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The best of Holi Week in Malaga 2023

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It is well known that Holy Week in Andalusia is experienced in a very special way. There are many people who come to the community to experience its traditions and Easter steps.
This year Easter Week will be celebrated from Sunday 2nd April to Sunday 9th April 2023. Today, from Marbesol, we want to tell you everything you can’t miss during Easter Week in Malaga 2023.

As well as being the most important date in the religious calendar, it is the start of the tourist season on the Costa del Sol. Every year thousands of people visit Malaga to enjoy this tradition.

Holi Week in Malaga 2023 

The first and best known procession is “La Pollínica”. This takes place on Palm Sunday, this year 2nd April at 10:15h and ends with the procession called “El Resucitado” on Resurrection Sunday.

The only day that there are no Easter processions in Malaga is Saturday 16th. The rest of the days you can enjoy processions and floats through the city centre of Malaga.

It has more than 500 years of history and one of its most famous processions is the famous “Cautivo” of Malaga. In this procession 2 prisoners in third grade are released.

Official route of Holi Week Malaga 2023  

As you know, each Brotherhood in Malaga follows a different route from its church. Although they all pass through the city centre. The common points of this official route of Holy Week in Malaga are:

Plaza de la Constitución
Larios Street
Calle Martínez
Alameda Principal
Plaza de la Marina
Molina Lario Street

If you come to the city and want to enjoy the authentic traditions, we recommend that you go to see the thrones in the “Tribuna de los pobres” (poor people’s tribune). These stairs are known as such because in the past it was the people with less purchasing power who chose this place because they could not afford a seat in the official grandstands.

We have already told you that if you want to see the processions from the “Tribuna de los pobres” you will have to go well in advance.

The Holy Week processions in Malaga are a great attraction, not only for the people who participate in the different stations of penitence, but also for the more than 5 million tourists who visit the city during this special week in Andalusia. A city accustomed to tourism and which has sufficient accommodation and services to cover all its visitors.

Processions in Malaga, data. 

In Malaga, in general, each procession is made up of two thrones: that of the Virgin and that of Christ, except for the Good Friday procession.

Each throne is made of solid wood and weighs several tons. Each man carries around 20 kilos on his shoulder.

As a curiosity, the heaviest Holy Week throne in Spain comes from Malaga and is that of the Virgen de la Esperanza, weighing 5,700 kilos. It is carried by 257 men and if you go to see this procession you will be impressed by its magnitude.

The thrones are on the street for many hours, on average between 6 and 12 hours, depending on the route of the procession.

Holi week activities in Malaga

If you like traditions, Malaga is the perfect city to enjoy them. Thousands of people take to the streets where you can breathe a special atmosphere, but we also suggest other activities to combine with your days off.

We leave you some posts with many other ideas to enjoy the province this Easter in Malaga 2023.

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As you can see, apart from enjoying Holi Week and its thrones, there are many alternatives to enjoy the Costa del Sol and Malaga. Arriving at the airport? Rent your car in Malaga with all-inclusive insurance and start enjoying.

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