Seville is one of the most visited cities and the fourth largest in Spain, only behind Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia. A magical city that offers many plans that, without a doubt, there is something to see and do in Seville during the time you are in the capital.

Seville is a city with a lot of history, as well as having the largest old town in Spain and the sixth-largest in Europe. Thanks to its great historical and cultural heritage it has managed to become a worldwide tourist reference.

As you can imagine seeing Seville can take several days, but today we make a list of the beautiful places in Seville to see on a weekend.

Seville in two days


Seville Cathedral

A city full of wonderful places. Most of Seville’s main monuments can be visited in its historic centre. In this area you will be able to appreciate different cultures, a heritage of Arab culture that can be felt in many places of the Sevillian city.

One of the places to visit in Seville is its Cathedral. It is the largest Gothic cathedral in the world, and we have it in Andalusia. A large building that is built on top of an Almohad mosque.

If you want to immerse yourself in a mixture of cultures this is undoubtedly your place. Seville Cathedral mixes Arabic art with Mudejar and other styles such as Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque.  Due to its impressive construction it has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

cathedral Seville

La Giralda 

The most emblematic tower par excellence of the city of Seville, without a doubt, is the Giralda.

If you’re going to see Seville you can’t miss this great work of art. The Giralda was originally built as the minaret of the mosque, but with the reconquest it became the bell tower of the Cathedral of Seville.

As a curious fact, the Giralda of Seville does not have stairs but 35 ramps so that the sultan could go up with his horse and see Seville. Thanks to its great height are visible from almost anywhere in the city.

giralda tower-seville

Torre del Oro 

The Torre del Oro in Seville is located on the banks of the Guadalquivir River, which makes it an icon of the city. It is one of the things you see in Seville in an obligatory way!

It has a height of 36 meters and, also, is next to the Plaza de Toros de la Real Maestranza. In the past it was used to defend the city against invaders or pirates.

The name “Torre del Oro” (Tower of Gold) seems to be due to the golden reflections produced by the tiles that covered it. In 1931 it was declared a historical-artistic monument.

tower of gold seville

Real Alcazar de Sevilla

On our two-day tour in Seville you can’t miss this wonder. The Real Alc√°zar has been built with the passage of cultures through the city of Seville. Its construction began during the Middle Ages, continued during the Islamic period and then with the Christian conquest.

Nowadays, it is supposed to be the residence of the Royal Family every time they visit Seville. This makes it the oldest royal palace in use in Europe.

If you go to Seville on a weekend you can’t miss this spectacular palace complex.

alcazar seville

Plaza de Espa√Īa

The Plaza de Espa√Īa (Spain square) is located in another of the places you can not miss if you go to see Seville in two days, the Parque de Mar√≠a Luisa which also has in its interior the Plaza de Am√©rica (American Square).

The Plaza de Espa√Īa has a semicircular shape and you can spend a good time looking at its tiles, where you can tour all the provinces of the country. Thanks to its beauty it has been the scene of many movies. In this square, if you feel like it, you can take a boat ride which will undoubtedly be one of the romantic things to do in Seville.


Barrio Santa Cruz 

The Barrio de Santa Cruz is an old Jewish quarter in Seville. Here, during the time of Fernando III of Castile, was concentrated the second largest Jewish community in Spain after Toledo.

Within this spectacular neighborhood are many places to see, so let’s cite the best places in the Barrio de Santa Cruz to see in Seville on a weekend.


Barrio de Santa Cruz – Plaza del Triunfo

You can start your walk through this neighborhood from the Plaza del Triunfo, is on the southern edge of that neighborhood and here you can also find the Cathedral of Seville and the Giralda, the Royal Alcazar and the General Archive of the Indies. This complex is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

As a curiosity, this square owes its name to the fact that the cathedral was not affected by the earthquake in Portugal in 1755, and the monument of El Triunfo was also installed.

Seville plaza triunfo

Barrio de Santa Cruz – Patio de Banderas

A large square from which you can access the corners of the Barrio de Santa Cruz. If you visit the Real Alc√°zar of Seville your visit will end with a visit to the Patio de Banderas, here you will be able to contemplate one of the most beautiful views of Seville, the views of the cathedral and the Giralda.

Don’t miss Agua Street, Las Cruces Street, and Mateos Gago Street.

patio de Banderas - seville

Barrio de Triana

Surely you have heard some song with the verse “el Puente Triana” of Seville, crossing this bridge you will arrive at one of the places to visit in Seville with more charm.

A district that has been the cradle of flamencos, sailors, bullfighters and many of the most important musicians of the country.  Here you can have tapas in its bars and terraces overlooking the Guadalquivir.

triana - sevilla

El Salvador de Sevilla

We couldn’t finish this post about visiting Seville on the weekend without talking to you about El Salvador in Seville, a square inside the Alfalfa Quarter. In recent years, a great atmosphere has been created in this part of the city due to the number of bars and tapas that are in this square. Its bars and streets are very popular and are packed every weekend and holidays in Seville.

Now that we’ve told you in detail about the places you can’t miss, take a look at this video.



Undoubtedly there are many places you can see in Seville in two days. Depending on the type of tourism you prefer you can visit some places or others… Are you on the Costa del Sol and would you like to visit the city of Seville? Rent your car in Malaga airport and start enjoying Andalusia. Are you thinking of a route through the provincial capitals? Take a look at what to see in Granada¬† or what to see in Malaga in two days.

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