Free wifi Malaga

free wifi malaga


Do you want to know where to find free wifi in Malaga? ✅ Keep reading and discover all the information.

Undoubtedly, one of the most frequent questions that all tourists who visit the city ask is about free wifi in Malaga.

At present, internet access is extremely important since any activity can be done through online platforms and, in many cases, for study or work reasons, we depend entirely on the Internet connection.


free wifi malaga


Fortunately, free Wifi has arrived in Malaga, a project that has been developing for many years, in fact, in some fast-food chains you can already find free wifi, as well as in coffee shops and some restaurants. However, this trend now extends to public places, parks and libraries, helping to reduce your mobile data fee.

Currently, there are several companies that lead this free wifi project in Spain and have managed to expand even to small towns, a benefit that was only available in large cities such as Madrid or Barcelona.

The number of towns that now follow this trend reaches sixty and more and more locations is following this initiative.

Where is free wifi in Malaga?


Free wifi in Malaga is here to stay, however, finding the locations that have free Wi-Fi seems to be an Indiana Jones adventure.

As a solution to this, different websites appeared that shows the areas with free Wi-Fi near you, in addition, it asks users for feedback by adding new areas that are discovered or leave comments of areas where Wi-Fi is no longer available. Also, you can include an opinion about the speed of the connection and its quality.

The locations are displayed on a map of the entire Spanish geography to make the search easier.

Some of the areas where you can find free wifi in Malaga are:

  • McDonalds and McCafés
  • Starbucks
  • Costa Coffee
  • Vips chain
  • Some areas of the historical centre of Malaga have enabled a free wifi zone. Among them are Plaza de la Marina and Plaza de la Constitución.
  • “Last generation” restaurants and coffee shops
  • Public bus network. Some buses of the interurban public network have free Wi-Fi connection
  • Almost all hotels in Costa del Sol have free internet access at their facilities
  • Some car rentals in Malaga have Wi-Fi connection as an extra

free wifi locations malaga

Free Wifi at Malaga Airport


If you were wondering if there is free wifi at the Malaga Airport (AGP), the answer is yes.

Although it is a bit confusing to connect to the free network, it is possible to have access to a Wi-Fi network without paying for it. However, if you need a higher quality connection, you will have to pay the cost that this implies.

Apps to find free Wi-Fi


Not only there are websites that allow you to know the free Wi-Fi locations but, there are also mobile applications, available for iOS and Android mobile operating systems. You just need to download one of them to have access to an interactive map where you can check the free Wi-Fi for a specific location.

The benefits of each application can be different and even show different wifi points. Some of these applications work with the GPS of the mobile device to detail nearby areas and even adding the newly discovered areas to a list.

Among its many advantages is the ability to filter the searches based on certain requirements such as speed, quality and range of the connection.

Find the free Wi-Fi that best suits your needs and be able to use your mobile phone or laptop for anything you want without being charged with an extra in your data plan.

Some of the most popular apps to find free wifi in Malaga are:

  • Instabridge
  • Wifi Map
  • Wifi Finder
  • Wifi Mapper

Travelling to Malaga will no longer be a problem after reading this article. Enjoy from the advantages of the free wifi in Malaga in tourist sites, such as beaches, historical monuments and theatres and stay connected during your trip to Malaga whenever you need it.


where to find free wifi in malaga


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Checklist for living in Benalmadena

living in benalmadena


Are you thinking about moving to Spain and you are considering to live in Benalmadena? ✅ Keep reading and we will tell you the best and the worst about living in this region.

When you think of the Costa del Sol, the sun and the sea instantly pass through the mind. A land known to many people, it has been a popular holiday destination for many years.

Making the decision to move to Spain requires thinking about various factors, such as lifestyle, climate or employment for expatriates. Once you decide to move to Benalmadena there are a number of pros and cons that you should keep in mind.


living in benalmadena

Source: Pixabay

A coastal city in southern Spain


One of the main advantages of living in Benalmadena is the proximity to the sea. Its gastronomy and culture provide a great quality of life to its inhabitants.

Located very close to the coast of Morocco, this town on the Costa del Sol is characterized by its tranquillity and its wide range of leisure activities, with shopping centres just a few kilometres away, golf courses, theme parks and housing developments at prices not as exorbitant as in the neighbouring Marbella.

Expats in Benalmadena


For several decades, the southern coast of Spain has become a retirement area for many foreigners from European countries such as Great Britain, Ireland, Germany or Sweden due to their good living conditions.

The British, German or Dutch expatriate communities are quite frequent and it is common to find neighbours with a foreign majority along the entire Costa del Sol.

The fact that Benalmadena has such a large international community has the advantage to count with a big number of services adapted to this community. From foreign supermarkets to bilingual schools and cultural centres.

expats in benalmadena

Source: Pixabay

Weather in Benalmadena


The climate in Benalmadena is characterized by being warm throughout the year. The winter is quite warm compared to other European countries, and temperatures do not fall below 0 degrees.

Summer, on the other hand, is quite hot and temperatures can reach 40 degrees on some occasions, although the sea usually regulates the temperatures making it more pleasant.

Spring and autumn usually last a few weeks and, during these seasons, the nicest days to walk and enjoy life on the streets. Undoubtedly, one of the great advantages of living in Benalmadena.

Source: Pixabay

Work for expats in Benalmadena


Finding a job in Spain is, in general, a complicated task for local people. If we talk about work for foreigners, this situation can be either an advantage or a disadvantage.

A large part of Spaniards do not have higher education and, due to the economic situation, the possibilities of finding a well-paid job is complicated.

As a foreigner, if you know how to speak English and Spanish at a professional level there may be many opportunities for you. The percentage of Spaniards who can speak English fluent enough to be able to work in an international environment is low, so multinationals and tourism companies are always looking for people.

If you are interested in hospitality or have a higher education diploma and a good level of Spanish and English, your chances of finding a job increase.

Another option would be to start a new business and open your own company in Spain. As a European citizen, the procedures are not complicated.

The following link deals with useful information on how to move to Spain from a European country.

work for expats in Benalmadena

Source: Pixabay

What to visit in Benalmadena


One of the great attractions of Benalmadena is the large number of leisure places that can be found. Next, we will name some of the places you can not miss during your stay in Benalmadena.

Tivoli World

Opened in 1972, this amusement park has been the scene of numerous artists and made children’s happy for almost four decades.

Selwo Marina

In this park, you can enjoy the most diverse marine fauna, from seals to dolphins.

Car cable of Benalmadena

A good way to see the city and enjoy the views of the sea is by climbing the Benalmadena cable car and reaching its highest peak.


The emblematic Sealife is a beautiful aquarium located in Puerto Marina.

Buddhist temple of Benalmadena

Opened in 2003, this monument was erected in honour of peace and prosperity.

Parque de la Paloma

Parque de la Paloma is a green space in the heart of Benalmadena. With a size of about 200,000 meters, it is located just a few meters from the beach.

Castle of El Bilbil

This curious Neo-Islamic style palace was built in 1927 by architect Enrique Atencia and is currently an icon of the Costa del Sol.

what to visit in Benalmadena

Source: Pixabay

We hope that these checklists for living in Benalmadena have been useful. If you need more information about Costa del Sol, we recommend you to read our article about 10 trendiest restaurants in Malaga

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Checklist for travelling abroad


Follow our checklist for travelling abroad and be informed about what you need to prepare your trip ✅ Travel documents ✅ Airports ✅ Tips…

When we travel, excitement often exceeds logic. We think more about planning the places to visit than preparing ourselves for a sudden change in our body.

It is important to prepare a checklist for travelling abroad if we want to avoid negative surprises that may affect our trip.

3 checklist for travelling abroad

Checklist for travelling abroad: Biological clock

Preparing our bodies is as important as preparing the mind when you take a trip. Sleeping well, eating healthy food and not letting our nerves invade us on previous days is essential for our trip to start in the best possible way.

If days before our trip we do not rest enough may directly affect our mood and therefore, our enjoyment. However, if our body is prepared for the trip, the experience can be much more rewarding, since we will have enough energy to explore and visit without getting tired every five steps.


Checklist for travelling abroad biological clockSource: Unsplash

Travel documents: Checklist for travelling abroad

How many times did you have to check your travel bag at the door of your house to check if you are carrying your passport with you?

If the answer is yes, it means that you are human and that you leave the preparations for the trip at the last minute. One of our checklist for travelling abroad tips is to prepare a list (paper or mobile) with all the essential documents you have to take with you. Next, we leave you a proposal list with some of the travel documents that you can not forget:

  • Passport
  • Flight tickets (both printed and mobile version)
  • Information of your hotel reservation (printed on paper)
  • Reservation details of your rental car (printed on paper)
  • Student card or card over 65 (it can be very useful when buying tickets to museums and benefit from discounts)
  • Map of the city (in case you do not have your mobile device or do not have internet access at your destination)
  • In case you travel to a country where they use another currency, remember to exchange around € 50 in a trustful bank in your city for possible transportation and food expenses that may arise upon your arrival

Checklist for travelling abroad travel documentsSource: Unsplash

Checklist for travelling abroad: Airports

Learn about the ways to get to and from your airport of origin and from the airport of destination to avoid the risk of losing your flight.

Many times we have too much confidence and, arrive at the airport with little time to catch our flight. It is a big mistake not to check the way to arrive, the time and the size of the airport.

There are airports that are very close to the city centre, which can be accessed by train or metro in just over 15 minutes. It is common for the best-communicated airports to be the largest, with several terminals and innumerable flights throughout the day, which makes them complex to move within their facilities.


Checklist for travelling abroad AirportsSource: Unsplash

Keep in mind this checklist for travelling abroad and remember to arrive with time, regardless of the time it takes to arrive from your departure point.

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The best travel sites

the five best travel sites


Do you want to know the best travel sites to find cheap trips and organize your next vacation to disconnect from the daily routine? ✅

Holidays are just around the corner, there are only two months left to celebrate Holy Week and many Spaniards take advantage of those holidays to make a trip looking for a new adventure. If you have not planned any trip yet, you are still on time to organize a perfect vacation break.

Internet has become the best option to plan trips quickly, more economically, and also, without leaving your home. There is a wide variety of travel sites to organize trips online, some more popular than others. Next, we will mention the 5 best travel sites to find trips on the Internet.

The best travel sitesSource:

The 5 Best travel sites to find Last Minute Deals

We have compiled the 5 best travel sites you should know to find the best deals.

The best travel site to find trips: Skyscanner

If you want to find a trip quickly and efficiently, Skyscanner is one of the most outstanding travel sites in the world to search for trips on the Internet. This website tracks dozens of airlines websites and travel agencies to find the best prices. It also allows you to filter by prices, schedules, airlines, choose roundtrip flights with different companies and find a destination based on your budget. Once you found the best deal, Skyscanner redirects you to the website to make the purchase.

Another advantage that Skyscanner has over the competition is that it lets you know at a first glance, which are the cheapest days and months to travel. It also offers the option to send an email, as an alert, informing if the prices of the flights you are interested in have dropped.

One of the best travel sitesSource:

Google Flights: One of the best travel sites

Many people do not know that the “giant” of Google has a service dedicated to flight tracking: Google Flights. Like other sites to find trips, you must select an origin and a destination, including airports and dates. It offers you the possibility to choose one-way or round-trip option, in addition to flying to different cities if you are thinking of visiting several countries. You can also filter by airlines, prices, schedules, connections flights and luggage policy.

Google is responsible for showing all the options, the first under the name of “best one-way flights”, ordered by price and by connections. When you select the round-trip flight, it automatically shows you the rest of the return options. It is one of the best options to find cheap flights online.

The best travel sites for cheap tripsSource:

Cheap travel sites: kayak

Another powerful travel search engine on the Internet is Kayak. It allows you to search and find cheap flights by indicating on a map the price of the flights that are available for an airport of departure. Kayak searches hundreds of travel sites and finds the information you need to choose the flight, hotel or rental car at the most economical prices.

If you want to travel around Europe and have a limited budget, choose Kayak to see in advance the cheapest flights for a given date. Also, it compares the trip options for a whole month at a price table, so you can choose the cheapest days of the month to travel.

Travel sites for cheap flightsSource:

Hoteltonight: Travel site for Last Minute trips

If you want to save up to 70% on hotel bookings, Hoteltonight allows you to book last minute hotels at fairly cheap prices. It is the perfect option for those who like to improvise on their trips, since it allows you to search and make a reservation for the same day until two in the morning.

In addition, it offers information related to the additional services of the hotels, as well as the review of users for each hotel. Hoteltonight is available for free for Android and iOS.

Last minute travel siteSource:

One of the most popular travel sites: Easyjet

From all of the travel sites to search for trips online, Easyjey may be one of the most inspiring. Thanks to your “Destinator” search engine, Easyjet shows you on a map several alternative routes available for a certain budget. In addition, it has a price schedule that tells you the days in which you can travel at a cheaper price.

The app shows other users ideas of where to go according to a budget, and also choose a destination based on the money that the person wants to spend on the trip. Each destination includes a link to make the reservation or information guides about the place.

Travel sites for last minutes flightsSource:

Start planning your next trip and help yourself to find the best flights and hotels. Choose your destination and organize it in a couple of hours!

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Tipping customs in Spain compared to other countries

When visiting a restaurant in Spain, should you give the service a tip? Read about the current tipping customs in Spain and other countries around the world in this article.

How each country manages tips in bars and restaurants

If you visit Spain for the first time, you may be surprised to find out that tipping isn’t always expected in a restaurant. Of course, it is a good habit to leave the staff a tip after a delicious meal, especially if the service was friendly. Besides, wages in Spain are much lower than in many other European countries. But if you aren’t satisfied with your experience in the restaurant, at least in Spain the waiter won’t get mad at you if you decide not to tip him. Nonetheless, most of the times you can expect a fast and pleasant service. And because tips aren’t always expected in Spain, you may find the staff especially thankful for tipping them.

Restaurant tips can be indeed a controversial topic in some countries, since it really depends on the local traditions. A new trend called “#tipthebillchallenge” has appeared this August and has gone viral on social media channels such as Instagram and Twitter. The ones who accept this challenge offer the service the same amount of tip as the actual price of the meal. Obviously, this isn’t something that everyone can do:

Source: twitter @SarahWallis

Countries where tipping is expected of you

According to the national consumer protection laws, tipping isn’t obligatory in any country around the world. However, some nations consider it rude or even have fixed percentages:

  • U.S.

In the United States, the salary of a waiter depends largely on tips from customers. In fact, the salary is divided into a fixed part (relatively small) and a variable part, according to how much money has been made in the restaurant. This way, the members of the staff are encouraged to give their best. Therefore, if you don’t tip the waiter, that person will be losing money.

Depending on the restaurant, the tip may be already included in the bill or suggested separately, Generally speaking, it will be worth 15-20% of the price, unlike other countries, where it is almost mandatory.

At the beginning of the year, President Trump suggested that tips should go to the restaurant owners, rather than to the waiters, which would strongly affect their income.

  • United Kingdom.

In most restaurants in the United Kingdom, the tip is already charged as a part of the bill with the name “service included”. We recommend double-checking the bill, since paying that amount isn’t obligatory. It is usually around 10-15% of the bill. In case you think the service didn’t deserve it, you will have to state it clearly and claim you money back.

Source: Unsplash

  • Germany.

In Germany, VAT is included in the bill, but not the service. Whereas most people do pay 10% more for the service, not leaving a tip really means you weren’t happy with the service. Usually, when you ask for the bill, the staff will ask you a question like “Did you enjoy your food?” as a tip reminder. Or they may get back to you with a purse and spend some time looking for coins, waiting for you to round up.

  • Mexico.

In Mexico, the common tip is worth of 15% of the final price. Although it is not mandatory, no tip is also considered as a sign of a dissatisfied customer.

For more details or to prepare your next trip, we suggest having a look at the exciting “Tip Advisor” guide, which shows the tipping customs all around the world.

Does your group of friends usually share expenses when travelling? Then you might be interested in reading our entry about apps to share expenses with your friends.

Apps to share expenses with your friends

We have all seen ourselves in the situation of paying a group restaurant bill or sharing travel expenses with friends, and it goes without saying that it is not an easy task. For this there is nothing better than using applications that work as thinking minds and help us calculate common expenses. Say goodbye to the calculator and avoid defaults with your friends.

From Marbesol we advise you some apps that you must have installed on your mobile to share expenses with your friends.

share expenses

Meet the best Apps to share expenses with your friends

These are the mobile applications to share expenses that you should know before embarking on a group trip with friends:


The best way to keep track of accounts and make sure everyone pays their share is to use ‘Splitwise’, a very simple application that balances accounts and reminds you if you owe something to someone.

It is designed to share expenses in different situations, whether on a trip with friends, with your roommates or dinner at a restaurant. You just have to create a group in the app and enter the expenses and people who must pay for it, and the application will be tracking the total calculation, even send a “friendly email” to those who still have money.

In addition, it allows payment via Paypal, which facilitates everything even more. You can download the application for both iOS and Android.


When it comes to paying a group account, what works best is Bizum, an app to send and receive money with your mobile, instantly. A new way to pay expenses safely, easily and quickly, forget about making bank transfers and wait several days to receive the money.

Many banks include it in their mobile application, such as Santander or BBVA, but others have created a separate app that works in the same way, such as Unicaja with ‘UniPay’, the download of the application is free and its service has no associated expenses or commissions.

It’s as easy as creating an account, entering your friend’s phone number or simply choosing it from your mobile’s contact list, entering the amount you want to send, and Bizum is responsible for everything else.

Soon, the application plans to launch two new services, such as ‘online shopping’ and ‘payment in shops’, which will work in the same way, transferring the money from one account to another.



Twyp works in a very similar way to Bizum, but it is more complete. It is an application to send and receive money from your friends, pay at stores, take money at certain supermarkets, among others. It is an international initiative of ING Bank to make life easier for people. It is available in Spain and very soon we can use it in other European countries.

To start using Twyp you just have to download the app and register, you only need a bank card, your mobile, a phone number and an Internet connection to pay your friends, et voilà!

Taking money out of a supermarket is now a reality. Through the application ‘Twyp Cash’ you can have cash at the same time you pay with the mobile when making the purchase in a supermarket or filling the car deposit. It can be used in the stores of the DIA group and the Galp and Shell service stations.

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Now that we are in summer, would you know what to do if a jellyfish stings you? Check out our latest post and remember these tips to know what to do in case of sting and how to avoid them.

What to do when a jellyfish sting you?

The marine animals that most worry in summer to the malagueños, the jellyfish. Follow these recommendations to know what to do in case of sting or how to avoid them.

In Malaga we enjoy wonderful beaches along its coastline, we have an unbeatable climate and the water has the perfect temperature to cool off in the hottest days, but, as in all beaches, there are times when certain marine creatures approach shore to pay us a visit.

What happens when the people of Malaga hear the phrase: “jellyfish plague”? We can say that it is the nightmare of every summer, and that is, when the jellyfish travel the coast of Malaga from east to west, even if only certain days to summer, we feel it as the end of the world, since with the heat the only thing What you want is to take a bath and cool off.

The species that most frequently visits the beaches of Malaga is the Pelagia Noctiluca, normally lasts about two and three days, but, do not be alarmed or afraid of it, only caution. In addition, the Diputacion de Malaga and the Aula del Mar have put into operation an app called ‘Infomedusa’ to know at all times the state of each beach in the province.

From Marbesol we want to mention a series of recommendations to follow to know what to do in case of sting and how to avoid them.

How to avoid a jellyfish sting?

The jellyfish use their tentacles as a defense mechanism against their predators, these tentacles have urticating cells that when touching the skin cause pain and itching in the affected area. Next, we will mention some tips that you should follow to avoid jellyfish sting:

  • Pay attention to the colors of the beach flags and follow the instructions of the lifeguards.
  • Never touch the jellyfish. Although they are not alive, their stinging power persists.
  • Stay out of the water when there are jellyfish and avoid the areas where the waves break, as this is where they tend to accumulate.
  • If you are bathing and you see jellyfish, leave carefully and tranquility of the water.

jellyfish sting

What to do in case of sting?

If after following the aforementioned advice we are stung by a jellyfish, it is necessary to carry out these guidelines:

  • Go as quickly as possible to the post of ‘relief’ on the beach.
  • Never scratch or rub the area of ​​the sting, since by effect of the pressure, the stinging cells tend to be activated.
  • Clean the area with saline or seawater, but never clean the wound with fresh water.
  • Apply cold intermittently to relieve pain for about 10-15 minutes.
  • Use a specific ointment or pain killer.


If you need to rent a car this summer to move around the Costa del Sol, trust Marbesol to enjoy your holidays. Choose the car that best suits you at the best price. Book now and take advantage of one of our succulent offers.

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