What to see in Malaga in two days

what to see in malaga in two days

If there is a city visited par excellence of the Andalusian coast during the summer it is Malaga. The Costa del Sol is a tourist attraction at this time, and its possibilities are practically endless.

The capital has experienced great growth in recent years and this has led to an increase in leisure options, cultural alternatives and increased job offers. Today we make a list of what to see in Malaga in two days.

The best of Malaga in two days:

La Alcazaba:

In a privileged place and very close to the cathedral, you can discover this fortification formed by the Roman Theater, the citadel and, at the top of the hill, the castle of Gibralfaro.

Currently, it occupies less than half the space it had in its period of greatest splendour but it is still one of the beauties of the city. It was built in the 11th century.


Alcazaba. Source: Pixabay

Castillo de Gibralfaro:

This castle was built to defend the Alcazaba against possible attacks. Today from its Torre del Homenaje there are beautiful views of the whole city. We advise you to go up at sunset, because you will enjoy a wonderful time.

Roman Teatre

Did you know it was discovered only 68 years ago? Yes, even the people of Malaga didn’t know that it existed before. It was discovered during the works of realization of the gardens that are next to the then House of Culture. Today it is a tourist attraction of the city. You can see the opening hours to the public here.



Teatro- Romano Source: Pixabay

Calle Larios:

Yes, one of the most famous streets in the world is here. Marqués de Larios street is one of the most visited places by the Malaga citizens, but also by the tourists who visit the city. It is an area of ​​the city that is always animate.

Plaza de la Merced:

Probably one of the most beautiful squares in the city, in it is the sculpture of the painter Pablo Picasso, born in the capital.


Do you think there are few plans to visit Malaga? We continue with our list of what to see in Malaga in two days!

Muelle Uno:

If any building has changed to the city in recent years has been the creation of this outdoor mall. Here you can find a more than complete entertainment alternative. Built in the city’s port in 2011, Muelle Uno is one of the most popular sites in Malaga today.



Muelle uno. Source: Pixabay

Catedral de Málaga:


Of course, you can not miss the visit to the city’s cathedral, called Santa Iglesia Catedral Basilica de la Encarnación. A majestic creation with diverse architectural styles; Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque. Its north tower has a length of 84 meters, which can be seen from various parts in the city.


Cathedral. Source: Pixabay

La Malagueta:


Surely you have heard about this beach, one of the most famous in the whole city. With dark sand, it is 1,200 meters long and 45 meters wide. On these dates you can find service of hammocks, beach umbrellas or nautical equipment. Are you going to miss it?


Pablo Picasso Museum:


We have already mentioned before that the famous painter was born here. In addition, it has a museum dedicated to the artist.  It does not have his most famous works, but for € 8 you can take a tour through his childhood  until  adulthood.


Yes, you have read well. Coming to Málaga and not coming to try some delicious ‘espetos’ should be a sin! Where is the best place? Impossible to choose only one. There are many restaurants that prepare them, but we recommend the neighborhood of El Palo, where they have been preparing for many years.


Espetos. Source: Pixabay


If you have more time, you can visit the Caminito del Rey, since its rehabilitation there are many tourists who come all year round. Here is a guide to how to get there.

As you can see there are many plans to make in Malaga very different. If you come for a visit some days you can rent your car 🚗🚗 on our website and enjoy the capital to the fullest. In addition, you can now enjoy a 30% discount with the All Inclusive option.


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Rent an electric scooter in Malaga with Marbesol

rent electric scooter malaga

Do you want to rent an electric scooter in Malaga along with your rental? ✅ Keep reading and discover the best way to get around Malaga.

For a while now, some Spanish cities have seen a transformation due to a new trend in urban transport. The need for an ecological, cheap and practical vehicle has led to the revolution of the electric scooter, which has only just begun.

The Andalusian towns can be difficult to access due to its characteristic narrow streets. Some villages like Nerja, Frigiliana or Marbella have areas where, apart from walking, it is difficult to access.

If you travel to Malaga and the Costa del Sol and want to move around some areas of the city without having to look for a parking space for your rental car, we give you the perfect solution. Add a complementary electric scooter with your rental car in Malaga so you can enjoy the city to the fullest.

rent a electric scooter in malaga

Advantages of using an electric scooter in Malaga

Next, we will review the main advantages of renting an electric scooter in Malaga:

Safety. Although there are many detractors of this type of vehicle, the reality is that it is a very safe way to move if we compare it with other vehicles such as the motorcycle and the car.

Technology. Since the electric scooters are in the market, they have been adding more and more technologies, reaching the point of being able to connect to the mobile device of the user who uses them.

Independence. The electric scooter offers the same independence of any other vehicle, which makes it a great alternative to urban transport in medium-sized cities such as Malaga, where distances rarely exceed 5km.

Low consumption. Its electric engine means significant cost savings compared to gasoline and diesel. All you need to charge your electric scooter is a plug.

Eco-friendly. In line with its low consumption, the electric motor does not produce the harmful emissions of the organic fuel engines.

If all these advantages have convinced you to rent an electric scooter in Malaga, then we tell you what to do next.

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Quiet beaches near Malaga

cala torre del pino


Is summer coming and you do not know where to enjoy the beach without being surrounded by people? ✅ Keep reading and discover the quiet beaches near Málaga.

With summer come the visits to the beach to escape the heat and get the tan you’ve been waiting for all the year. Costa del Sol has 150km of coastline and, as usual, the beaches are flooded with locals and tourists.

Next, we will name the fewer crowded beaches of Malaga where you can spend your vacations and get away from the crowd.

Quiet beaches near Malaga – The coves of Maro

The cliffs of Maro-Cerro Gordo are famous for their steep scenery and marine life. Although its beauty is beginning to become known, the coves of Maro still do not have the same level of affluence as other beaches of the Province of Malaga.

The beaches of Maro are a place protected by their environmental value and marine fauna. Also, if you are travelling to Malaga and want to do diving activities or kayak routes, this is the perfect place.

The cultural and gastronomic offer of this region is also very diverse and, in the neighbouring towns of Nerja and Frigiliana, you can enjoy all the beauty of the white villages of Andalusia.

Cala Barranco de Maro

A beautiful cove of only 20 meters wide where you can enjoy a unique beach day.

Its difficult access makes it a little travelled, although it is necessary to arrive early to take a place since it is a very small beach.


cala barranco de maro

Source: Portaldetuciudad

La Caleta de Maro

La Caleta de Maro is a beautiful cove of 400 meters famous for being the stage of some of the episodes of “Verano azul”, a popular Spanish tv show. It is a sandy beach located near the access to the famous Cuevas de Nerja and, as with other coves of Maro, its difficult access makes it a quiet beach in Malaga.


playa caleta de maro

Fuente: Vacaciones-españa

Playa de las Alberquillas

A wide beach surrounded by a natural environment of great value that, as in all the coves of Maro, is endowed it with unique beauty.

During the warm winter of Malaga, it is also possible to enjoy this beach through hiking trails.


playa de las alberquillas

Source: Vacaciones-espana

Cala Torre del Pino

A steep rocky beach with difficult access and incredible beauty. Actually, it is 2 coves, although the second is only accessible by sea.

Due to its peculiar geography, it is usually quiet throughout the year. To get there it is recommended to wear sports shoes since the path is quite bumpy.


cala torre del pino

Source: Diputación de Málaga

Quiet beaches near Malaga – Cabopino, Marbella

Cabopino is without a doubt one of the wildest coastal regions of the Malaga coast. Its dunes of white and fine sand make it unique and, considering that it is only a few kilometres from the city of Marbella, makes it very accessible.

Very close to the beach there is camping where you can spend the night in one of its many bungalows or on a private plot with tents or caravan.

It is not one of the most hidden beaches of Malaga but, avoiding the months of July and August, the beach is not particularly crowded and offers a natural spot that is worth visiting.


playa cabopino

Source: Pixabay

Quiet beaches near Malaga – Playa de Torrox

The beaches of Torrox are not particularly beautiful, at least not like the coves of Maro and its crystal clear water. Despite this, they are still quiet beaches in Malaga where you can enjoy a good day on the beach away from the crowded beaches of the capital.


playa torrox

Source: Tripadvisor

Other beaches of interest in Malaga

During the week, the beaches of Malaga are usually quieter than on the weekend and, many of them, deserve a visit even though there are some people a few meters away enjoying the beach day.

Playa de Pedregalejo, Malaga

The beaches of Pedregalejo are famous for their history and for being part of the popular culture of Malaga.

Located on the seafront of Pedregalejo, in the western part of the city, they are a good way to get closer to the local life of the city and enjoy good restaurants and bars by the beach.


playa pedregalejo

Source Voilá Málaga

Playa de Las Viborillas, Benalmádena

Considered one of the best beaches in Benalmadena, this intimate and small wild beach with dark sand offers a spectacular landscape of tall palm trees and abundant vegetation. In addition, it is a good place to practice diving, since it has an important marine life.


playa las viborillas

Source: Vacaciones-espana

Playa Punta Chullera, Manilva

This town, located very close to the border between Malaga and Cadiz, has white sand beaches and a peculiar mountainous land that makes it very special.

Considered one of the best beaches of the Costa del Sol, Punta Chullera beach is a very good option to spend a day at the beach with family or friends.


playa chullera manilva

Source: Diputación de Málaga

We hope that this article about quiet beaches near Malaga has been useful. If you need more information regarding Costa del Sol, we recommend you to check other interesting articles such as free things to do in Malaga.


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Andalucia coastal towns

most beautiful towns in andalucia


Do you want to discover Andalucia coastal towns? ✅ We have chosen the 5 most charming coastal towns to enjoy this summer. ✅

Andalusia is an incomparable place to visit and enjoy its history, gastronomy, natural landscapes, charming villages and its wonderful coastline. No matter which province of Andalusia you visit, each and every one of them has something special.

The Andalusian Coast covers 1,100 kilometers of coastline, between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic ocean, where some of the best beaches in Spain are located.

If you are planning your summer vacation, in this post we selected 5 of the most beautiful Andalucia coastal towns to enjoy this summer.

andalucia coastal townsSource: www.traveler.es

5 Andalucia Coastal towns

The Andalusian Coast, a real paradise to spend your holidays. Choose one of these 5 Andalucia Coastal towns to rest and enjoy this summer.

Níjar, Almería, the most beautiful coastal town in Andalucia

We will start talking about Níjar (Almería), one of the most beautiful beach towns in Andalucia (from Sierra Alhamilla to Cabo de Gata). The town is part of an urban complex of great attractiveness, although the most important part of the area is Cabo de Gata Natural Park, which hides unique landscapes, volcanic mountains, a coastal part of Spain with wonderful beaches and great anthropological value.

Among all its beaches, the following stand out: Agua Amarga Beach, Ancón Beach in Cabo de Gata, Cala Arena Beach, Genoveses Beach and Cala Barronal Beach. All of them have fine golden sand and with crystal clear waters.

beach towns in andaluciaSource: www.ecoticias.com

Andalucia coastal towns: Almuñecar, Granada

It can be said that Almuñécar is the capital of the Costa Tropical, this is how the coastline of Granada is called. Almuñécar is one of the villages in Andalucia with beach and charm, thanks to its tropical crops, its white houses, Cerro Gordo viewpoint and the pine trees, which turn this coastal area into a place of contrasts.

The most outstanding beaches of Almuñécar are: San Cristóbal beach, La Herradura beach, Puerta del Mar beach and Velilla beach. Some are small coves with calm waters and other larger beaches where you can find all kinds of tourist services.

charming coastal towns in andaluciaSource: www.clubrural.com

The 3rd most beautiful beach town in Andalucia: Nerja, Malaga

Nerja has become one of the most important seaside towns in Andalucia thanks to its numerous elements of interest, such as the caves of Nerja, the balcony of Europe, the cliffs of Maro, but, above all, because of its beaches.

In Nerja you can discover paradisiacal beaches of crystal clear water surrounded by wild nature, where you can enjoy from a calm atmosphere. Some beaches, such as Cala Barranco de Maro or La Caleta de Maro, are difficult to access, since you need to walk a path of about 10-20 minutes, making this beach more empty than the rest of the beaches.

5 coastal towns in andaluciaSource: www.blog.solbooking.com

Andalucia coastal towns: Conil de la Frontera, Cadiz

Conil de la Frontera is located in the southwest part of the province of Cádiz, a coastal area of great fishing tradition and natural beauty that offers incredible places of interest, such as its pine forests, its cliffs and above all, its white sandy beaches.

Conil de la Frontera stands out as one of the most beautiful villages in Andalucia, thanks to the numerous pristine white sand beaches and cliffs, such as Castilnovo beach, Bateles beach and Fontanilla beach.

the most beautiful towns in andaluciaSource: www.tripkay.com

El Rompido, Huelva, one of the most charming coastal towns in Andalucia

El Rompido is located in the natural area of La Flecha, one of the most important land in Spain due to its morphological characteristics, the beach of Nueva Umbria, a “tongue” of fine golden sand, located between the Atlantic Ocean and Las piedras River. An ideal place for lovers of quiet nature.

In addition, it has numerous routes for hiking or biking among in the dunes and pine forests along Doñana, Isla Cristina and the marshes of Odiel river.

beautiful coastal towns in andaluciaSource: www.atrapalo.com


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The Marbesol Report 2018 – Most visited places in Málaga

Málaga has become a well-known place for visiting art galleries, historical sites and monuments in the South of Europe. Indeed, art and culture have helped the city develop and attract a high number of visitors and also new “malagueños”.

And that’s the exact mission of Marbesol’s car hire service: we want to help you discover the most precious gems of La Costa del Sol as you drive your comfortable rental car. As genuine fans of the Malaga region, we know those special spots that you shouldn’t miss during your stay. From the earliest Paleolithic constructions to the last reminiscences of contemporary art, practically all ages of history have left a special trace in Malaga, which makes it so unique.

For all these reasons, we have decided to celebrate the diversity of Malaga’s artistic landscape with a 2018 Report on The Most Visited Places in Málaga (also including the province). You can find the report by clicking on this link.

Image source: Pixabay

A special thanks goes to the managing teams of all the monuments and museums who have kindly shared their latest figures and cooperated with our editorial team. We wish you a pleasant read and hope you our guide helps you make the best out of your stay.

Kind regards,
Your Marbesol Car Hire Team

The most beautiful villages of Malaga to visit this summer

The province of Malaga hides really wonderful places. Still do not know where to go on vacation this summer?

If you want to visit the most beautiful villages of the Costa del Sol this summer and enjoy a vacation without leaving Malaga, these are the 5 most spectacular towns in Malaga that you can not miss.

most beautiful villages of malaga

5 villages to visit in Malaga this summer

  • Nerja: has been the scene of films, advertisements and series. One of the most famous series and for which Nerja became known was ‘Verano Azul’, for that reason, the town offers a guided tour by one of the most mythical characters of the series, Tito, who will accompany you to visit its most characteristic scenarios, like the Chanquete boat that pays homage to Verano Azul.

One of the obligatory stops in Nerja is the Balcon de Europa, a beautiful viewpoint located in the center of the town with views of the beach and the cliffs. Another essential visit is the Caves of Nerja, tourist caves of great archaeological importance, buy your tickets here.

Finally, we can not forget the marvelous coves of Maro, the wildest virgin beaches of the Costa del Sol, with crystal clear waters and pure nature. The best known are ‘El Cañuelo’ and ‘La Cala del Barranco’.


  • Frigiliana: is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful villages in Malaga, located in the Axarquía and characterized by whitewashed whitewashed houses and narrow cobbled streets full of flowers. It was awarded in 1982 with the first National Embellishment Award, considered an Artistic Historic Site since 2014 and in 2016 it received the award for the third Rural Wonder of Spain.

Its old town, declared a historical and artistic complex, is made up of beautiful narrow streets that reach the most unique area of ​​Frigiliana, that of Barribarto, which we recommend visiting both day and night.

The honey of cane is the typical product of Frigiliana and in addition, it is its star product, since it lodges the only existent factory in Europe.



  • Ronda: is one of the best-known towns of Malaga, has the peculiarity that is seated on a ravine 120 meters deep and is surrounded by lush river valleys, Ronda is a paradise that is worth visiting.

The most famous monument in Ronda is the Puente Nuevo, built in 1793 after more than forty years, linking the old and new areas, offering spectacular views of the Tajo de Ronda. To make a small route, we recommend going down the Tagus along the Camino de los Molinos to see the bridge from below and take some amazing photos of Ronda.

Another thing that this town is known for is the birthplace of bullfighting, the Bullring of the Real Maestranza is one of the oldest and most beautiful in Spain.

Arab remains such as the Baths, the Palace of the King Moro and La Mina, and the Arab Walls are some of the best preserved Nasrid works in Spain.

  • Mijas: is another of the towns of Malaga that stands out for its white houses with blue touches, flowers and labyrinthine streets. The most characteristic is its transport, the famous donkey-taxi, a fun and original way to visit Mijas.

It is a town that has it all: mountain, beaches and golf courses. The most beautiful beaches are the well-known Calahonda and El Faro, are two coves of fine sand perfect for diving and windsurfing. Mijas is undoubtedly one of the best places to visit in the summer on the Costa del Sol.

One of the essential visits is the Mirador del Compás and the Virgen de la Peña Sanctuary, from where you can visit the most spectacular views of the Sierra de Mijas and its coast.


  • Marbella: is one of the most important tourist centers of the Costa del Sol. One of its main tourist attractions is Puerto Banus, as it houses a large leisure area within the incredible facilities of its marina.

The most beautiful part of Marbella is its historic center, set in a beautiful bay that shelters the most beautiful and characteristic corners of Andalusia, such as its whitewashed houses and the large number of orange trees for its streets and squares.

If what you are looking for this summer is to enjoy beaches and chiringuitos, Marbella is one of the most complete tourist destinations that you can find on the Costa del Sol.

In addition, you can rent a car in one of our offices located in Marbella and take the opportunity to visit the nearest towns such as Ronda or Mijas. Book your car with Marbesol for your summer holidays and get the best price.


Take a look at these summer events that you can not see on the Costa del Sol to enjoy a summer of 10