What to see in Cadiz 🧐

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Cadiz is the oldest city in Western Europe. A city full of beauty, traditions, culture and charming people. In addition to its spectacular beaches, the city is known for its famous carnivals. Today, we tell you what to see in Cadiz for yo don’t miss nothing.

The capital has more than 115 thousand inhabitants, the third largest city in the province behind Jerez de la Frontera and Algeciras.

The city of Cadiz is not too big so if you want to enjoy it calmly with a couple of days will be enough. Weekend in Cadiz? we are starting!

What to visit in Cádiz?

Torre Tavira

The Tavira Tower was built in the 18th century in the Baroque style, located in the Casa-Palacio de los Marqueses de Recaño. Nowadays, it is the Conservatory of Music of Cádiz.

We recommend that you climb to the top of the tower, inside is the Dark Chamber, one of the main attractions to see in Cadiz.  You will be able to contemplate scenes in real time of the city, in addition in the high part it possesses a terrace from which you will be able to see Cadiz to the complete one. Undoubtedly, the Torre Tavira has one of the best views of the city of Cadiz.


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What to see in Cádiz, What to see in Cadiz 🧐



Cathedral of Cadiz

Cadiz has two cathedrals. The Cathedral of Santa Cruz is a building of baroque and neoclassical style. It was built in two epochs and, due to this, it has two colours on its façade.

Surely you have seen some image of its famous golden dome, it is the most famous monument in Cadiz and can be seen from all parts of the city as you stroll. It is undoubtedly one of Cadiz’s tourist attractions.

What to see in Cádiz, What to see in Cadiz 🧐

Por Soleá

La Plaza de San Juan de Dios

A square next to the port, where you can see the beautiful building of the City Council of Cadiz and the church of San Juan de Dios. A place with a lot of life, where you can find bars and restaurants to eat or tapear, fountains with water and lots of art. It is undoubtedly one of the most typical things to see in Cadiz.

What to see in Cádiz, What to see in Cadiz 🧐

Diario de Cádiz

Gran Teatro Falla

The birthplace of carnival, a space that if you like comparsas, chirigotas, quartets and choirs you will admire as soon as you see its imposing staging of the red color of its bricks. A place that hosts numerous performances throughout the year, but when February arrives it looks especially beautiful.

For a whole month there is the official competition of groups of the Carnival of Cadiz, where the city gives the best of itself by attracting thousands of tourists to the capital. For many it is the best time of year to visit Cadiz. 

What to see in Cádiz, What to see in Cadiz 🧐

 Barrio de la Viña

The gaditano district par excellence, the cradle of the carnival and district of fishermen. We’re sure you’ve already heard of it, but we’ll tell you what to find out in Cadiz about this neighbourhood.

Do you want to know why it’s called that? Situated today in the historic centre of the city, it began to be built from the 18th century where the vine was cultivated, due to the demographic increase of the city thanks to trade with America. That is why it is still called the Barrio de la Viña.

A neighborhood full of life, culture and traditions. In addition to being, of course, the preferred zone of all the tourists. During the month of February hosts the street carnival, filled with joy, culture and party. The Gran Teatro Falla is also located in this neighbourhood.

What to see in Cádiz, What to see in Cadiz 🧐

Restaurante Mesón Criollo

Playa la Caleta

The only beach in the centre of Cadiz, a natural port for ancient Phoenicians, Carthaginians and Romans!

The smallest beach in the capital, but perhaps the most beautiful. Flanked by the castles of San Sebastián and Santa Catalina, two more tourist attractions. If you visit Cadiz capital you can’t miss Caleta Beach!

It is considered by the people of Cadiz as the most emblematic beach of the city and is often recurrent in carnival songs.

What to see in Cádiz, What to see in Cadiz 🧐

 Parque Genoves

One of the most relaxing and beautiful places to stroll in the capital. Since its inauguration in the 18th century, it has appeared in almost all the rankings as one of the most beautiful urban parks in Spain.

The Parque Genoves of Cadiz is surrounded by the city’s ancient wall, located next to the historic centre and the sea. Inside you will find dozens of different botanical species and a pond with a small waterfall. It is one of the places of interest in Cadiz!

What to see in Cádiz, What to see in Cadiz 🧐

te gusta viajar

Plaza España

In this square, known by locals and foreigners, you can find the Monument to the Constitution of 1812, La Pepa.

In this square you can find sculptures of some illustrious characters. Undoubtedly a landscaped square where to understand much more, not only of the culture gaditana, but of the Spanish culture.

In Cádiz you can discover what the Levante and Poniente winds are. That Levante wind that will make you have to leave the beach if you don’t want to carry sand up to your eyelashes!

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