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10 alternative ways to spend christmas in Malaga

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Are u visiting Malaga and want to run away from Christmas? Do you need alternative ways to spend your Christmas break in Malaga? We are pleased to invite you to try some of the best anti-Christmas plans during your holidays.

Christmas lights, nativity scenes, Christmas carols … Are you one of those who loves Christmas or those who avoid any Christmas plan at all costs? Christmas may be the best time of the year for some or the most feared for others. If you feel like “the Grinch” and you do not like Christmas, do not feel like a weirdo.

For those people who do not feel the Christmas spirit, we have prepared a series of anti-Christmas plans to enjoy the end of the year in the best possible way. Tapas routes, escape into nature, theater plays and spas, we show you 10 alternative ways to spend Christmas in Malaga.

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The 10 best plans to escape from Christmas in Malaga

Choose one of these plans and enjoy Christmas as you prefer. There are plans for all tastes!

Enjoy a play at “Teatro Cervantes”

For the people of Malaga who enjoy watching a comedy show, on 26, 27 and 28 December the Cervantes Theatre in Malaga will be hosting the performance “My favourite year. En vivo y en directo”, a comedy and theatrical performance improvised by Dani Rovira and Arturo González Campos.

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Make a hiking route through Malaga

There is nothing better to avoid the crowd of Malaga during Christmas than making a hiking route through the most beautiful landscapes of Malaga. The best option, without a doubt, is to make the “Caminito del Rey” route to enjoy the beautiful gorge that “Desfiladero de los Gaitanes” offers.

In case you have never been to, it is a pedestrian walkway more than 3 km attached to the rock inside a canyon, hanging up to 105 meters above the river, in almost vertical walls.

It is open every day of the year from Tuesday to Sunday, except on December 24, 25 and 26 and on January 1.

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Visit Selwo Adventure in Estepona.

If you are an animal lover and you are also passionate about nature, “Selwo Aventura” is the best alternative to the typical Christmas plans. Enjoy the wild nature without leaving Malaga, live a great African safari and get to know its most representative fauna (lions, zebras, hippos, giraffes and cheetahs, among others).

In addition, the park has adventure activities to enjoy with children, such as the zip line, suspension bridges or archery. This place has everything you need to spend a perfect Christmas day.

Inside the park there is a hotel for those who want to enjoy more days surrounded by animals. Choose between the town of Watu and the Masai town and transfer to the legendary lodges of the African reserves.

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Ice skating in Malaga

If you want to have a fun time and practise ice skating in Malaga without feeling the hustle and bustle of “El Corte Inglés” ice rink, in Benalmadena you will find the “Club Municipal de Hielo”. It is the first permanent ice rink of natural in Andalusia and belongs to a sports centre of 7,000 square meters, equipped with swimming pools, a fitness room, guided activities and a medical center.

For those who want to  have a fun time among family members or friends, visit Benalmadena ice rink from December 22 to January 6.

Remember to bring gloves, long pants and socks, as it is mandatory to skate on the ice rink.

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Make a craft beer route in Malaga

If you have been forced to visit Malaga city centre to see the Christmas lights, escape to taste the best craft beers in the city.

We will mention the best local breweries and the beers you should try, so you can make the best Beer route this Christmas:

– “Central Beers”, “Bonvivant Hoppy IPA” beer, in Calle Carcer.
– “Cerveceria Arte & Sana”, “Axarca Tropical Pale Ale” beer, in Plaza de la Merced.
– “La Botica de la Cerveza”, “3 Dirty Harry Monkeys” beer, in Calle Victoria.
– “El Rincon del Cervecero”, “Carma IPA” beer, in Soho de Malaga.

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Relax in a Spa in Malaga

Undoubtedly, a great alternative to spend christmas in Malaga, is to enjoy a couple of hours in a spa. Do you want to know which are the best spas in Malaga?

– “Hammam Al Andalus Baños Arabes, Malaga”.
Located in the centre of Malaga, it is ideal to relax during Christmas to.

– “Nagomi Spa Hotel Reserva del Higueron, Benalmadena”.
It is one of the most complete spas on the Costa del Sol, spacious and bright, located in a luxurious neighbourhood of Benalmadena.

– “Thermas de Carratraca”.
If you want to enjoy a full day out of Malaga, we recommend you visit Carratraca and rest in its hot springs. It is said that the waters that emanate from the spring have beneficial properties for the body.

– “Thalasso Spa del Hotel Marbella Club”.
Located on the beach front of Marbella, Thalasso is one of the best spas in Malaga and also one of most famous spas in Spain and Europe.

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Play at one of the best golf clubs in Costa del Sol

Nature, peace and serenity, imagine playing golf at Christmas as a way to escape from the Christmas crowd.

If you love golf and want to enjoy your Christmas holidays in one of the best golf clubs in Malaga, take a look to our recommendations below.

– “Club de Golf Rio Real”, Marbella.
It is located in a privileged place, near the urban centre of Marbella, settled on a gently sloping land close to the sea. The Rio Real Golf Club offers the best views of the Mediterranean.

– “La Cala Resort”, Mijas.
It is one of the main references in Europe for golfers. “La Cala Resort de Mijas” is one of the largest golf clubs in Costa del Sol. It has a 3 18-hole golf club  and also work as an academy.

– “Santa Maria Golf”, Marbella.
Considered one of the best golf courses in Marbella, located next to a beautiful pine and oak forest. In addition, it offers spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea. It stands out for the Club House architecture, an impressive Spanish farmhouse of two floors built in the nineteenth century.

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Visit the exhibition of Kazimir Malévich in the Russian Museum of Malaga

Are you a lover of art and museums? Discover this Christmas the wonderful exhibition of Kazimir Malévich in “Museo Ruso de Malaga”, one of the most famous Russian artists of the 20th century. The exhibition presented in Málaga is part of the Malévich’s collection that belongs to the Russian State Museum of Saint Petersburg, and it is the largest and most complete collection of this artist.

Enjoy an afternoon surrounded by art in the authentic “Museo Ruso de Malaga” and discover this temporary exhibition that will only be available until February 3, 2019.

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Discover the best tapas bars in Malaga

Suitable for people of Malaga who do not plan to do diets this Christmas. It is undeniable that Malaga has one of  the best tapas bars in the world and it is a real pleasure to eat in this city.

If you are one of those who enjoy Christmas going out to eat tapas in Malaga, we suggest some of the best tapas bars in Malaga:

– “El Aserradero”.
A bar located in “El Torcal” neighborhood of Malaga, a cheap, fast place with very tasty food. It also has great variety of tapas, delicious sandwiches and nice service .

– “La Granaina”.
Fried fish, “patatas bravas”, fried chicken … It is impossible not to salivate. Located on “Avenida Moliere” in Malaga, it is one of the best tapas bars in the city.

– “Las Merchanas”.
We already talked about this restaurant in our last post, “Las Merchanas” is one of the trendiest restaurants in Malaga. If you want to enjoy the authentic taste of traditional cuisine, do not hesitate to visit it.

– “El Refugio”.
One of the busiest tapas bars in Teatinos is “El Refugio”. Beers in frozen ceramic jars, tapas and varied dishes at an unbeatable price.

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Take the time to go to the movies

The most recurrent and easy plan will always be to go to cinema to watch a movie. No matter what movie you choose, the important thing is to isolate yourself from Christmas for a couple of hours and delve into the history of the movie you are watching.

The trendiest films this season are “Superlopez”, “Bohemian Rhapsody”, “Animales Fantasticos”, “Ralph Rompe Internet” and “El Grinch”. Choose a different one every week and finish the year like a true movie buff.

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What Anti-Christmas plan do you stay? Are you coming to town? Rent your car now and start your vacation.
From Marbesol we want to wish you Merry Christmas to all!

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