a wedding, business meeting, or a relationship, this flower shop along Calle Pasillo Batería is one of the top choices here. (Phone: 952 541 199)

-Supermercado Chari - If you’re staying near the beach in Torre del Mar, shopping at El Ingenio or Mercadona, may be too inconvenient if you only need a few items. You can drop by this supermarket for your bakery and grocery needs instead. It’s conveniently located some 60 meters from the Paseo Maritimo de Poniente, right along Calle del Mar.

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