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Cheapest petrol stations in Malaga

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As we are about to start the new year and with prices soaring, it is necessary to take into account the price of fuel in Malaga. Today from Marbesol we want to tell you which are the cheapest petrol stations in Malaga. Let’s start! 🕵

Cheapest petrol stations in Malaga 

The rise in the price of diesel and petrol has become a concern for many people in our country. The source of the prices per litre comes from the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism.

gasolineras mas baratas en Malaga

Did you know that a driver can save up to almost 13 euros on their car’s fuel tank?

You only have to choose those petrol stations that offer the cheapest fuel.

You should know that the cheapest petrol stations in the province of Malaga are not in the capital, but in Antequera.

Speaking of the capital, the Petroprix chain is the cheapest in almost the entire province, also in the city of Malaga.

Cheapest petrol station in Malaga: PETROPRIX IN MALAGA:


Cheapest petrol station in Malaga: GALP IN GUADALORCE INDUSTRIAL ESTATE:


gasolineras baratas malaga

Tips to save fuel

For total savings, it is not enough to choose the cheapest petrol stations in Malaga. Did you know that the misuse of air conditioning in the car can consume between 5 and 20%?

Having the car’s air conditioning on continuously will increase consumption by up to 8%, if you are in the city you can turn it off and open the windows.

Another of our tips is to drive efficiently. According to you can save up to 44%. Avoid braking, maintain a constant speed, use high speeds and keep the engine at low resolutions.

Are you the type of person who loads the car a lot when you travel? Using trailers and roof racks can make the vehicle consume more fuel.

As you have seen, these are very simple tricks to save diesel or petrol, but we also recommend that you choose the cheapest petrol stations in Malaga.

If for example you are going to move around the province, our advice is to locate the cheapest petrol stations in Malaga before you leave so that when you have to refuel you know which ones have the best price.


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