Festivals in Malaga

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It is clear that Spain is the queen of the popular festivals, verbenas and meetings between friends, but if there is one thing that also stands out in Andalusia it is its fairs and festivals. Malaga is one of the eight Andalusian provinces where many events are held.

Known for its location and good climate, in recent years Malaga has become one of the cities that receives most tourism. Today we would like to give you a list of all the festivals that take place in Malaga.

Christmas in Malaga

In January, as in the rest of Spain, the common holiday is Christmas. These are dates that are experienced with special enthusiasm in the city since thanks to its lighting it has become one of the most visited cities in Spain.

Calle Larios at Christmas offers a show of light and music that attracts thousands of tourists to enjoy this event. The lighting usually changes every year and has more than 600,000 LED lights only in the Calle Larios.

You can check Malaga at Christmas here.

, Festivals in Malaga

Diario Sur 

Festivals in Malaga city

Malaga Carnival

The carnivals of Malaga are the popular festivals that precede the time of Lent. A celebration of pagan origin that was recovered during the Middle Ages, in Spain are typical parades, costume parties, competitions and the chirigotas.

This 2020 will be a very special carnival in Malaga as it will be 40 years old. The Fundación Ciudadana del Carnaval is organizing many events to celebrate this celebration of Malaga.

Authors of lyrics and music, comparsistas and murguistas, participants in the COAC and with street groups, narrators of the current events of the Carnival and the city of Malaga.

Another great news for the Malaga Carnival 2020 will be the version of the anthem, which this year will be performed by the artist from Malaga Vanessa Martin.

The songs will be released on the streets from February 16, after the announcement on Saturday 15. The acts of the 40th anniversary of the Malaga Carnival 2020 will be extended until the 21st of February, and the Carnival in the street will be extended until the 1st of March coinciding with the White Week.

  • When does the Malaga Carnival take place?

The date of the Malaga Carnival 2020 is from February 21st to March 1st.

  • Malaga Carnival 2020 Competitions

During the Malaga Carnival, different types of competitions are held in the capital. Without a doubt it is one of the festivals of Malaga City that the people of Malaga like the most.

The First Festival of murgas and comparsas took place in 1981 in the Cervantes Theatre. You can find all the programming of the Carnival of Malaga here.

, Festivals in Malaga

Ayto. Málaga

Festival de Málaga cine español – Malaga city festivities

One of the most important events hosted by the city of Malaga. The official competition of the Malaga Festival is open to feature films from Latin America in both the Official Section and Zonazine.

As for the awards in the different categories, they are maintained with respect to last year with the aim of being as useful as possible for the sector and to support the greatest number of films.

In the Official Section, two Golden Biznagas will be awarded to the best Spanish and Latin American film, each of which will be worth 12,000 euros.

There will also be two Biznagas in Zonazine for the best film, with no financial prize; the documentary retains the prize of 8,000 euros.

In Short Films, the Silver Biznaga for Best Short Film in the Official Section will have an award of 3,000 euros, as will the Silver Biznaga for Best Documentary Short Film and Best Animazine.

In the Malaga Short Film section, two Biznagas will be awarded to the best fiction short film and the best documentary short film for 1,000 euros each.

The Malaga Festival has managed to position itself as one of the most important film festivals in the country, attracting great actors and actresses from all fields, who come to the Malaga capital every year to attend this event.

It is one of the festivals in Malaga with more followers inside and outside the city.

  • When does the Malaga Festival take place?

This year 2020 the Malaga Festival of Spanish cinema will be held from 13th to 22nd March.

, Festivals in Malaga

Festival de Málaga 

Holy Week Malaga 2020

One of the big weeks in the city of Malaga without a doubt. One of the festivals in Malaga city that has more followers, receiving thousands of tourists throughout the year. The poster that was presented a few days ago refers to the figure of a Nazarene on the background of Dolores Coronada’s command.

Worthy of note is the mention of the famous “saetas”, improvised and unaccompanied songs that are sung in the course of the processions.

The main moments of the Holy Week in Malaga in 2020 are:

  • Domingo de Ramos (April 5th)
  • Lunes Santo (6 April 2020)
  • Miércoles Santo (8 April 2020)
  • Jueves Santo (9 April 2020)
  • Viernes Santo (10 April 2020)
  • Domingo de Pascua (12 April 2020)

Video Holy Week Malaga:

Source: Magna Cofrade 

Malaga’s Holy Week has been declared of International Tourist Interest since 1980.

El Cristo de Vera Cruz y Sangre es el más antiguo que procesiona, datando del año 1505.

Hay procesiones en las calles todos los días salvo el Sábado Santo.

¿Sabías que algunos tronos llegan a pesar 5.00 kilos? ¡Una de las fiestas en Málaga más impresionantes!

Malaga White Night

Malaga’s Noche en Blanco is a cultural and leisure event held in the city centre in mid-May.

One of the festivals in Malaga city that the Malaga people celebrate since 2008 and that every year has more followers in its streets.

This festival of Malaga is organized by the Department of Culture of the City of Malaga, has more than 200 activities in different areas of the city. Proposals carried out in museums, exhibition halls, art galleries, etc.

An adventure that begins in the Calle Larios, where you can find the greatest point of information. Every year the Malaga White Night has a different theme, and around this theme the activities and the decoration of the city are developed.

The opening hours of the Malaga White Night usually go from 8 in the afternoon until 2 in the morning, keeping the museums, exhibition halls and art galleries open until that time.

To consult all the information about the White Night in Malaga you can take a look at their website.

, Festivals in Malaga


Corralones Malaga

The XVI Semana Popular de los Corralones de la Trinidad y el Perchel 2020 (16th Popular Week of the Corralones de la Trinidad and Perchel 2020) does not have a definite date yet, but there are many activities that take place in the week of homage to these popular yards in the city.

  • What are the Corralones de Málaga?

To know what a corralon is, you need to know what a typical Andalusian patio is. The patios used to be the meeting place between neighbors throughout the day.

The corralones are a group of houses oriented to a central open courtyard located inside a rectangular building. Most of these spaces were built in the 19th century.

, Festivals in Malaga

San Juan Malaga Night

One of the most awaited summer nights in Malaga. On June 23rd thousands of Malaga citizens will celebrate the shortest night of the year along the Malaga coast, the summer solstice.

Traditionally, large bonfires are lit on the beach. There are many people who prepare their food and drink to get closer to the beach to enjoy this magical night in the year.

As you might have guessed, many Malaga beaches celebrate the Night of San Juan in Malaga. In the capital the epicentre of this festivity is concentrated in the Malagueta Beach.

Did you know that in the past it was forbidden to swim until that day? The 23rd of June marked the bathing season.

Afternoon barbecues can only be held in the places permitted by the Malaga Town Hall. Do you like festivals in Málaga? Let’s continue!

, Festivals in Malaga

Feria Malaga

One of the biggest parties in Malaga. It receives thousands of tourists during its fair in August. The Malaga Fair dates back to the capture of the city by the Catholic Monarchs in 1487, although it was not until later that the celebration took on the importance and character that we know today.

Every year the city of Malaga is decked out in the streets of the centre and the Real, which hosts the fair in the afternoon and evening.

The Malaga Fair has fireworks, live music concerts and thousands of people enjoying this popular festival in Malaga.

You can enjoy horseback riding, taste Malaga wines and its most typical tapas. You will see the folklore through the pandas of verdiales that walk its streets and enjoy performances by national artists in the night fair of the Real.

, Festivals in Malaga

As you have seen there are many festivals in Malaga, but you can enjoy the city at any time of year. Nowadays Malaga has a great tourist offer. Do you want to discover what to see in Malaga? With Marbesol you can rent your car and enjoy the city with all the comforts. Do you know what to do in the city with children?

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