What to See in Malaga in 1 Day

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If you’re asking yourself, “What to see in Malaga in 1 day?” don’t hesitate to keep reading. In this blog, you’ll discover an hourly itinerary to explore Malaga in 1 day, including iconic sites, distances, and recommendations for meals.

what to see in malaga in 1 day

Exploring the Best of Malaga in 1 Day

Malaga is a vibrant and charming city that offers a perfect blend of good weather, culture, history, technology, and gastronomy. That’s why it has become one of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations.

Although a single day may seem short, you can get to know the most emblematic areas of Malaga in 1 day. Let’s get started.

Itinerary to See Malaga in 1 Day

We’ve designed an itinerary for you, from 9 in the morning to 9 at night, including visits, mealtime, and some recommendations for places to truly enjoy and see Malaga in 1 day.

Although we believe we have included the essentials, you can always modify the guide to your liking.

Morning: Explore Malaga’s Historic Center

9:00 AM – Breakfast in Plaza de la Merced

We recommend starting your day with breakfast in the iconic Plaza de la Merced. The square allows you to soak in the local life’s energy before beginning your adventure.

We suggest having the Andalusian breakfast of bread with olive oil, but you can also add tomato, serrano ham, cheese, etc.

plaza de la merced malaga

10:00 AM – Visit the Roman Theatre, Alcazaba de Malaga, and Gibralfaro Castle

After breakfast, visit the Roman Theatre, Alcazaba de Malaga, and Gibralfaro Castle if you have extra time.

The Roman Theatre is just a 5-minute walk from Plaza de la Merced. You can easily see it from outside, but guided tours are available if you prefer. Just above the Theatre is the Alcazaba de Malaga, showcasing the incredible cultural diversity of Malaga.

malaga 1 day

After the Theatre, head to the majestic Alcazaba. Its entrance is right next to the Theatre. The Alcazaba de Malaga is a beautiful Moorish fortress overlooking the city, offering spectacular views. The guided tour costs around €10; we recommend booking in advance on their website.

alcazaba of malaga

Once you finish exploring the Alcazaba, if you’re still eager for more fortresses, consider visiting Gibralfaro Castle. It’s about a 20-minute walk from the Alcazaba and provides stunning views. However, if you decide to skip it, spend more time at the Alcazaba.

malaga port

Afternoon: Visit Malaga’s Most Popular Museums

1-2:00 PM – Lunch at El Pimpi

For lunch, we recommend going to one of Malaga’s most famous traditional Spanish restaurants, El Pimpi. We promise you’ll love the food and decor.

3:00 PM – Visit the Picasso Museum and Contemporary Art Centre

Malaga has a wealth of museums, and it’s the birthplace of Picasso! If you’re thinking of visiting a museum, make it the Picasso Museum.

If you’re still hungry for more, consider visiting the Contemporary Art Centre. Both museums offer a profound understanding of Malaga’s rich art scene.

picasso museum malaga

Night: Local Flavors and Nighttime Atmosphere

8:00 PM – Tapas at Atarazanas Market

For dinner, head to Atarazanas Market. There, you can enjoy a diverse selection of fresh and local tapas, from seafood to meats, catering to all tastes.

what to see in malaga in 1 day

9:00 PM – Stroll around Malaga’s Port

After dinner at Atarazanas Market, take a stroll down the most famous street in Malaga, Calle Larios. You can start from Constitution Square, heading south to your final destination: Malaga’s Port.

calle larios

At Malaga’s Port, enjoy a pleasant walk through green areas. If you don’t want to walk much further, we recommend having a drink at one of its numerous terraces. You can also take a boat ride along the coast, depending on your energy and time.

malaga port at night

Recommendations for Seeing Malaga in 1 Day

The presented itinerary may vary in terms of timing and visits based on your preferences. Therefore, we advise you to adapt it to what you like and the time you have.

Malaga typically has a warm climate, but it can change. Check the weather before coming. If you’re visiting Malaga in 1 day during the summer, apply sunscreen and stay hydrated, as the heat can be intense in the early afternoon.

Did you enjoy it? We had a great time designing the itinerary to see Malaga in 1 day. If you have a rental car, we recommend visiting Benalmádena and Ronda as well. Until next time, and thanks for reading!

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